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Joint Venture for solo maps. Carlinho and Oskarmann.

1944, Normandy. WW-II

There are 3 solo maps in this plugin:

1) DDAY Omaha beach
2) Where Tigers Dread
3) Ardennes

1) DDay is the landing of the U.S. troops at Omaha beach on June 6, 1944.
You play the Allies side coomanding US troops, and your objective is to capture the trenches and kill every German soldier that lives on the map.

2) Tigers... You command German Tiger tanks and you play the Axis side. Your objective is to liberate the town and surroundings from American tanks.

3) Ardennes. Commanding a small elite group you have to destroy all the fuel barrels that the Germans store in a small town by a frozen river.

All new colour maps, scripting, new units and new models done by Carlinho.
German voices and pregame collections and troop names and flavours and total moral and incentive support from Oskarmann.
Myth v1.3. Place the plugin in your plugin folder and choose NEW GAME as you press SHIFT from the menu list of MYTH II and you'll be ready to play.
Myth v1.4. Place the plugin in your plugin folder and select the plugin from the plugin menu to play.
All models and collections are borrowed from Bungie, TITANS(santa's head),the bunker from OZONE and allies vs axis inspiration to use a bunker ZEPHIRUS.
Did some mods to santa's head soldiers to place a Bazooka in the sprites, so there's a soldier that carries a Bazooka.
And a Photoshoped Tiger tank took place on top of the ambered unit of the santa's head tank.
I used the German grenade from a collection from the fabulous map WWI Verdun.
A photographed halftrack(forgive the poor knowledge of 3d programs...)done from scratch.
Also a horse from a Poser original library horse.
and some models as landing crafts and fuel tanks done from scratch in Meshworks.
All things done with fab amber, fear and loathing.

Thanks for allowing us to participate!

and Oskarman

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