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1861: Civil War
Unit Tagset and Multiplayer netmaps by Cydonian
from Creation

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part by Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Fear and Loathing by Cydonian (cydonian@mail.com) and Creation (www.creationgames.com).

To use this plug-in:

Place both the 1861-CW-units plug-in and the 1861CW_map plug-in into your Plug-ins folder inside your Myth II directory.

The host must activate the units tagset plug-in when creating the game for net play. All players in a multi-player game must have the units plug-in, and the map that is to be played.

When activated, the units plug-in will also convert standard Myth II units to Civil War units, allowing you to play on Myth II netmaps with a mixed army (just for fun). You can also play Civil War solo or co-op games on the Myth II single-player levels, although they don't all work correctly with the substituted units.

For more information:
See the enclosed "1861 Manual" (html format).

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