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1861: Deercreek Bridge
A Civil War single-player map
from Creation

Scripting by REDDEK
Color map, mesh, story, narration, and graphics by Cydonian.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part by Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Fear and Loathing by Cydonian (cydonian@mail.com) and Creation (www.creationgames.com).

Saturday, October 30

General Grant has decided that the way to win this war quickly is to halt the Rebels' distribution of supplies wherever possible. A small railroad depot near Deercreek Bridge, which had been briefly under Federal control, has been recaptured by Confederate forces. We suspect that the Rebels will be trying to send a train through to resupply their troops in this area. Our plan is to retake the depot and hold it until a company from our Corps of Engineers arrives to destroy the bridge with explosives.

We believe that the Rebels, in an encampment somewhere near the bridge, are holding a small store of ammunition to be distributed to another battered regiment believed to be marching here. Our secondary objective is to locate this camp and capture these supplies. When their larger force does reach this location, they'll find no resupply stocks waiting for them, and Federal forces firmly in control. That is, if this operation goes according to plan.

We've broken camp and marched to a spot just out of sight of the depot, and are preparing our attack. With any luck, our approach has gone unnoticed.

To use this plug-in:
Place the plug-in file "1861DCBsolo" in the plug-ins folder inside your MythII directory. Click 'new game' while holding the shift key. "1861: Deercreek Bridge" will appear in the list of available maps. You can also play cooperatively with other players by checking "use single-player maps" in your game hosting options. Note: the single-player map plug-in contains all unit tags, in order that it may be played offline. You do not need to activate the Units tagset plug-in to play the solo level online. (You don't even -need- the Units plug-in to play the solo)

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