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sb10X final beta
sb1861: Civil War
sb1861: Deercreek Bridge (Solo)
sb1861: Gettysburg
sb19th Hole
sb3 Dorf Arena 3
sb4 Pools
sb7th Dwarf
sbA Borderland Odyssey
sbA Broken Arrow
sbA Buried Hope
sbA Calling Ktulu
sbA Cold Winter's Night
sbA Cold Winters Night
sbA Conspiracy of Cartographers
sbA Day at the Beach
sbA Deal With Darkness
sbA Deal with the Darkness (aka Deal with Darkness)
sbA Frost in Spring
sbA Gambler's Heart
sbA Gambler's Heart - Readme
sbA Game Of Football
sbA Grave Reason to Swim
sbA Green Day
sbA Horse to Water
sbA Little Help From My Friends
sbA Mountain of Sorrows
sbA Pirate's Life for Me v2.0
sbA Poison Holiday MWC 2007 Tournament Edition
sbA Ripple in Time
sbA River Runs Through It
sbA Seperation of Ages
sbA Shattered Visage
sbA Spoonful of Sugar (aka XM Sugar)
sbA State of Fear
sbA Tale of 3 Ghols (film?)
sbA Very Idiot Christmas
sbA Very Idiot Christmas Anywhere
sbA Very Idiot Halloween
sbA Very Idiot Halloween (Redux)
sbA Very Idiot Halloween Anywhere
sbA VRy Drunken Slugfest
sbAcross the Gjol
sbAcross the Gjol (final)
sbAcross the Gjol v3
sbActs of Piety
sbActs of Piety - Readme
sbADT: ALIEN Dark Tide - Total Conversion
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : A Star Fell Burning
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Classic Maps (aka ADT Mult
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Earthwar Map Pack
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Fire Maps
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Into the Hive
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Lead Foundry
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : LV426
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Munitions Base
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Northwest Outpost
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Port Eden
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Ryushi
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Seven Dead Lies
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Sloth Solo
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Solo Tagset [README] - note
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Solos
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Tagset
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Tundra Base
sbADT: Hadley's Hope
sbAeneas' Rest in Pieces (Dark)
sbAge of the Wights
sbAge of Warlocks
sbAge Units (Final)
sbAge Units FINAL
sbAlien Dark Tide (ADT) - No Auto Load
sbAlien Dark Tide (ADT) Anywhere
sbAll Hallow's Eve
sbAll Headed for Rune
sbAll That Remains 2013 Tournament Edition
sbAlpha Guard - Solo Camp (Level 2)
sbAlpha Guard VS
sbAlric vs. SoulBlighter II
sbAmbidextrous Myrmidons
sbAmbush at the Three Pools
sbAnarchy Ghols (aka Ghol Anarchists)
sbAncient Hills
sbAngels (of Light)
sbAnimal Farm
sbAnywhere Multiplayer Pak (aka Baak's Anywhere Multi-Pak)
sbAnywhere Solo Pak
sbAppalachian Hot Springs v1
sbArabian Boxer
sbArcher Battle
sbArcher Giants
sbArcher Patrol
sbArcher_Recon v.1.0
sbArchevil Mortars
sbArena Collection - Beta
sbArena da Morte
sbArena G Hero
sbArena Quatro
sbArmageddon II : The Final Battle
sbArmageddon Universe
sbArmageddon Universe Revolution
sbArmoured Soldiers
sbArmy of Darkness
sbAround the Bend
sbAround the Bend
sbAround the Bend (RDF)
sbAshes of Willow Creek
sbAshes to Ashes
sbAssault Maps
sbAssault of the Shades (map 1)
sbAstro Creep's Playground
sbAstronomy [duuiinng] light]
sbAsylum Game Night Map Standard
sbAutumn Civil War
sbAvatars of the Great War
sbAvatars of the Great War
sbAvon's Grove
sbAzkruic Epoch v1
sbAzkruic Epoch v2
sbAztechno Dance Party
sbAzzas Plugin Pak 1
sbBaak's Anywhere MultiPak
sbBaak's Balls O' Fun
sbBaak's Baron Baum
sbBaak's KotH Flipper (King of the Hill Flipper)
sbBaak's Spider Thrall
sbBaak's Spider Wight
sbBaby Trow
sbBack to the Graveyard
sbBackstreet Brawl
sbBald Hill
sbBalin's Dorf Bar Riot
sbBalins Dorf Bar Riot
sbBalista (or Ballista)
sbBalls of Death (Balls 'o Det)
sbBalor 2
sbBalors Exploding Head
sbBar Room Brawl
sbBar Room Brawl
sbBarbarian Dwarfs
sbBarbarian Valley
sbBarbarian Valley - ReadMe
sbBarbarian Valley - Review
sbBarbarian Valley Tourney
sbBaron Baums
sbBaron von Target Dummy
sbBarons Fight Back
sbBastard valley
sbBatara (vaperware)
sbBattle Arena
sbBattle at the Crossroads
sbBattle At Willow Creek (v1.0)
sbBattle for Ancient Venice
sbBattle for Terra
sbBattle in Muirthemne (War in Muirthemne)
sbBattle Monk
sbBattle of Giants
sbBazooka Men and Lightning Archers
sbBazzarian Warlocks
sbBeetle Master - BETA
sbBefore the Fall of Venice
sbBehind the Library
sbBehind the Library
sbBehind the Library (Description)
sbBelgarath's If I Had A Shade
sbBelly of the Beast
sbBerserk Giant
sbBetter Late Than Never
sbBeyond Death
sbBeyond Dorf Riot beta4
sbBeyond the Gjol
sbBeyond the Reefs
sbBig House
sbBig Myth
sbBio Soldiers : Final Ice
sbBlack Bat Forest II
sbBlack Mages
sbBlade of the Realms - tagset
sbBlades of the Realm meshpack 1
sbBlast Pack (Marathon TC unit set)
sbBleakstone Marsh
sbBlizzard of Oz
sbBlocking Zerk
sbBlood Bath
sbBlood Dunes
sbBlood Makes the Grass Grow
sbBlood on the Dance Floor
sbBlood River
sbBloody Beaches
sbBloody Mess
sbBlue & Grey
sbBlue & Grey
sbBlue & Grey : Ammo Depot
sbBlue & Grey Cannon
sbBlue & Grey: Brandy Station
sbBlue & Grey: Shenandoah
sbBlue Moon on the Wabe
sbBoil and Bubble / Toil and Trouble
sbBolo Co-op Map Pack
sbBoneman (Chimera)
sbBones of Feros (vaporware)
sbBorderland Odyssey
sbBowls of the Earth
sbBowman of Doom
sbBowmen from Hell
sbBowmen Grounds (Solo)
sbBowmen Grounds 1v1
sbBowmen Psychos
sbBrave the Ghenjiwash (& Talus)
sbBre and Ghol Trow Myrk
sbBroken Tundra
sbBungie's PRASP Maps
sbBurl Ives on Crack
sbBushido : Map Pack 1 - Tehajimeni
sbBushido : Map Pack 2 - Sekando
sbBushido : Ouishiana Temples
sbBushido : Seinaru Tochi / Temple of Light
sbBushido : Units Tagset
sbBushido Solo
sbBushido Units
sbBushido: Final Stand
sbBushido: Shogun Battle
sbBushido: The Way of the Warrior
sbBustle in your Hedge-row
sbButcher's 1v1 PG FFA Units Pack
sbc0-0p helper
sbcaer cadarn
sbCaer Cadarn
sbCAGES : readme
sbCannonball Castle
sbCannons in the Cloudspine
sbCannons in the Cloudspine
sbCanyon Del Muerto
sbCanyon Of Ne'Devlin
sbCaps Map Collection
sbCarnage Canyon
sbCarnage Fun
sbCarpeting the Wabe
sbCastle Under Siege
sbCatapults (ffa maps)
sbCatapults (solo games)
sbCatching the Greased Pig
sbCharlie's Point
sbCharlie's Point 2: Charlie don't Surf
sbChibi Myth
sbChicken ala Venice
sbChill of Winter
sbChimble In The Wabe
sbChimera Interface
sbChivitos Parade
sbChop till you Drop
sbChristmas Rush
sbCity War
sbCivil War : War Between the States
sbClan Warfare
sbClash - the History
sbClash In The Cloudspine Overkill
sbClash in the Deep Mire
sbClash in the Forge
sbClash of the Giants
sbClash of the Giants - Final
sbClash `n Da Grass (Clash in the Grass)
sbClose Combat
sbClose Quarters
sbClose Quarters Multipack v1.1
sbClue: A Knife in the Dark
sbCobblestone Battle
sbCobra Attack helicopter
sbCoD : Source of the 500 Poisons
sbCOD: Coming of the Dark : Banks of the Ire
sbCode Cloudspine
sbCodigo de Hamurabi (aka Hamurabi's Code)
sbColiseum Final
sbCombat Engineer
sbComedy Myth
sbComing Back Inutype II
sbComing Back Inutype III
sbComing Back Inutype III
sbComing of the Dark
sbComing of the Dark : Banks of the Ire
sbComing of the Dark : Readme
sbConflict Iraqq
sbCOOP Brothers Inc (aka CBI)
sbCOOP Brothers Inc (aka CBI) v.001
sbCore (vaporware)
sbCounter Strike
sbCounterStrike (vaporware)
sbCradle to the Grave(RF)
sbCrazy Al
sbCrazy Al
sbCreep on the Borderlands
sbCreep on the Untamed Lands
sbCrimble Park
sbCross on the Borderlands
sbCrossfire Keep
sbCrypt Of The Taken
sbCryptic Wightings
sbCryptic Wightings 2
sbCrypticus Multiplayer Map (Polycon optional)
sbCrypticus: Under the Eyeball Temple
sbCulloden Hill
sbCWR : Fort Mazzarin CoOp
sbCWR : Honor Redeemed
sbCWR : Map Pack A
sbCWR-TAGSET- Civil War Reloaded for myth 1.7
sbDaimyo (vaporware)
sbDark Campaign
sbDark Forest
sbDark Lock-More maps In Set!
sbDark Lock: Quattro
sbDark Ritual beta
sbDark Wonderland
sbDarkest Before Dawn / In the Mouth of Madness
sbDay of the Ghols (vaporware)
sbDay of the Ghols (Vaporware)
sbDead of Night
sbDeadfall (Zombies!)
sbdeadman maps
sbDeadman's Mire
sbDeath By Dwarf
sbDeath from all Sides
sbDeath in a Gloomy Place
sbDeath in the Dire Marsh 2
sbDeath in the Middle
sbDeath in the Middle and Death from all Sides
sbDeath Maze
sbDeath Trap II
sbDeer Party
sbDefend or Battle
sbDefend the Fort
sbDefile On The Dramus
sbDelinquents Delight
sbDemise of the thrall
sbDemolition Ground
sbDemon Lord
sbDesert Bridges
sbDesert Oasis
sbDesert of Skulls
sbDespair at the Knot / Rolling on the Knot laughing
sbDetail Texture Megapack
sbDie on the Mound
sbDistant Sands
sbDol Baran
sbDorf Mountain
sbDorf Riot Classic v1.4
sbDorf Riot On Any Map!
sbDorf Wars
sbDorf'Unor Drug Task Force
sbdorf'Unor Riot
sbdorf'Unor Tagset
sbDorfball: Avon's Grove
sbDorfball: Drunk and Lost in the Ermine Arena
sbDorfball: Nowhere League
sbDorfball: Tagset
sbDorfball: Venice Stadium
sbDouble Plugin Pack
sbDragon Ball Z
sbDreamseedz Interface
sbDreamseedz Multiplayer Pack and Tagset
sbDrearr's Glade
sbDrinking Party Revisited
sbDrippy Blood
sbDud Satchel Dump
sbDud Wights
sbDun Caric
sbDusty Trail
sbDwarf is Dead
sbDwarf Jungle Madness / Riot
sbDwarf Tremor Cannons!
sbDwarven Chicken Keeper
sbDwarven Civil War 2
sbDwarven Massacre
sbDwarven New Year
sbDwarven Pornstar
sbDwarven Wars (Level Set 2)
sbDwarven Water Fights
sbEarth v1.40
sbEdge of the Earth (aka Ends of the Earth)
sbEgypt Desert
sbEgypt Desert v2 (aka If I had a Pyramid)
sbEgyptian Solo
sbElf Mage
sbEllion the Great
sbElven Archeress
sbElven Guard
sbEnhanced Units
sbEphor of Myrgard
sbEvery Acrid Road
sbExpanded Interface
sbEyrie (Redux)
sbFace Off
sbFall of Naugrim
sbFall of Scales
sbFallen Heros
sbFarmer Willy Spectacular
sbFear Documentation
sbFetchball Training Map
sbFeti in the Wabe
sbField Commander
sbFields of Glory (vaporware)
sbFields of Glory (vaporware)
sbFight Club
sbFinal Fantasy 6
sbFir'bolg 2
sbfir'bolg archer, fir'bolg huntsman, fir'bolg warri
sbfir'Bolg Huntsman
sbFive Kingdoms
sbFive Kingdoms
sbFlak Mortar Dwarf (aka Dorf Flak)
sbFlaming Chicken
sbFlare Dorfs
sbFlood on the Plains
sbFlorida Bay
sbFor Carnage Apply Within
sbForce 11 : The Running of the Bulls (aka bullrun)
sbForce 11 from Gholhead
sbFore! (PDGA)
sbForest Giant
sbForest Giant 2
sbForest Giants vs. Trow
sbForest Heart
sbForest Moon (of Endor)
sbForest of the Giants
sbForge of Tharsis
sbForge of Tharsis 2: Hellmath
sbForge of Tharsis 3 : Final Conflict
sbFort In The Foothills
sbFortress of Doom II
sbFosgarach Ruillick (multiplayer)
sbFour Moons Eclipse
sbFour Seasons
sbFree For All Map Pack
sbFreedom II
sbFreedom II - The East
sbFrenzy of the Damned
sbFrodo's Plugins
sbFrost Giant
sbFrost Wizard-Minimal
sbFrozen Despair
sbFrozen Grounds
sbFulsom's Folly
sbFun In The Sun
sbGaia's Navel
sbGarden of Lemurs 2
sbGarden of Lemurs 2 (aka GoLemur)
sbGarden of Segesta
sbGardens of Aja
sbGB: Jungle Factions
sbGB: Recon
sbGeezer Unity
sbGeezer's Map Pack v1 (aka GMP)
sbGender Wars
sbGerman V1 Flying Bomb
sbGettysburg - Multi
sbGGMelee (Gyre & Gimble Melee)
sbGhol 2 Valkyrie 2
sbGhol Arena
sbGhol Magi
sbGhol Thrower
sbGhol Unitz
sbGhol Warfare
sbGhols are Annoying
sbGiAnT FiGhTeRzZ (Giant Fighters)
sbGiant Fighting Grounds
sbGiant Fighting Grounds 2
sbGiant Fighting Grounds 3
sbGiant Fighting Grounds 4
sbGiant Fighting Grounds Gold 2
sbGiant Fighting Plains
sbGiants in Collapse
sbGiants of War
sbGiants R 4 h00rz
sbGiants R 4 hoorz
sbGiants vs Griffins
sbGimble / Gyre in the Winter
sbGimble in the Head
sbGiza: Valley of the Kings
sbGjol - Deluxe (aka Across the Gjol - Deluxe)
sbGKG Tagset
sbGlacier's Retreat
sbGladden Fields
sbGlenn Of No Hope
sbGnol's Shaft
sbGo2H.E.L.L. (the long way)
sbGoblin General
sbGod Head at Aleppo
sbGoing to Town
sbGonen's Bridge (FFA)
sbGood Day to be Alive
sbGrab-Bag (Zak!)
sbGrassy Expanse
sbGrave Reason to Swim
sbGrave Tidings - Tourney Edition
sbGraZz, Wat0r and a Big TreE v1.1
sbGreen Acres
sbGreen Acres 2013 T.E. (Tournament Edition)
sbGreen Acres 2013 T.E. (Tournament Edition)
sbGreen Berets
sbGreen Berets
sbGreen Berets
Green Berets Ships (2001-07-31)
sbGreen River Pass, Snowy River Pass
sbGrey Dirt
sbGrilling Grounds
sbGrim Dawning
sbGrim's 2-Team Map Pack
sbGrim's Arena 2.0 (myrk)
sbGround Zero
sbGroup of Coops 2
sbGroup of Coops 2 Teaser
sbGroup of Coops: Fire
sbGroup of Multi
sbGroup of Multis (aka Quick and Dirty Mappack)
sbGuerilla Warfare
sbGunship Helicopter (aka Attack Helicopter)
sbHaflin Wars
sbHalloween (aka Halloween Night)
sbHappy Meal
sbHavre River
sbHavre River
sbHax0red Pack o' Killin' Thins (Haxored map of kill
sbHeart of Darkness
sbHedgerow (Redux)
sbHell and Hell Frozen Over
sbHell's Archer / Hell Archers
sbHellfire Crossing - SOLO
sbHelm's Deep
sbHelms Deep
sbHero Quest
sbheroes and madmen remix
sbHeroes of Co-op
sbHeroes of Haxor 2
sbHeroes of Haxors
sbHeroes of Haxors 2
sbHeroes of Haxors III
sbHeroes of Might and Missiles
sbHeroes of the Wabe
sbHeroes Who Dare
sbHeroQuest: Palace of Fallen Majesty
sbHexographica (aka HexoTagset)
sbHexographica: Borderwatch
sbHicking Grounds (beta)
sbHidden Valley
sbHigh Plains Havoc
sbHills of the Crow
sbHills Trodden Black
sbHoly Smoke
sbHomeland 2
sbHomeland II
sbHoming Paratrooper Dwarf
sbHooded Thrall
sbHungry Hawk Hollow
sbHunka Burnin' Luv!
sbI did it all for the Nookie
sbI Wish I had all Mahir
sbI wish I had Mahir vs. Wights (aka "Baak wishes he had Mahir vs. Wights")
sbI wish I had more...
sbI wish I had more/all Trow
sbI'll Dance On Your Grave
sbI'll Freeze on Your Grave
sbI'll Gimble on Your Grave
sbI'll S'pht On Your Grave (tagset)
sbI've Fallen and Can't Get Up
sbIce in the Veins
sbIdeal Problems
sbIf I had a ...
sbIf I Had A ....
sbIf I had a Changeling
sbIf I had a Desert v2.0
sbIf I had a Desert/Trow
sbIf I Had a Fetch...
sbIf I Had a Trow Classic
sbIf I Had A Winter Series
sbIf I Had a Yeti
sbIf I Had a Yeti II
sbIf I Had Lederhosen
sbIf I had Lots of Trow
sbIf it doesn't move, kill it.
sbIf it Doesnt Move, Kill It 2
sbIf Only I had a Parrot
sbIgo Ghatla
sbImpending Doom
sbImperial Arena
sbIn the Crypt of Arianna
sbIn the Machine
sbIn the Midst of Cavalry
sbInside Your Musty Navel
sbInto the Fray
sbIron Trow Warrior
sbIsle of Storms
sbISOYG (I'll S'pht On Your Grave)
sbISOYG: Frog Blast the Vent Core
sbISOYG: Will Work Pfhor Food
sbIt Smells Like Death in Here
sbIt Smells Like Death in Here (v1.1.G)
sbIt's a Mad Mad Whorl
sbIt'z ThE CheeZ
sbJinn (Myth 1.5 update)
sbJinn - A Review
sbJinn tagset
sbJinn: Sludgefest
sbJourney Continues
sbJourneyman : Mortal Kombat
sbJourneyman Mortal Kombat (vaporware)
sbJungle in the Wabe
sbJungles of the Ermine
sbKeep Across the River (final)
sbKeljorian Knights
sbKGC Gladiators
sbKGC Gladiators : Underworld
sbKGC: Gladiators : Underworld
sbKhorne Berzerkers
sbKildaer's Arboretum
sbKiller Chicken
sbKilling Grounds 2000
sbKing of the Knuckles
sbKing's Garden
sbKing's Garden (Redux)
sbKlash in the Keep
sbKnuckle of the Oasis
sbKotm Swapper
sbKrille's Finished Maps
sbLake Powell
sbLaura Craft - Tomb Robber
sbLava Flow
sbLeagues From Nowhere
sbLeagues from Somewhere
sbLeagues of Suffering
sbLedges Between Us
sbLegend of Gor Ash
sbLegend of Gor Ash
sbLegend of Gor Ash - FFA
sbLegends of The Ermine (b6r5)
sbLeggo Airships
sbLeggo Airships
sbLeggo II: Arena
sbLeggo III Solo Tagset (plug)
sbLeggo My Myth
sbLet Wyrd Sort 'em Out
sbLich Unit
sbLichen Unto Death FINAL
sbLifes A Beach
sbLight vs. Dark (Final Pack)
sbLight vs. Dark : Redemption
sbLight vs. Dark Ultimate: The Great Library v2
sbLike Blood Through a Sieve
sbLike Blood thru a Sieve
sbLoathing Documentation
sbLong Player List Interface
sbLoosing My Conquest
sbLord Goda's Castle
sbLord of the Rings : Mordor
sbLord of the Rings : Weathertop
sbLord of the Rings: Weathertop
sbLost Lore: The Legend of Kearney (vaporware)
sbLost on Ice
sbLugas - The Abomination
sbLvD -The Wall (Light vs. Dark)
sbLvsD Light vs Dark Full Conversion
sbMagic Ghols
sbMagma Myth TFL Multipack (SB)
sbMagma TFL Multipack
sbManistee Painball Challenge UT (Unit Tagset)
sbManistee Paintball Challenge
sbManistee Paintball Challenge (Regular Myth)
sbManistee Paintball Challenge Interface
sbMap Pack
sbMaramyth (plug)
sbMaramyth : Where Angels Come From
sbMaramyth Maps
sbMarathon TC tagset (1.1b1)
sbMarch On The Marsh
sbMarch to Madrigal
sbMassive Army of Thrall
sbMaximum Carnage
sbMaze Mayem
sbMazz 5 Riverbed
sbMazzarin's Demise
sbMazzarin's Demise III
sbMazzarin's Demise IV
sbMazzarin's Demise V
sbMazzarin's Demise VI
sbMedusa of Forest
sbMega Raid Warz
sbMess of a Marsh
sbmicrocosmos (vaporware)
sbMilitia Lake
sbMilk Man FFA League Map Pack!
sbModus Operandi
sbMoFiA's Plugin
sbMonty Python
sbMonty Python and the quest for the Holy Grail (vaporware)
sbMooing Elephant
sbMoon Mayhem
sbMoon Shadow Cave
sbMoon Shadow Cave
sbMortar Rocket Dwarf
sbMorte Della Luna
sbMorte Della Luna
sbMud River Market
sbMud, Guts and Dorfs!
sbMudpit Lake
sbMudpit Massacre - public beta
sbMudpit Massacre 2
sbMudpit Massacre v1.0
sbMudpit Massacred
sbMudpit Mega Mix
sbMuirthemne Penitentiary
sbMy First 12 years - An independent art project
sbMyopia 2013 T.E. (Tournament Edition)
sbMyrk Giants in the Wabe
sbMyrkridian Battle Standards (net flag replacements)
sbMyrkridian Mayhem
sbMyrkridian Rampage
sbMyrkridian Rumble - 2Team
sbMyrmidon Revenge
sbMyth 2 Dark Campaign Solo
sbMyth 2: Medieval
sbMyth : The Awakening : Readme
sbMyth Chess
sbMyth II asm
sbMyth II Chat Map v2.0
sbMyth II Game Server FAQ - technical
sbMyth II Mythic Campaign
sbMyth II scenery objects
sbMyth II Shade
sbMyth II Third Party Cutscenes
sbMyth II v1.4 Classic Update.sit
sbMyth II: Broken Cycle
sbMyth Made Cool NEO EX
sbMyth Racer
sbMythadizzle Prime III
sbMythWarrior (Redux)
sbMythwarrior: Dracotis Revenge (aka /Mechwarriorz)
sbMythWarrior: Verdae Claim
sbNandI Boont Legends
sbNeo Venice v1.0
sbNever released(?) Beta maps
sbNew Myth Unit Maps (and New Unit tags)
sbNight of the Living Dead
sbNightfall - The 7th Legion (The Seventh Legion)
sbNo Ceiling Maps
sbNowhere to Run
sbNuke Wight (unit)
sbOdyssey of the Tain
sbOgre Giant
sbOld Egypt
sbOlde Sarum Arena
sbOlde Sarum Arena (outdated)
sbOn a Crashing Course
sbOn the Cavan Bight
sbOn The Rocks
sbOn The Rocks v2.1
sbOn to the Breach
sboogas 73 plugin valupack
sbOperation Shade
sbOperation Shade
sbOrleans Units
sbOrpheus Rising
sbOur Farewell Tagset
sbOut of Kilter
sbOut of the Breach (v1.0)
sbOutpost Glacier
sbOver My Undead Body!
sbPack Of Warlocks
sbPalm Before the Storm
sbParking Wars
sbPath of the Damned
sbPathways v1.1
sbPeace in the Palace
sbPeace on the Ramparts
sbPeasant (TSG)
sbPerfidy's Demense
sbPerrin Aybara
sbPhantom Hounds: The Call of Glory
sbPharaoh's Demise
sbPhoenix Downs
sbPhoenix Rising (aka Seven Phoenix Rising)
sbPhoenix Rising (Two Team)
sbPicket Fences
sbPiled Higher and Deeper
sbPiled Higher and Deeper (Redux)
sbPimp Wars 2 (beta)
sbPirate's Life For Me v2 - Readme
sbPirates : review
sbPirates of the Caribbean
sbPirates solo
sbPit of Despair
sbPit of Fiends
sbPlagued Lands
sbPlagued Sands / StreamLine (?)
sbPlains of Muirthemne
sbPlatform (Star Wars)
sbPleasant Valley Sunday
sbPoacher Fighting Ground
sbPolycon : Maps X
sbPolycon: Grinder
sbPolycon: PDA
sbPolycon: Solo Conversion
sbPolycon: Starships
sbPolycon: Units
sbPrimordial Soup
sbProject: Fear Effect
sbProving Grounds - 2 team
sbProving Grounds - Tro Style
sbProving Grounds Dueling Pack 1
sbProving Grounds Dueling Pack 2
sbPsychro Phobia
sbPyramid of Gloom and Doom
sbQuarantine beta 13
sbQuarrel on the Chaparral
sbQuixotism (MWC)
sbRabid Wombat's Reversal
sbRaid of the Hills (Raid on the Hills)
sbRaid on Salamandastron
sbRaid the Keep
sbRainy Desert
sbRaisin Barn
sbRanger Boot Camp
sbRank and Defiled
sbRDF : "I am Banor!"
sbRDF : Banor's Keep (RDF)
sbRDF : Leggo II Arena
sbRDF : Modz for Mazzarin's Demise IV (RDF)
sbRDF : Return to White Falls
sbRDF : Rocket Dorf Fest
sbRDF : StoneHeart Returns (aka Stoneheart RDF)
sbRDF Internal Formations
sbRe-Apply for Carnage
sbReal Craters
sbRealism Plugin
sbRealm of the Virtual Wolf
sbReborn (aka Myth II Reborn)
sbRed Cross
sbRed Sands and Black Blood
sbRed Village
sbRemnants of Harrenhall
sbRequiem of the Dead
sbRestless Hollow (Gloomveil)
sbReturn of the Fir Bolg
sbReturn of the Spider Cultists
sbReturn to Crow's Bridge
sbReturn to Seven Gates
sbReturn to the Mountain
sbReturn to the Pit
sbReturn to Venice v1.2
sbReturn to Willow Creek
sbRiot Pack
sbRiot Pack 2K
sbRIP 2 (Rest in Pieces 2)
sbRIP Light (Rest in Pieces)
sbRiver Crossing v1.0
sbRiver of Gold (Solo/Multi)
sbRiver of Life (multiplayer)
sbRiver of Life (Solo/Multi)
sbRiver Town 2013 T.E. (Tournament Edition)
sbRiverside Nightmare
sbRM's dangerous myth
sbRnard's Plain 2.0
sbROA Demo
sbRoad at Callieach
sbRoad's Skeleton Collection
sbRoad's Unit Modz
sbRockem Sockem Dorf Riot
sbRoland's Dream
sbROoF Hax0red Unitz (ROoF Haxored Units)
sbROoF RIoT (Roof riot Final)
sbROoF Riot 10
sbRoyal Tournament
sbRuins of Venice
sbSaint Neptune
sbSak's Cannon
sbScourge of Belial
sbScythe of Time
sbSeas Maps and Plugins
sbSedimental Flora
sbSenex Silvae
sbSengoku (or "Senguko")
sbSenseless Violence
sbSerentity II
sbSewer Dreams
sbSF2: UrbanAssault:RescueParty_b1
sbShadow of the Mountain
sbShadow of the Mountain III (Shadow III)
sbShadow of the Mountain v2
sbShattered Earth
sbShattered Earth T.E.
sbShidoBlighter (Bushido)
sbShiver's Turn
sbShogi Deathmatch
sbShuffle off this Mortal Coil
sbSiege 2
sbSiege of Llancarfan
sbSiege of Madrigal
sbSiege Warfare (plug)
sbSilly Sounds
sbSisters of the Blade
sbSisters of the Blade - units
sbSiTH (Somewhere In The Heavens)
sbSkrael - Beta
sbSkrael beta1
sbSkrael Conversion Pack
sbSlaughter Hunt
sbSlay it isn't So! and Slay it isn't Teams!
sbSleepy Hollow
sbSleepy Hollow (Redux)
sbSleepy Hollow 2013 T.E. (Tournament Edition)
sbSleepy Valley
sbSnake Pit Canyon
sbSnow on the Plains (aka Wight Christmas)
sbSnow West (aka Snows of the Western Plain
sbSOD (Sculptors of Death)
sbSoldier Fight Grounds Gold (v2.0)
sbSolo Campaign
sbSolo Campaign v2
sbSomewhere in the Heavens (SiTH)
sbSons of the Desert
sbSons of Yu'Ron (War Song Screens?)
sbSosua Beach
sbSounds in the Night (aka Sounds OF the Night)
sbSpecial Forces: Tactical Training Ops
sbSpectres in the Crypt
sbSpider Riot
sbSpiral Into The Island (v.1.0)
sbSquirrel Riot
sbStalk on the Borderlands
sbStar Trek: Set No Limits
sbStar Trek: Sovereign Class Starship
sbStar Wars (vaporware)
sbStar Wars : Plains of Naboo
sbStar Wars: Episode I : Battle Droid
sbStar Wars: Great Wall of Naboo
sbStarship Troopers
sbStarship Troopers: Mission 1
sbStB Beachball
sbStink of Death
sbStink of Death & Trow Valley
sbStinkie's Graveyard
sbStinkie's Graveyard - readme
sbStone Heart
sbStone Of FareWell
sbStoneHeart Returns
sbStorm The Fort
sbStormy (?)
sbStrange Bedfellows (Mother of God, Who Made this M
sbStrange Shallows (v1.0)
sbStream Line
sbStress Release
sbSuccessive Wars
sbSuper BOOM Mega Pack
sbSuper Character Pack (v1.0) (plug)
sbSuper Requiem for the Dead (aka Super ROTD)
sbSwamp (Star Wars)
sbSwamp of the Damned v1.3
sbSwineherd Stampede
sbSword In the Desert
sbTaking Control (aka "Tides of Darkness") v0.7
sbTalath Dirnen
sbTaliesin Downs
sbTallow 2013 T.E. (Tournament Edition)
sbTallow Abbey
sbTears of Rhi'ornin
sbTears of Rhi'ornin
sbTears of Rhiornin (MWC)
sbTemerity Bluff
sbTemple of Bridges
sbTemple of Doom
sbTemple of the Damned
sbTemple of War
sbTemples of Avernus
sbTFL - Grave Deluxe
sbTFL Clash
sbTFL Conversion Pack
sbTFL Interface
sbTFL Iron Edition
sbTFL Pathfinder Deluxe
sbTFL Physics Plugin 3.0
sbTFL Physics Plugin v2
sbTFL Units (Physics)
sbTFL Villager
sbThaw Before the Storm
sbThe 9 vs. The Fallen (The Nine vs. the Fallen Lord)
sbThe Alpha Guard (Level One)
sbThe Arena
sbThe Arena
sbThe Arena (Melee)
sbThe Ascent
sbThe Ball
sbThe Baron's Castle
sbThe Barrens
sbThe Battle for Terra
sbThe Battle of Bannockburn
sbThe Beach
sbThe Borogove
sbThe Bre Unor Attack
sbThe Bre-Unor Attack
sbThe Canyon of Shiver
sbThe Chalk Hills
sbThe Chosen
sbThe Cursed Land
sbThe Deadly Forest (Myrk)
sbThe Deadly Forest (Trow)
sbThe Dessert multi-pack
sbThe Dispossed
sbThe Ents (plug)
sbThe Ephor of Myrgard
sbThe Fall of Naugrimin
sbThe Fall of Naugrimin
sbThe Fallen Levels
sbThe Fields at Beaver Fork
sbThe Fight for Mt. Evil
sbThe Five Champions
sbThe Five Legends
sbThe Forest of Skund
sbThe Forest of skund
sbThe Fortress of Doom
sbThe Four Kingdoms
sbThe Four Kingdoms
sbThe Four Leaved Fen
sbThe Four Pools
sbThe Frosty Tankard
sbThe Frozen Empire
sbThe Gates of Myrgard
sbThe Gauntlet
sbThe Gauntlet v2
sbThe Great Arena
sbThe Great Basin
sbThe Great Divide
sbThe Great Fish
sbThe Great Journey
sbThe Great War (beta)
sbThe Hard Times
sbThe Haunted Bog
sbThe Heart
sbThe Hidden
sbThe Highlands
sbThe Ithlid
sbThe Journey Continues
sbThe Kalasian Nightmare - ReadMe
sbThe Landing Light Vs Dark
sbThe Lands of Three
sbThe Legend of Gor-Ash
sbThe Legend of Gor-Ash
sbThe Legend of Gor-Ash (solo)
sbThe Mod Map
sbThe Mosh Pit
sbThe Mote In God's Eye (vaporware)
sbThe Mountain Passes
sbThe Myrkridian Slave Trade
sbThe Northlands
sbThe Oloruin Valley
sbThe Pond
sbThe Quad - Readme
sbThe Quad, Too (v 2.1)
sbThe Realm of Tilea
sbThe Ritual Site
sbThe River Rhum
sbThe Rock
sbThe Ruins of Myth Drannor
sbThe Secret Garden
sbThe Seventh God
sbThe Seventh God - v1.4 Official Update
sbThe Showdown LvD
sbThe Showdown LvD (multi)
sbThe Siege 2.0
sbThe Slit
sbThe Snowy Dawn
sbThe Soldiers of Tyre (TSoT) Multiplayer Maps
sbThe Soldiers of Tyre (TSoT) Solo Campaign
sbThe Spiral of Death
sbThe Stench of Death
sbThe Sun's Anvil
sbThe Sun's Anvil (Redux)
sbThe Swimmin' Hole (SB)
sbThe Tain
sbThe Three Pathways
sbThe Truth is Over There
sbThe Ultimate Fighting
sbThe Ultimate Fighting v3.3
sbThe Ultimate Fury
sbThe Ultimate Riot Collection II
sbThe Unknown Land
sbThe Untold story
sbThe Valley
sbthe w00rst map EVER (The World's Worst Map)
sbthe w00rst map EVER (worst map ever)
sbThe Wall (Modified)
sbThe Wall (Mythic Difficulty)
sbThe Wild River
sbThe Wild West
sbThe Wild West
sbThe Wild West - Unitset
sbThe Wild West: Boothill
sbThe Wild West: Mud River
sbThe Wild West: Snows of the Western Plain
sbThe Woods of Agony
sbThe Woods out Back
sbThe Woods out Back
sbThe Year of Burning Stone
sbThief: A New Game
sbThirteen Autumns
sbThis Old Town
sbThrall Elite
sbThrall Riot
sbThree Eyes on the Plains
sbThrone of the Lich King
sbTiberium Dorf
sbTides - Alpha Weapons Pack
sbTil the River Runs Dry
sbTill The Morning''s End Mappack
sbTitus Groan
sbTo Kill a Mockingbird
sbToecutter's Pit
sbTokyo 2021
sbTokyo 2021 (Redux)
sbTotal Visibility
sbTouga : Manual
sbTough Men and a Lady
sbTr0ball Arena (Coop) [aka TrowBall Arena]
sbTraining Goes Evil
sbTraitor of Darkness (aka TOD Village)
sbTraitor of Darkness (final)
sbTraitor of Darkness v1.1
sbTreasure island
sbTron Total Conversion Press Release (vaporware)
sbTrow Invasion
sbTrow Killers Inc.
sbTrowball Arena (coop)
sbTrowBall: Arena
sbTSG Disciple
sbTSG vs Chimera Combat
sbTsuj Os Yzarc
sbTwice Born : Light vs. Dark (FINAL)
sbTwice Reborn
sbTwilight of Idols
sbTwin Temples of the Dog
sbTwister Tourney Edition
sbUBacon (aka Unstable Bacon) (outdated)
sbUber Ghol Riot Anywhere (UGR)
sbUddist's Haxx'd Ubermesh
sbUltimate Giant Fighting
sbUltimate Pack (units)
sbUltimate Team Battles
sbUltimate Team Battles Expansion Pack (Magma)
sbUltimate Territories: Desert
sbUltimate Territories: Winter
sbUltra Dwarves
sbUndead Uprising
sbUnder Myrkridian Standards
sbUnholy Alliance (Blood of Royalty)
sbUnreal Gladiator (aka Unreal Myth)
sbUrban Marine (aka town?)
sbUrtus Map Action Pack
sbUWARS : Sandworms (vaporware)
sbValley Fort Light
sbValley of Death (aka Death Valley)
sbValley Of Rivers
sbValley of Souls
sbVenice (Dark) ?Sage?
sbVertigo: Tournament Edition 2013
sbVietnam Units (tagset)
sbVillage of Carnage
sbVomit the Soul (beta)
sbVR Map Pack for M2
sbVR Pool Party
sbVulcan's Lair
sbWabe in the Gimble
sbWack A Peasant
sbWall Models (mapmaking)
sbWank Map
sbWar Between 4 Walls (v0.5)
sbWar in Venice
sbWarg Rider
sbWarhammer 40K : Heretic Mapset
sbWarhammer 40K : Heretic Units
sbWarlock (Cloudkill)
sbWarlock Deathmatch
sbWasp (Chimera)
sbWasteland Arena
sbWasteland Arena
sbWater, Water, Everywhere!
sbWatery Pass
sbWeirdobodomons (v1.2) (plug)
sbWeirdobodomons 12
sbWeirdobodomons II
sbWeirdobodomons Mesh Pack
sbWelcome to the Jungle (Final)
sbWetlands Final
sbWhat Dwarves Do... (aka Dwarven Porn Star)
sbWhat the Comet Brings
sbWhen Lemurs Attack
sbWhirlwind [beta]
sbWhoa Raid
sbWhy The River
sbWight Falls II
sbWild West Anywhere
sbWillow Creek Madness
sbWinter Mappack
sbWinter Of Your Discontent
sbWinter of Your Discontent
sbWinter Valley
sbWisdom's Cry
sbWith Friends Like These
sbWod in the Wabe
sbWolvsbains Crevace
sbWorld's Collide Anywhere
sbWorlds Collide
sbWraith's Den (v1.3)
sbWrath of the Journeyman
sbWW2: Titanica - Author Apology
sbWWI (SH) Beta 3
sbWWI: AVA: Axis vs. Allies Megapack
sbWWI: Verdun (World War One)
sbWWII : A Myth 2 Total Conversion
sbWWII : A Very Idiot Christmas
sbWWII : AHX : A Hostile Exchange
sbWWII : Anywhere
sbWWII : AvX
sbWWII : Kasserine Pass
sbWWII : Mars Recon
sbWWII : The War Continues
sbWWII : WarHammer 40k : Titans (aka WarHammer40,000
sbWWII Palm Tree
sbWWII Recon
sbWWII: 1944 Normandy
sbWWII: A Cold Day in Hell
sbWWII: A Soldier's Peeve: Disturbance at Ruff's Pea
sbWWII: Acid Bath [aka Neo WWII Acid Bath]
sbWWII: Afrika Corps
sbWWII: AHX 2: Nightfire
sbWWII: American Soil
sbWWII: Anti-RPG Drop
sbWWII: Ardennes Remembered
sbWWII: Area 51 Sector 7
sbWWII: Area 51 Sector 7 Sins
sbWWII: Autumn Recon
sbWWII: AVA: AvA4Ever
sbWWII: AVA: Axis vs. Allies
sbWWII: AVA: Axis vs. Allies
sbWWII: AVA: Axis vs. Allies Expansion Tagset
sbWWII: Axis vs. Allies : Titans
sbWWII: Baron's Brigade
sbWWII: Bastards
sbWWII: Battle of St. Vith
sbWWII: Beyond Doom (v1.4)
sbWWII: Bio Soldiers: Final Ice
sbWWII: Bio Soldiers: Oasis Hellzone
sbWWII: Bloodshed
sbWWII: Bridges Between Us
sbWWII: Broken Day
sbWWII: Cadre Tournament Map Pack
sbWWII: Cambodia
sbWWII: Carnage Islands : Special Forces
sbWWII: Chopper Recon
sbWWII: Cold War: Siberia
sbWWII: Combat
sbWWII: Crazy Recon
sbWWII: Desert Canyon
sbWWII: Desert Ops
sbWWII: Doom Awakening
sbWWII: Doom Keep
sbWWII: Drop Zone
sbWWII: Engage
sbWWII: Exodus
sbWWII: Forest Factions (v1.0)
sbWWII: Forgotten Heroes
sbWWII: Fox Fire
sbWWII: Frostbite
sbWWII: GraZz, Wat0r and a big TowEr
sbWWII: Green Land
sbWWII: Green Ponds
sbWWII: Greenland
sbWWII: Guerilla Warfare: Operation Sniper
sbWWII: Harbour (aka Harbor)
sbWWII: Harbour (aka Harbor) v1.2
sbWWII: Ice on the Plains - RPG Riot
sbWWII: Jungle Fort Assault (WWII?)
sbWWII: Jungle Operations
sbWWII: Kebler Pass
sbWWII: Kher Ridge
sbWWII: Kill's Recon
sbWWII: Korea 1951
sbWWII: Lead a Hoor to Water
sbWWII: Line of Fire
sbWWII: Mars
sbWWII: Megalith
sbWWII: MoonRock
sbWWII: Mount Kamikaze
sbWWII: Mt. St. Helens
sbWWII: Mythical Solos
sbWWII: Neo Soldiers the Block
sbWWII: Nightfall
sbWWII: No Surrender
sbWWII: Omaha Beach (RISK)
sbWWII: Omaha Beach II Inland
sbWWII: Paintball Arena
sbWWII: PRA (Peaceful Recreational Activities)
sbWWII: Quixotic
sbWWII: Rathaus
sbWWII: Recon
sbWWII: Recon v1.0
sbWWII: Recon Winter Storm
sbWWII: Reconnaissance and Combat
sbWWII: Red River
sbWWII: Robots Order Map - vets
sbWWII: Saipan Is - BETA
sbWWII: Search and Destroy
sbWWII: Soldier Fighting Ground
sbWWII: Squad Ops - Units
sbWWII: Squad Patrol v.1.2
sbWWII: Squad Recon
sbWWII: Swampy Acres
sbWWII: Tactical Training
sbWWII: TallyHo
sbWWII: Tango Down
sbWWII: The Blizzard of Oz
sbWWII: The Camp POW Rescue Mission
sbWWII: The Streets
sbWWII: The War Continues
sbWWII: Titans
sbWWII: Titans: Acid Bath Assault
sbWWII: Titans: Lost Paradise (aka Lost In Paradise)
sbWWII: Titans: Sanctuary
sbWWII: Titans: Schwarzwald
sbWWII: Titans: Vietnam
sbWWII: To a Violent End
sbWWII: Tokyo 2021
sbWWII: Trench Warfare
sbWWII: Trenches of Reason
sbWWII: Twisted Raid
sbWWII: Units v1.1
sbWWII: Unknown Lands
sbWWII: Urban Assault
sbWWII: Urban Recon
sbWWII: Urban Warfare
sbWWII: Urban Warfare II
sbWWII: Veteran Trenches
sbWWII: Veterans
sbWWII: Vietnam
sbWWII: Ville B
sbWWII: War is Hell
sbWWII: Warehouse Warfare
sbWWII: Weathertop (co-op) (v1.0)
sbWWII: Wetlands Recon
sbWWII: Winter Recon
sbWWII: Yosemite
sbWWII: Yuletide Greeting
sbWWII: Zolo Fix (Solo Fix maybe?)
sbWWII: Zookville
sbWWIV: Marathon
sbX Marks the Valley
sbXM Playground (Xenon Maps)
sbXM Riot Fever
sbYears of Famine
sbYou'll Fall I Wanna Live
sbZak on the Borderlands
sbZeph's New Bungie Mesh Pack
sbZombie Hand final
sbZys Trio Plugin Pack

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