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sb10X final beta
sbA Very Idiot Halloween Anywhere
sbADT: ALIEN Dark Tide - Total Conversion
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Solo Tagset [README] - note
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Tagset
sbAge Units FINAL
sbAlien Dark Tide (ADT) Anywhere
sbAmbidextrous Myrmidons
sbAnarchy Ghols (aka Ghol Anarchists)
sbAngels (of Light)
sbAnywhere Multiplayer Pak (aka Baak's Anywhere Multi-Pak)
sbAnywhere Solo Pak
sbArabian Boxer
sbArcher Giants
sbArchevil Mortars
sbArmoured Soldiers
sbAvatars of the Great War
sbAzzas Plugin Pak 1
sbBaak's Anywhere MultiPak
sbBaak's Balls O' Fun
sbBaak's Baron Baum
sbBaak's KotH Flipper (King of the Hill Flipper)
sbBaak's Spider Thrall
sbBaak's Spider Wight
sbBaby Trow
sbBalls of Death (Balls 'o Det)
sbBalor 2
sbBalors Exploding Head
sbBaron Baums
sbBaron von Target Dummy
sbBarons Fight Back
sbBattle Monk
sbBazooka Men and Lightning Archers
sbBerserk Giant
sbBetter Late Than Never
sbBig Myth
sbBlack Mages
sbBlade of the Realms - tagset
sbBlast Pack (Marathon TC unit set)
sbBlocking Zerk
sbBloody Mess
sbBoneman (Chimera)
sbBowman of Doom
sbBowmen Psychos
sbBre and Ghol Trow Myrk
sbBushido : Units Tagset
sbBushido Units
sbc0-0p helper
sbCatapults (ffa maps)
sbCatapults (solo games)
sbCharlie's Point
sbChicken ala Venice
sbChimera Interface
sbCobra Attack helicopter
sbCombat Engineer
sbComedy Myth
sbCrazy Al
sbCrazy Al
sbCWR-TAGSET- Civil War Reloaded for myth 1.7
sbDeer Party
sbDemise of the thrall
sbDorf Riot On Any Map!
sbdorf'Unor Tagset
sbDouble Plugin Pack
sbDreamseedz Interface
sbDrippy Blood
sbDud Wights
sbDwarven Chicken Keeper
sbEllion the Great
sbEnhanced Units
sbFinal Fantasy 6
sbFlak Mortar Dwarf (aka Dorf Flak)
sbFlaming Chicken
sbFlare Dorfs
sbForest Giant 2
sbFrodo's Plugins
sbGender Wars
sbGhol 2 Valkyrie 2
sbGhol Magi
sbGhol Thrower
sbGhol Unitz
sbGunship Helicopter (aka Attack Helicopter)
sbHell's Archer / Hell Archers
sbHexographica (aka HexoTagset)
sbHoming Paratrooper Dwarf
sbHunka Burnin' Luv!
sbI Wish I had all Mahir
sbI wish I had Mahir vs. Wights (aka "Baak wishes he had Mahir vs. Wights")
sbI wish I had more...
sbI wish I had more/all Trow
sbI'll S'pht On Your Grave (tagset)
sbKeljorian Knights
sbKhorne Berzerkers
sbKiller Chicken
sbLeggo Airships
sbLeggo III Solo Tagset (plug)
sbMagic Ghols
sbManistee Painball Challenge UT (Unit Tagset)
sbManistee Paintball Challenge Interface
sbMaramyth (plug)
sbMarathon TC tagset (1.1b1)
sbMoFiA's Plugin
sbMonty Python
sbMooing Elephant
sbMortar Rocket Dwarf
sbMyth II scenery objects
sbMyth II Third Party Cutscenes
sbMythadizzle Prime III
sbNandI Boont Legends
sbNew Myth Unit Maps (and New Unit tags)
sbNuke Wight (unit)
sbOgre Giant
sboogas 73 plugin valupack
sbOperation Shade
sbOrleans Units
sbPack Of Warlocks
sbPolycon: Starships
sbPolycon: Units
sbRabid Wombat's Reversal
sbRDF : Rocket Dorf Fest
sbRDF Internal Formations
sbReal Craters
sbRealism Plugin
sbReturn of the Fir Bolg
sbRoad's Unit Modz
sbROoF Hax0red Unitz (ROoF Haxored Units)
sbROoF Riot 10
sbSenseless Violence
sbSilly Sounds
sbSisters of the Blade - units
sbSiTH (Somewhere In The Heavens)
sbSkrael - Beta
sbSkrael Conversion Pack
sbSOD (Sculptors of Death)
sbStar Wars: Episode I : Battle Droid
sbStarship Troopers
sbStB Beachball
sbSuper Character Pack (v1.0) (plug)
sbSwineherd Stampede
sbTFL Conversion Pack
sbTFL Pathfinder Deluxe
sbTFL Physics Plugin v2
sbTFL Units (Physics)
sbThe Bre-Unor Attack
sbThe Ents (plug)
sbThe Wild West - Unitset
sbTotal Visibility
sbTough Men and a Lady
sbUBacon (aka Unstable Bacon) (outdated)
sbUber Ghol Riot Anywhere (UGR)
sbUltra Dwarves
sbUnreal Gladiator (aka Unreal Myth)
sbWarhammer 40K : Heretic Units
sbWarlock (Cloudkill)
sbWasp (Chimera)
sbWeirdobodomons (v1.2) (plug)
sbWeirdobodomons 12
sbWeirdobodomons II
sbWild West Anywhere
sbWorld's Collide Anywhere
sbWWII : Anywhere
sbWWII: Titans
sbWWII: Units v1.1
sbWWII: Zolo Fix (Solo Fix maybe?)
sbZys Trio Plugin Pack

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