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Berserks (aka Berzerks, Berzerkers) : Berzerk(ers) are a race of fierce northern warriors. They move and attack very quickly. Think "Braveheart".

BNA (extinct) : Bungie Net Administrator(s). Administrators of Bungie net

Carpet Bombing : A technique that uses fetch and dwarves together to propel dwarven bottles great distances. "Carpet Bombing" occurs only in Myth I, in Myth II the bug that caused it has been fixed. Supposedly it is m

Chain Lightning : In TFL, chain lightning was something (a bug) a highly skilled player could control. Basically it was a combination of a ctrl-click on the ground then a very fast click on a distant enemy unit. Done

Clan : a group of Myth players that band together to form a team or a cadre of players for tournaments (see also Order)

MWC (Myth World Cup) : The longest running and largest 2-team tournament in the Myth community. Held once a year in the late spring/summer.

Souless : Evil undead flying skeletal spear throwing creatures. Souless can fly so can go over terrain that other units are unable to traverse.

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