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Acer Malum Magnus : The Trow to whom Ewan spoke when recording Trow habits for Antero's Bestiary.

Albrecht : King of the Dwarves. (during the SB years)

Alric : One of The Nine, former King of the Southern Provinces. An Avatara of years past, Alric is the only surviving member of the Nine sorcerers who opposed the Fallen Lords during the Great War. Alric recl

Andir : A young boy, the unfortunate star of the Myth II prologue.

Andvari : A Dwarven Hero, who helped the Deceiver defeat Shiver.

Antero : Author of Antero's Bestiary, and master of Ewan.

Avatara : Powerfull magic users on the side of the Light.

b'Y'laggo : The profane elemental sprit worshipped by the bre'Unor.

Bagrada : Southernmost of the three passes across the Cloudspine range, Bagrada is a network of dead ends and box canyons that connect the Plain of Scales with Forest Heart. Countless battles have been waged he

Bahl'al : A Fallen Lord, likely the Watcher's true name.

Balin : A Dwarven Pathfinder who recaptured the ancestral Dwarven capital of Myrgard, and fathered Jari, another Pathfinder.

Balor : Once known as Connacht, great hero of the Wind Age, Balor returned wearing the mantle of the Leveller to lead the armies of the Dark during the Great War. Chief (and Leader) among the Fallen Lords, he

Baron Kildaer : The Baron came to power ten years ago, appearing out of nowhere. With the aid of his brigand cohorts, he laid claim to Keep Kildaer and the surrounding lands.

Barrier, The : Desert east of the Cloudspine Mountains. This area used the be the fertile Empire of the Cath Bruig, but was put to the torch and blighted after the passing of the armies of the Dark fifty years ago.

Bowmen (of the Province) : Humans (of the Province) trained in the art of the bow.

bre'Unor : Ancient enemies of the fir'Bolg, native to the Ermine. They can command Wolves thanks to the profant elemental spirit b'Y'laggo, who they worship.

Callieach : An extinct race, very powerfull enemies of the Trow. They created the Great Devoid.

Ceiscoran : A former emperor of the Cath Bruig.

Changelings : Magically reanimated dead trees, powered by the profane elemental spirit b'Y'laggo.

Chicken Berel : Killer of near-flightless birds.

Cloudspine Mountains : Mountain range in the central continent, which runs north and south. There are only three passes across the Cloudspine - Bagrada, The Stair of Grief and Seven Gates.

Clovis : The first Emperor of the Cath Bruig

Comfort : Yet another small town outside of Madrigal.

Covenant : Once a major city of The Province, Covenant was sacked and destroyed fifteen years ago by the Dark.

Crow's Bridge : A small town outside of the major city of Madrigal.

Cruniac : Commander of the Journal Writer's patrol in the beginning of Myth II, who died at the hands of Soulblighter

Cu Roi : One of The Nine, who enlisted the aid of the Forest Giants in the eighteenth year of the Great War, and died freeing the Legion from the Tain.

Damas : The true name of Soulblighter.

Dari : Someone who's twenty big ones in debt. (ingame dialogue on Myth II Level 7, Beyond the Cloudspine mentions this name)

Deer : Timid and harmless woodland creatures, the Deer are a favored hunting target. [On the hidden Myth 2 level A Long Awaited Drinking Party(ALADP) Bungie pokes fun at the plethora of hunting games popular

dogboys : Ghols.

dorf, duff : slang for Dwarf., (plural is dorfs). Often mistyped as Dorgs.

duff : Dwarf

Durak : Someone who fought alongside Twelve Motion Jeweled Skull

Dwarf : Dwarves are a short, surly race of bearded explosives experts. Their molotov cocktails are devastating, but they have no hand-to-hand (melee) attack so are useless in close combat. As they wear no arm

Dwarves : A race of diminuitive people native to the mountains around Stoneheim and Myrgard, with a love of explosives and all things inventive. They are ancient enemies of the Ghols.

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Eblis Stones : Magic artifacts of great power. Those who control them are said to be unstoppable in battle.

Egil : A Berserk.

Eight Pride Stalking : A Heron Guard.

Eitri : A Dwarf.

Ewan : Pupil of Antero, he was granted passage into ancient Trow lands to record their habits for Antero's Bestiary.

Fallen Lords : Six powerful wizards who were suborned by Balor. Among them: Shiver, The Deceiver, The Watcher, and Soulblighter.

Fang-Grinder : King of the Ghols, Black Dog of the Hill Lands. He was killed by Mauriac of Madrigal.

fast attack units : Fast attack units wait at the edge of a battle until the grunts engage the enemy, then they sweep in and attack the enemy from the side or from behind. This is a devastating tactic. An army cannot fig

Fetch : Creatures from another world who throw lightning and hide inside Human skins. They were summoned by Balor to fight in the Great War, but stranded when he was killed by Alric. They then served Soulblig

fir'Bolg : The skilled archers who live in the Ermine; former enemies and current allies of the Light, they have forever been at war with the bre'Unor.

Five Champions, The : Five heroes who rescued Alric during the 17th year of the Great War.

Five Motion Bloody Jaguar : A Heron Guard

Forest Giants : Huge tree-people native to Forest Heart. They are long enemies of the Trow.

Forest Heart : Huge forest east of the Cloudspine Mountains, home of the Forest Giants.

Forgall : Author of Forgall's Bestiary.

Four Flint Motion Sun : A Heron Guard Hero who helped the Deceiver defeat Shiver.

Frankenstein Computer God : A mad, deadly, world-wide, gangster, communist stone idol near the World Knot north of the Plain of Scales. The god of mad, deadly, world-wide, gangster, communist radio earphone slavery.

Fulsom : Someone dealt a terrible blow by Trahern.

furry guys : Slang for Journeymen.

Garrick : A Warrior Captain serving in the Journal Writer's legion in Myth II.

Ghasts : Undead Humans, plagued with the paralyzing Death Fever, who will eventaully become Wights.

Ghols : annoying hunchback doglike creatures that throw stuff at you. Tips on how to best use them can be found at http://blubb.at/robzim/

Gjol : A poisoned river that runs south into the Dire Marsh.

gr'Uman : A Lieutenant of Archers with the Legion, who carried the Bow of Furious Incendescence, and was ambushed and killed while crossing the Dire Marsh.

Great Devoid : A bottomless chasm near Myrgard, created by the Callieach during their final days. Rather than be hunted to extinction by the Trow, the Callieach destroyed themselves and many Trow, leaving behind onl

Gywon : A Berserk.

Hawks : Agile birds-of-prey which can be found in various wooded areas.

Head, The : A mysterious, still-living severed head, supposedly an old enemy of the Fallen Lords, a former lieutenant of Connacht, and an early victim of Balor.

Heron Guard, The : Elite warriors of the Empire of the Cath Bruig. In game, Heron Guards are fast moving lightly-armored dual sword wielding fighters who can also heal. They are also immune to paralysis by pus or g

Humans : Normal people, resident of the Province in the West. See Bowmen, Brigands, Peasants, and Warriors.

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Iri : A Dwarf, presumably a Pathfinder.

iu'Shee : A Captain of Archers with the Legion, who fired the bone-tipped arrows which killed the Watcher.

Jari : A Dwarven Pathfinder; son of Balin and Uni.

Journal Writer, The : The man, or men, or other sentient being[s] writing and narrating the events of the journals to us. Reffers to either the Myth TFL and Myth II journal writer (depending on context), though they are se

Journeymen : Large guys who wear long fur coats, incredibly fat and garish ties and who attack their owners with shovels.

ki'Angsi : An Archer hero, who helped rescue Alric during the Great War. One of the Five Champions.

krid : Myrkridian

krid giant : Myrkridian Giant

Legion, The : The military group in which the Journal Writer serves.

Leveler, The : A transient divinity seeking only conflict; responsible for the cycles of Light and Dark.

Light : used to describe the troops traditionally thought of as the "good guys". (warriors, archers, dwarves, journeymen, etc)

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lock, lok : Warlock

Madrigal : One of the Free Cities of the North.

Maeldun : One of The Nine.

Mahir : Shadow creatures who take corporeal form to drain the life of the living.

Make a hole! : infamous dorf command yelled when a dorf is trying to get a clear shot at a target.

Mauls : Horrible pig-like beasts from the Blind Steppes, following Soulblighter in search of new lands to dominate. In-game, Mauls are large, slow-moving club-wielding brutes who are very tough to kill.

Mauriac : A Warrior Captain, once Prince Regent of Covenant. He killed Fang-Grinder, King of the Ghols.

Mazzarin : The greatest Avatara and all-around most powerfull archmage ever to live. May have returned later in Shade form.

melee unit : A unit that has no projectile/missle attacks so which can only attack in close range. [e.g. Warriors, Trow, Thrall are all melee units].

Moagim : A previous incarnation of The Leveler. Once was Tireces. Lead the Myrkridia. Was eventually defeated by Connacht.

mort : Mortar Dwarf, aka "Dwarven Mortar". A myth 2 dwarven unit who can shoot cannonballs a very long distance.

Muirthemne : Ancient capital of the Empire of the Cath Bruig, home to mighty sorcerers and seat of a great empire. It was completely shattered and destroyed by the Dark.This is the place that the Tain was made.

Murgen : One of the Nine.

Myrdred : The true name of The Deceiver.

Myrgard : Ancestral home of the Dwarves. Along with the other major Dwarven city of Stoneheim, it was seized and occupied by the Ghôls fifty years ago.

Myrkridia : A race of incredible evil and ferocity, destroyed during the Wind Age by Connacht. In-game, myrkridia are fast moving, fast attacking units capable of killing lesser units like dwarves and archers

Myrkridia : Ancient evil creatures, originally lead by Moagim, until they were imprisoned by Connacht inside the Tain. Later ressurected by The Summoner for use by Soulblighter.

Myrmidons : Ancient kin of the Berserks, turned to the Dark by Balor.

Nine Skull Crocodile : An ancient Heron Guard, befriended by the journal writer near the end of Myth II.

Nine, The : Nine Powerful wizards who oppose the Fallen Lords. Alric is chief among them, and Murgen, Rabican, Maeldun, Cu Roi, and four others act as his generals.

Nine, The : The nine powerfull avatara who protected the West and fought the Fallen Lords during the Great War.

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Nyx : The god who created the Trow

Oderic : A Bowman Hero, who aided the Deceiver when he went to kill Shiver south of Silvermines.

og'Un : A fir'Bolg.

Oghres : An ancient race, who were destroyed by the Trow after calling them a race of consorts. Their last stand was at the Valley of the Red Seal.

Oleg : A Dwarven Hero, who helped rescue Alric during the Great War.

order : a group of Myth players that band together to form a team or a cadre of players for tournaments (or just for fun because the players enjoy playing together and share similar values/outlook).

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Otter's Ferry : Another small town outside of Madrigal.

Peasants / Villagers (of the Province). : The basic Humans who occupy the lands of the Province.

Pelleas : A Villager.

Phelot : The shade who decimated Avon's Grove. Over sixty years later he was in Soulblighter's camp when the Deceiver attacked, and was severly wounded and cast under the Deceiver's Binding Dream. He later sab

Pigs : Swine, bred and herded for their meat.

Plain of Scales : Lowlands east of the Toven River, which rise to the Cloudspine Mountains and Bagrada.

Poachers : Peasants with blunderbusses.

Rabican : One of the Nine, who defeated Shiver at Madrigal during the Great War.

Ravanna : The true name of Shiver.

Reiftyr : A member of the Legion, presumably a Berserk.

Rhi'anon : Ancient capital of the Trow, melted into the ice by Connacht during the Wind Age.

Rurik : A respected villager with valuable information about The Baron.

Sack of Muirthemne, Fall of Cath Bruig : Fifty years ago the Fallen overcame the armies of the Cath Bruig, sacked Muirthemne and turned the empire East of the Cloudspine into desert (now called the Devoid).

Scamander : Main river in the southeastern continent, flowing east from the Cloudspine Mountains to the sea.

Sciron : A Shade.

Seanchaidh : A Warlock hero, who helped The Deceiver defeat Shiver.

Seven Gates : Central of three passes across the Cloudspine Mountains, so named for its seven chokepoints.

Shades : The ressurected corpses of long-dead sorcerors bound to the Fallen Lords and used as conduits for their magic.

Shiver : One of the Fallen Lords.

Shiver : A Fallen Lord who was defeated by Rabican during the Great War and by The Deceiver in Myth II.

Shoal : Town where the player escapes from Covenant.

Silvermines : A small mining town near Seven Gates.

Sinis : A Shade

Skrael : Amphibious allies of the Light, resident to the Deep Mire and the Drowned Kingdom of Yer-ks.

Smiths of Muirthemne, The : Engineers, architects, and general handy-men of the Cath Bruig. They are Dwarves.

Snorro : Parent of Vnarin.

Soulblighter : One of the Fallen Lords.

Soulless (Hollow Men) : Once-human souls, stolen by sorcery.

Spiders : Giant spiders, often found inside the Tain.

Spores : Small plant-like things which eject paralyzing and/or killing vapor into the air when approached.

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Squirrels : Small,tree-dwelling rodents with bushy tails.

Stygian Knights : Magically animated suits of armor. They were the favored escorts of the Baron.

Summoner, The : A strange little man who was destined to ressurect the Myrkridia.

Swallows : Small birds.

Tain : An artifact created by the Smiths of Muirthemne during the Empire of the Cath'Bruig.

Target Dummies : Simple constructs in basic hominid form, used for combat practice.

Ten Soaring White Eagle : A Heron Guard Hero who helped the Deceiver defeat Shiver.

Thrall (Children of Bahl'al) : Undead humans, ressurected with dark magics.

Tireces : The Great Hero of the Age of Reason. Later became Moagim (The Leveler) and lead the Myrkridia. Was eventually defeated by Connacht.

Total Codex : A magical book of immense power, in which is written the fate of every creature that will ever be born.

Trahern with Fists like Iron : A Berserk hero.

tro : trow

Troops : i.e. "units", the creatures in Myth, good and bad. For a brief illustrated guide to Myth 2 Units check out Baak's Unit Guide. For more details with hints on how to use them see the myth traini

Trow : Ancient, giant homonids, created by the god Nyx from stone and clay. While not inherantly evil, they have commited many atrocious acts. In their early days, they came into conflict with a new race eve

Truan of the Hundred Battles : A Berserk hero, who helped rescue Alric during the Great War.

Turgeis with Burning Steel : A Berserk hero.

Turquine : A Shade.

Twelve Motion Jeweled Skull : A Journeyman who helped defeat the Deceiver at the end of the Great War.

Twenty Year's War : A war of succession fought in the Province 150 years before the events of The Fallen Lords, in and around Covenant.

Twice Born : Soulblighter's surname.

Tyr : A large city of The Province that was sacked by the Dark ten years before current events.

Tyrfing : A member of the Legion.

Uni : Wife of Balin, mother of Jari, and daughter of the Archon of Stoneheim.

unit(s) : Another name for troops, a great quick reference for Myth 2 units is Baak's Unit Guide.

Vnarin : Son of Snorro.

Warlocks (of the Scholomance) : Powerful wizards, and ancient allies of the Deceiver. In game, Warlocks can shoot 2 fireballs before needing to replenish their mana. They also have a special attack of a protective ring-of-fire,

Warriors (of the Province) : The staple/backbone of the Human armies, donning armor and brandishing swords and shields.

Watcher, The : An ancient, evil sorceror, and one of Balor's Fallen Lords.

Wights (Messengers of Culwyeh) : Bloated, explosive corpse-men, filled with the Death Fever and harvested for their polyps. Ingame, wights can be used as suicide bombers, exploding themselves and causing damage and paralysis to n

Wolves : Carnivorous dogs, long enemies of civilized man, but still used by the fir'Bolg and bre'Unor.

World Knot : Ancient relics which allow near-instant movement from place to place.

Wyrd : A god, or creater of all that is.

Zerks : Berzerkers

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