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Air : Air units are long-range, low-damage missle units (Read: archers and souless). Their main purpose is to protect infantry from heavy artillery and to do damage to enemy infantry without engaging them.

bailer : One who bails. Or, a player, who, losing or lost, quits out of a game to avoid a low or last-place finish [in ranked Myth play] (thanks to CoV for the definition)

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bg : "Bad Game". Not nice to say at the end of a game, even if you were ganged up on, your opponents cheated and the host caused major laggage for everyone except him/herself.

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blind : Playing a net(multiplayer) game with the overhead-map turned off. [Since playing with the map off means you can't see enemies approaching on the overhead map you are playing "blind"]

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boot : verb, to kick someone out of a game. (e.g. "If you don't stop being such a lamer, I am going to boot you!")

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Casualty Calls : Those annoying, often embarrassing but always informative yells when our friendly Bungie Narrator tells us "Casualty" as one of our units returns to the Cyberspace from whence he came. [description by

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Chicken Dump : Ever join a game (especially a team game) and have the host dump you right into the game before you can even blink? Bet he didn't even set any planning time for your team either. Remember how that mad

d : quick way to type 'defense'

dmg : "damage" (inflicted and received. official dmg stats are visible at end of multiplayer net games)

dwh : "Die with honor"

infantry : infantry are the heart of your army. They are the masses of ground troops that are used to storm enemy positions and hold territory. Myth is a game about infantry, all else is peripheral.

js : "Jump Start" A "jump start" is when a host starts the game unexpectedly without warning, with un-fair teams, or just to be a poor sport. See also "Chicken Dump"

lem : lame

level : a term used to describe a specific part of a solo/cooperative myth game. A "level" consists of a map, and all the programming/scripting and units that make up that one specific scenario. Ex. "Willow C

own, owned : a generally lame expression that means "i owned you"

ph34r, phear : fear. the name of a myth 2 mapmaking tool.

pts : "points"

rank : 1) a point system used by the myth game servers in all Myth games to indicate your standings compared to other Myth Players. [definition by jj/lophan] Rank is a measure of how well a player has played

ranked : A type of room/game one can play on the Myth servers. Server game rooms are either ranked or not ranked. In a ranked room all games played are played for points which are calculated by the server's ra

rdm : "random"

rdy : "ready"

rh : "rehost"

rm : Rematch - When you beat someone in a game, and they want to try to beat you again right away on the same map and game type, it is called a rematch.

Solo : Maps that can be played by one person, these are scripted so that you play one side of a conflict and the computer plays the other. (Usually the player plays the good/light forces, the computer pl

Solo maps : Maps that can be played by one person, these are scripted so that you play one side of a conflict and the computer plays the other. (Usually the player plays the good/light forces, and the compute

strategy : a strategy is an overall plan to achieve victory. It might be as simple as "Kill everyone else" or "Overload the left flank" or as complicated as a multi-tactic plan involving feints and unexpected at

truce : a decision made between 2 or more players to not attack each other. When this is done by everyone in game for an agreed upon reason/time (ex. declaring a One-Minute-Truce at the start of a game with l

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