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3rd Party Map : A map made by someone other than Bungie. [a reader informed me that a 1st party map would be a map created by bungie for internal use, a 2nd party map is one created by bungie for external use, and a

Allow Veterans : a game option that allows players to use troops that have gained experience in solo playing. This can lead to very unequal games which can strip out the strategy and challenge of winning against ident

Alric : One of The Nine, former (human) King of the Southern Provinces.

Archer : Archers are human fighters who use the bow and arrow for long-range attacks, and a pretty ineffective dagger when forced into hand-to-hand combat. They also have a special attack of a fire-arrow which

Artillery (or "Arty") : A general term for ranged units, but more most commonly refers to dwarves (cocktail-throwing and mortar) [Thanks to jj/lophan for this definition] The main purpose of heavy artillery is to do massive

Ass : abbreviation for the Myth 2 game type "Assassin"

Balls on Parade : Game whose goal is to protect your own ball and gather up those of your opposition. Whoever possesses the most balls at the end of the game wins. You will need both fast units to spirit away your frie

Balmung : Balmung is the name of King Alric's magical sword, which shoots forth lightning to all adjacent to it when swung. In Norse mythology, there are legends of a sword called Nothung, or Gram. Gram was

BC : Body Count (see below), a Myth game type.

Blowie-Uppy-Guys : Name given to Wights when the person can't remember what they are called.

Body Count : Game whose goal is to kill everyone else. Whoever kills the most of his/her opponents wins. Which units you use depends on whether your style is to make a defensive stand or probing raids on your oppo

bop : Balls on Parade, see "Balls on Parade" above.

BreUnor : Bre'Unor from Myth 2 This unit has both medium range and melee attacks.

Brigand : Brigand from Myth 2 The best damn fodder unit out there.

Brigands (and Dark Archers) : Corrupt Humans serving the Dark to further their own wealth and desire.

Bungie : The software company that created both Myth:The Fallen Lords, and Myth2:Soulblighter. Say the name only in the most reverent of tones.

Caps, Captures : Competitive game where the goal is to possess the most balls. A mix of offensive and defensive units will allow effective collection of balls and a sturdy defense against reclamation assaults. Speed i

capt : "captures"

Celeste : This is the designation given the eight highest ranked Myth players on a myth game server. [From the highest to the lowest celest: Comet, Sun, Eclipsed Sun, Moons (2), Crescent Moons (3)]

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Chickens : Near-flightless birds, often used for meat and feathers, which can be found roaming various countrysides.

CK (Chain Kicking) : Chain kicking was a combination of a ctrl-click on the ground then a very fast click on a distant enemy unit. Done correctly the kick would then travel the huge distance to the enemy unit. I onc

CK (Chain Kicking) : Chain kicking was a combination of a ctrl-click on the ground then a very fast click on a distant enemy unit. Done correctly the kick would then travel the huge distance to the enemy unit.

CL : Chain Lightning (see definition above)

Clumping : One of the improvements from Myth TFL to Myth 2 caused units to 'clump' up when a a large group of units are involved in a battle. Unless trying to trap a large fast unit like a Trow, smart players

Cratered : when a player sends a wight and kills a large number of another players units.

CTF : Abbreviation for "Capture the Flag", a competitive game where each team tries to capture the (stationary) flags of the other team(s) while preventing other teams from capturing one's own flag. If a pl

dark : term used to describe the troops commonly thought of as the "bad guys", e.g. thrall, wights, ghols, fetch, mauls, etc.

dbl : double/doubled/double-teamed - two players both attacking the same 3rd player

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DE : appreviation for "Drowned Empire", a multiplayer map on Myth II

Death March : Maybe you bumrushed. Maybe you were in a hurry. Maybe you had no other choice. For whatever reason, your infantry (usually your Thrall - it's simply their tendency) Death Marched single file like ants

deathmatch : a game variant that can be chosen for any game, though usually found in Body Count games. In this misnamed game variant, as soon as a troop is killed it magically re-appears at the location it started

Dire Marsh : "Death in the Dire Marsh", a multiplayer map for Myth: TFL

DK : Abbreviation for Drowned Kingdom, a multiplayer map on Myth II

dong : v. To destroy or ruin. n. Something really cool. Bellendaine: ruiner donged those fetch like a big dog Farin: ruiner is the dong! Visigoth: he was wol with his pplz Case: What are you people ta

Double-click : Double-clicking a player-controlled unit selects all units of that type. If a player unit(s) is selected then an enemy unit is double-clicked the player unit(s) will attack enemy units of only that t

Dwarven Football : This is a version of Steal the Bacon where each player can use only Dwarves, Thrall and Wights. Whoever controls the ball at the beginning (or first) must "kick off". To "kick off" one lays satchel ch

dyb : "Die You Bastards" - infamous line from zerks in SB.

dyb : interj. An acronym, usually yelled to your opponents before a game starts. Stands for 'Die You Bastards'. PeteMG: Good Luck! el Destructo: GLA! Visigoth: DYB!

Elevation : The height or depth of the terrain on a Myth map. Higher elevation gives some ranged units (archers, dwarves) additional range on their attacks.

F7 : Pressing the F7 key turns on a persistent heads-up statistics view of the game being played; specifically flag/ball counts, time on flag, time remaining, and the health of the teams still in the game.

FCAW : abbreviation for 'For Carnage, Apply Within'; a classic Myth:TFL multiplayer map, available via 3rd party plugin for Myth II. Also a popular tagline for those steeped in Marathon lore.

FFA : Short for 'free for all', or every man for himself. Describes a net game where everyone fends for him/herself, usually played on small multiplayer maps.

films : Recordings of myth games. After single or multiplayer games, there is an option to save a film. Films are exact replays of the game that it was saved from. To view films, go to the opening screen in M

flag rally : A net game who's goal is to "touch" as many of the flags as possible before the time runs out. You needn't keep possession of any of them. As soon as one team has "touched" all the flags the game is o

Flags : Flags are used to mark a location on a map which is an objectives in some competitive myth gametypes (Capture the Flag, Flag Rally, King of the Hill, Last Man on the Hill, Terries). A flag can be ne

FR : Flag Rally, a game type on Myth II where the goal is to ne the first player to "tag" each flag on the map.

grandstand : "Grandstanding" is when a player is eliminated from a game, and he takes it upon himself to sagely tell everyone anything about everything now that he sees the field in "god mode". Ignore their advice

GZ : Ground Zero, a multiplayer map for Myth: TFL.

hoor (or h00r) : whore. In myth this is usually used to refer to a "rank whore" (a person who cares a lot about his points/ranking on bungienet).

htc : "had to cancel". Sometimes a host will have to cancel when one of the players is locked up at the end of the game. Common courtesy is to wait at least a minute or two for all players to 'return' befor

hunt : hunting

hunting : a competitive game where the goal is to kill more of the designated neutral (not belonging to any team) creature than your opponents. These creatures can be anything from stationary dummies, to oaming

I iz TroKix J00 in D4 Nu7z Mb!! - "I'z (my) Trow w : according to m2bastards this is the rank h00r motto (in TroSpek).

j00, joo : "you"

keel : "kill", ex. "OMG I Keel U!"

kewl : cool

KotH : abbreviation for King of The Hill, a competitive game where the goal is to spend more time than your opponents in possession of the flag. This game does not require you to keep the flag, only possess

lame : Used to describe someone or something the writer finds truly pathetic.

lamer : a term used for people who cheat, accuse, annoy, or are generally unpleasant to others (see Cheater)

last man on the hill : A game where the goal is to have uncontested possession of the flag when the clock runs out. If more than one team is contesting the flag when the game's time-limit has run out then the game will co

lightning reflection : Using water to 'reflect' a fetch's lightning causing it to extend WAY further than a normal fetch attack. Generally considered a bug, it's use is frowned on by many players.

LMOTH : last man on the hill

M2 : Myth II (Myth II: SoulBlighter)

M3 : Myth III (Myth: The Wolf Age)

Map : Map is the name given to a particular location in the myth world. It usually refers to the terrain and scenery of a specific place. All myth games both net games and solo games take place on a "map".

miff : Myth

min : "Minutes" used to discuss the length of a net game, sometimes also abbreviated simply as 'm'.

moonwalking : This occurs when one's units bunch up in the scrum against an enemy force, causing the rearmost, non-engaged troops to stride in place. (This also happens occassionally when a unit gets stuck trying t

mugging : Two old friends with teaming experience (notice that we don't use the term Veteran here) stake out their favorite game on their favorite map. They characteristically set a short planning time, and chi

multiplayer game/map : A type of game/map where players compete against each other. Also called "free-for-all". [For descriptions of all the standard Bungie multiplayer maps.myth training hall or MythIIK

myff : "myth"

mythdrawal : Originally coined by Bander to describe the stomach pains, unsteady nerves and chronic depression associated with anyone that hasn't logged on to bungie.net for more than nine hours. When you're lying

Nagamaki : The sword that Soulblighter wields is a nagamaki. The Nagamaki (Japanese: ??), literally "long wrapping") is a Japanese weapon popular between the 12th and 14th centuries. trivia: The Elvish swo

names : some players can take an handful of thrall and rout your entire force, they have a direct psychic connection with their troops, they can teleport units around the battlefield, and any army under their

neen : n. An exaggerated neenlet. adj. Really silly or annoying. Nomos: Did anyone have a veteran ghol that game? Greywolf: I almost did until it attacked those archers like a neen.

neenlet : n. 1. Someone acting a little weird or silly. 2. Something that is annoying. Stinger: Ananab, kill that dorf plz. Ananab Tilps: I can't, my archers all died like neenlets. Mange: Uh, who's the nee

newbie, newb, n00b : a new or inexperienced Myth player. Often used as an insult when someone does something that the speaker finds incredibly stupid. (ex. "Oh my god, you just blew up your own wight and killed all your d

packet : A full compliment of a particular unit type, used tactically. A trow is no match for a packet of berserks, in case you were wondering.

poge : n. A real dong of a neenlet. Rhymes with "vogue". ruiner: "Hey foolio, your dorf's being a poge" Guttermouth: "He's donging our pplz like a neenio!" Samurai Cat!: "Is that bad? Or good?"

PRASP : "Post Release Attention Span Product". A term used to describe a set of maps released by Bungie AFTER Myth 2 was officially released. The maps are "Boil and Bubble", "Phoenix Rising", and "Leagues Fro

purple haze : When a wight explodes, any troops near him become paralyzed by the clouds of noxious gas it releases. Haze refers either to the billowing fumes or the paralysis they cause.

reg : regular myth. e.g. myth without any 3rd party plugins, especially not any new or modified units.

replay : 1) to play a game you just got done playing, again. 2) A saved film

Satchel Charges : Satchels (satchel charges) are packets of explosives used by Dwarves as powerful anti-personnel devices. They are placed on the ground and can be set off by fire arrows, Molotov cocktails or other exp

sb : abbrev for Myth: SoulBlighter, the second of the Myth games.

SB : SoulBlighter (Myth II)

scavenger hunt : a game whose goal is to own all five balls on the map. The game only ends when one player holds all the balls. A balanced force is required for this free-for-all.

scavies : scavenger hunt

Spider Queen : Very large and very fast dark unit, it's bite causes paralysis. Normally found only on the solo levels, rare on ffa/team maps.

stampede : A game where you begin with a group of units - pigs, villagers, chickens, etc. - that you must guide to a flag. Many maps have one or many flags that all players will be using, while others require yo

stb : Abbreviation for "Steal the Bacon", a competitive game where the person who possesses the ball at the end of the game wins. This game is just like Last Man on the Hill, except with a ball. Despite the

Suicide : There are two kinds of suicide in Myth. One is a tactic, the other is lame behavior. The "Suicide" tactic is when a unit who has an explosive attack, fires at an approaching enemy at point blank r

terries : territories

territories : a game whose goal is to capture and be in possession of the most flags when the time runs out. You will need a balanced offensive/defensive force to capture and hold a large number of distant bases.

TFL : "The Fallen Lords", the first Myth game

Tro Spek : Typing in an almost undecipherable manner in mocking of Myth: TFL lamers. Example: OMG U SUK! UR MOM IZ DUM SHE @##@ SHEEP! -- [myther.com] (This is a variation of common geek elite speak) [For a comp

Trow CL : Trow Chain Lighting - Similar to (fetch) chain lightning, this is when a Trow (or any other melee unit) attacks from a further range than usual by way of a flaw in the game engine. This was eliminated

TWA : "The Wolf Age", the third of the Myth games.

unit CL (Unit Clumping) : a bug which allowed units to cause melee damage to other units while being out of range of the units they were damaging. A cheat usually employed with Trow. Bug fixed in patched versions of Myth: TFL

Veteran : If used to describe a person, it means the person is an experienced Myth player. If used to describe a Myth unit it means a unit in a solo level has survived more than one level/map or a unit in a

water bounce : When a Fetch shoots water and the lightning bounces off of the water to a nearby unit, it has water bounced.

Weather : There are several types of weather or weather elements that players can encounter in Myth, they include sunny(default), rain, snow, lightning, fog, etc. Weather does not have much effect on gamepla

wol : adj. Abbreviation for "wigging out loud". Used to refer to any kind of odd behavior. Mr Sweetie: "Sorry all, my connection went wol" Bastian: "That's okay, we finished the game by rolling dice"

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