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Myctionary - A Myth Dictionary : Abbreviations:(but then,

Myth Glossary : [For a more recent and complete collection of Myth terminology, see The Myth Dictionary , elsewhere on this site.] This dictionary conta

Myth Terminology Glossary : [This document was never actually published and is an unfinished document donated to the Myth Graveyard by the author; JJ/Lophan. -- vr] Myth Terminology Glossary Strangely enough,

Newbie's Bungie.net Chat Dictionary : Newbie's Bungie.net Chat Dictionary gg=good game lol=lots of laughs, or loads of laughs

Tro Speak Guide o' Doom : MOOGLES of Greatness : Dancing away since January 1999 Terzol's Tro Speak Guide o' Doom U BSTRD! YE! U! U SUX! U CNT SPEEK TRO SPEEK BT I TEECH U! WUT? U TINK U CN!?? I GT 10000000*&0000 FILMZ

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