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AAK : "Asleep at Keyboard"

AI : "Artificial Intelligence" (used to describe the behavior of enemy units in solo maps that makes the enemy appear to act intelligently)

asap : "As Soon as Possible"

ASCII or High ASCII : Text that uses characters other than the standard a-z. Most often seen in nearly inscrutable player names when playing online. To some, ascii names appear to be badges used to demonstrate one's elite

b4 : "before"

bail : Quiting in the middle of a game (often because the player is losing).

bbl : "be back later"

brb : "Be right back"

bs : Bullshit. Untrue statements. (sometimes bs means "backstab" = cheap ploy)

btw : "by the way"

cc : "close combat", e.g. Combat involving units that have to fight up close and personal without missle or long distance weapons.

cu : "see you"

fu : f* you

fyi : "for your information"

gdi : "gosh darn it" (or other less family suitable epithets)

gfg : "Giant Fighting Grounds", a name given to maps designed primarily for Giant(Trow or Myrkridian Giant) fights. These maps geographically tend to be on the plain and uninteresting since most people maki

gg(a) : "good game", or "good game all" Polite to say at the end of a game no matter how unpleasant one's opponents were or how lopsided the contest.

gj : "good job"

gl, gla, glhf, glahf : "good luck" or "good luck all" "good luck, have fun!" "good luck, and have fun!" Traditional good sportsman pre-game exclamations.

gtg : "got to go"

hf(a) : "have fun" ("have fun all")

j/k : "Just Kidding"

lmao : "laughing my ass off"

lol, lul(z) : "laugh(ing) out loud" or "lots of laughs" aka "lulz"

mb : "maybe"

n/a : "not available" or "not applicable"

nm : "never mind"

np : "no problem"

ns : "nice shot"

nt : "nice try"

O : "Oh". An abbreviation. (sometimes means "offensive")

oic : "Oh, I see"

omfg : "oh my f***ing god"

omg : An exclamanation; "Oh my God!"

rofl : "rolling on the floor laughing"

rs : "reset"/"restart", as in "reset this multiplayer game"

rtfm : "read the f***ing manual"

stu : "same to you"

w/o : "without"

wb : "welcome back"

wtf : "What the feck?". A variation on "What the heck!" usually used to indicate confusion or anger by the one saying this.

wth : "what the heck/hell"?

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