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Alric : One of The Nine, former (human) King of the Southern Provinces....
sbAlric's Myth
Balmung : Balmung is the name of King Alric's magical sword, which shoots forth lightning ...
tflBerzerker Tales
sbBlood in the Water
sbBlood in the Water
twaMyth 3 High Res World Map
sbMyth Poetry
Nagamaki : The sword that Soulblighter wields is a nagamaki. The Nagamaki (Japanese: ??)...
allPoetry by Evil Inc Order members
Satchel Charges : Satchels (satchel charges) are packets of explosives used by Dwarves as powerful...
allSpanking in the Streets
sbTales of the Wolf Age : Vol 1
tflThe Myth Poem
The Story of Myth
allThe Tale of poena.dare

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