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sb10X final beta
tflA bit about TFL characters
sbA Very Idiot Christmas Anywhere
sbA Very Idiot Halloween Anywhere
sbA VRy Drunken Slugfest
tflAdding A new unit to the Rest in Pieces mesh
sbADT: ALIEN Dark Tide - Total Conversion
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Solo Tagset [README] - note
sbADT: Alien Dark Tide : Tagset
Age of Warlocks
sbAge Units (Final)
sbAge Units FINAL
Air : Air units are long-range, low-damage missle units (Read: archers and souless). T...
sbAlien Dark Tide (ADT) Anywhere
allAll you ever wanted to know about Thrall but were afraid to ask
sbAmbidextrous Myrmidons
Ambient Life : Peasants/Villagers, birds, deer, spiders, and other life that are not controlled...
sbAnarchy Ghols (aka Ghol Anarchists)
sbAngels (of Light)
tflAnti-Forest Giant Tactics
sbAnywhere Multiplayer Pak (aka Baak's Anywhere Multi-Pak)
sbAnywhere Solo Pak
sbArabian Boxer
Archer : Archers are human fighters who use the bow and arrow for long-range attacks, and...
sbArcher and Soulless Battles 101
Archer Battle
sbArcher Giants
sbArcher Tips
sbArchers : Both Good and Bad
sbArchers a questionable buy in FFA?
allArchers/Souless Scouting
sbArchers: Both Good and Bad
sbArchevil Mortars
sbAre there limits to how many units or scenery items that can be visible on a map?
tflAre You a Dorf User?
sbArmoured Soldiers
sbArn's Journeyman Guide
Artillery (or "Arty") : A general term for ranged units, but more most commonly refers to dwarves (cockt...
sbAssasin (Archer Assassin)
Avatara : Powerfull magic users on the side of the Light. ...
sbAvatars of the Great War
sbAzzas Plugin Pak 1
sbBaak's Anywhere MultiPak
sbBaak's Baron Baum
sbBaak's Complete Idiot's Guide to substituting units
sbBaak's Spider Thrall
sbBaak's Spider Wight
sbBaby Trow
sbBalista (or Ballista)
sbBalor 2
tflBalor Warz
sbBalors Exploding Head
sbBarbarian Dwarfs
sbBaron Baums
sbBaron von Target Dummy
sbBarons Fight Back
sbBattle Monk
sbBazooka Men and Lightning Archers
sbBazzarian Warlocks
sbBerserk Giant
sbBerzerkers and Warriors
sbBetter Late Than Never
sbBig Myth
sbBlack Mages
sbBlade of the Realms - tagset
sbBlast Pack (Marathon TC unit set)
sbBlocking Zerk
sbBloody Mess
Blowie-Uppy-Guys : Name given to Wights when the person can't remember what they are called....
sbBlue & Grey Cannon
sbBoneman (Chimera)
sbBowman Captain
sbBowman of Doom
Bowmen (of the Province) : Humans (of the Province) trained in the art of the bow. ...
sbBowmen from Hell
sbBowmen Psychos
sbBowmen's Strategy
sbBre and Ghol Trow Myrk
bre'Unor : Ancient enemies of the fir'Bolg, native to the Ermine. They can command Wolves t...
BreUnor : Bre'Unor from Myth 2 This unit has both medium range and melee attacks. ...
Brigand : Brigand from Myth 2 The best damn fodder unit out there....
Brigands (and Dark Archers) : Corrupt Humans serving the Dark to further their own wealth and desire. ...
sbBrujo Malo
sbBushido : Units Tagset
sbBushido Units
sbc0-0p helper
sbCan custom formations be used for enemy units in solo maps?
sbCan I make a Myth II unit out of the TFL Mahir tags?
sbCatapults (ffa maps)
sbCatapults (solo games)
tflChain Lightning Tutorial
sbCharlie's Point
sbCharlie's Point Tagset
sbCharlie's Point Tagset (review)
sbChicken ala Venice
Chickens : Near-flightless birds, often used for meat and feathers, which can be found roam...
sbChimera Fir'bolg tags
sbCobra Attack helicopter
sbCombat Engineer
sbComedy Myth
sbCopying units
sbCrazy Al
sbCrazy Al
sbCWR-TAGSET- Civil War Reloaded for myth 1.7
Dark TFL (Medieval)
tflDark Units
sbDeath of the Warlocks
Deer : Timid and harmless woodland creatures, the Deer are a favored hunting target. [O...
sbDeer Party
sbDemise of the thrall
sbDemon Lord
dogboys : Ghols....
sbDorf Riot On Any Map!
sbdorf'Unor Tagset
dorf, duff : slang for Dwarf., (plural is dorfs). Often mistyped as Dorgs....
sbDouble Plugin Pack
sbDreamseedz Interface
sbDrippy Blood
sbDud Wights
duff : Dwarf...
allDwarf guide
tflDwarf Tips
sbDwarf Tremor Cannons!
sbDwarven Axeman
sbDwarven Chicken Keeper
sbDwarven Tips
sbEffective Unit Control
sbElf Mage
sbEllion the Great
sbElven Archeress
sbElven Guard
sbEnhanced Units
twaexplosives dragon tooth
fast attack units : Fast attack units wait at the edge of a battle until the grunts engage the enemy...
Fetch : Creatures from another world who throw lightning and hide inside Human skins. Th...
allFetch Tip
allFetch Tips
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : An Overview
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Berzerkers
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Bowmen
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Bre'Unor
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Brigands
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Cave Spider
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Dwarves
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Fetch
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Ghasts
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Ghols
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Heron Guards
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Journeymen
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Mauls
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Myrkridia
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Myrkridian Giant
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Soulless
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Stygian Knights
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Thrall
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Trow
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Warlocks
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Warriors
sbFHOTA: Unit Guides : Wights
sbFinal Fantasy 6
fir'Bolg : The skilled archers who live in the Ermine; former enemies and current allies of...
sbFir'bolg 2
sbfir'bolg archer, fir'bolg huntsman, fir'bolg warri
sbfir'Bolg Huntsman
tflFirbolg Flame
twaFixed Fire
sbFlak Mortar Dwarf (aka Dorf Flak)
sbFlaming Chicken
sbFlare Dorfs
sbForest Giant
sbForest Giant 2
Forest Giants : Huge tree-people native to Forest Heart. They are long enemies of the Trow. ...
sbFrodo's Plugins
sbFrost Giant
sbFrost Wizard-Minimal
sbFun With Dwarves
furry guys : Slang for Journeymen....
sbGender Wars
Ghasts : Undead Humans, plagued with the paralyzing Death Fever, who will eventaully beco...
sbGhol 2 Valkyrie 2
sbGhol Magi
sbGhol Thrower
sbGhol Unitz
Ghols : annoying hunchback doglike creatures that throw stuff at you. Tips on how to bes...
tflGhols : A unit guide
sbGhols and Pus
Gjol : A poisoned river that runs south into the Dire Marsh....
sbGKG Tagset
sbGoblin General
sbGrab-Bag (Zak!)
sbGunship Helicopter (aka Attack Helicopter)
Hawks : Agile birds-of-prey which can be found in various wooded areas. ...
sbHeads, Limbs, and Other Body Parts: The Art of Ghols
sbHell's Archer / Hell Archers
tflHeron Guard
tflHeron Guard hero
Heron Guard, The : Elite warriors of the Empire of the Cath Bruig. In game, Heron Guards are fa...
sbHexographica (aka HexoTagset)
sbHoming Paratrooper Dwarf
sbHooded Thrall
allHow Myth Units Fight
tflHow to defeat Trow-Dwarf combo
sbHow to Make New Units
sbHow to use Bowmen/Soulless
sbHow to use Stygian Knights
sbHow to use Units that go Boom
sbHow to use Warlocks
sbHunka Burnin' Luv!
sbI am making a funny unit for a map I am making... it will have a mass confusion-
sbI Wish I had all Mahir
sbI wish I had Mahir vs. Wights (aka "Baak wishes he had Mahir vs. Wights")
sbI wish I had more...
sbI wish I had more/all Trow
sbI'll S'pht On Your Grave (tagset)
sbIron Trow Warrior
tflJimmeny Cricket Wights
Journeymen : Large guys who wear long fur coats, incredibly fat and garish ties and who attac...
allJourneymen or more offensive units?
sbKeljorian Knights
sbKhorne Berzerkers
sbKiller Chicken
sbKiller Hawks
krid : Myrkridian...
krid giant : Myrkridian Giant...
sbLeggo Airships
sbLeggo Airships
sbLeggo III Solo Tagset (plug)
allLemur vs. Lemur
sbLich Unit
lock, lok : Warlock...
sbLong Range Units: The Art of Force Firing
sbLothar's Guide to Veterans in Myth II
twaM3 Ice Warlock
sbMagic Ghols
twaMaking Scenery and Units in Myth III (Q&As)
sbManistee Painball Challenge UT (Unit Tagset)
sbManistee Paintball Challenge Interface
Maps I know nothing about
sbMaramyth (plug)
sbMarathon TC tagset (1.1b1)
Mauls : Horrible pig-like beasts from the Blind Steppes, following Soulblighter in searc...
twaMedieval conversion
melee unit : A unit that has no projectile/missle attacks so which can only attack in close r...
sbMoFiA's Plugin
sbMonster switching with inventory
sbMonty Python
sbMoo's Myth II Unit Guide - part 1
sbMoo's Myth II Unit Guide - Part 3
sbMoo's Myth II Unit Guide : Part 2
sbMooing Elephant
twaMore Blood and Gore
mort : Mortar Dwarf, aka "Dwarven Mortar". A myth 2 dwarven unit who can shoot cannonba...
tflMortar Dwarf
sbMortar Rocket Dwarf
sbMultiplayer Tips
Myrkridia : A race of incredible evil and ferocity, destroyed during the Wind Age by Connach...
Myrkridia : Ancient evil creatures, originally lead by Moagim, until they were imprisoned by...
tflMyrkridian giant
Myrmidons : Ancient kin of the Berserks, turned to the Dark by Balor. ...
twaMyth 2 Ghast Port
sbMyth 2 Unit Descriptions
twaMyth 3 Unit Guide
twaMyth 3 v1.02 Manual Update
tflMyth Characters
sbMyth II : Unit Descriptions
sbMyth II : Unit Statistics (2)
sbMyth II netgame unit characteristics (statistics)
sbMyth II scenery objects
sbMyth II Third Party Cutscenes
sbMyth II Unit Names
sbMyth II Unit Rundown [tips]
sbMyth II Unit Speed
sbMyth II v1.4 Classic Update.sit
sbMyth Made Cool NEO EX
tflMyth TFL Strategy Guide.pdf
tflMyth TFL Unit Names and Meanings
sbMyth Unit Primer
sbMythadizzle Prime III
sbNandI Boont Legends
sbNasty Ghol Tricks
tflNeutralizing a Forest Giant
sbNew Myth Unit Maps (and New Unit tags)
sbNewbie Unit Handling Tips
sbNuke Wight (unit)
Oghres : An ancient race, who were destroyed by the Trow after calling them a race of con...
sbOgre Giant
sboogas 73 plugin valupack
sbOperation Shade
sbOrigins of Names
sbOrleans Units
sbOur Farewell Tagset
sbOur Farewell Tagset: a review
sbPack Of Warlocks
sbPeasant (TSG)
Peasants / Villagers (of the Province). : The basic Humans who occupy the lands of the Province. ...
sbPerrin Aybara
Pigs : Swine, bred and herded for their meat....
Poachers : Peasants with blunderbusses....
Point's  Suggested Unit Animation Sequences
sbPolycon: Starships
sbPolycon: Units
sbPulling A Yoshitsune
sbRabid Wombat's Reversal
sbRDF : Rocket Dorf Fest
sbRDF Internal Formations
sbReal Craters
sbRealism Plugin
tflRed Mike's Ultimate TFL Unit Guide
sbReturn of the Fir Bolg
sbRoad's Skeleton Collection
sbRoad's Unit Modz
sbROoF Hax0red Unitz (ROoF Haxored Units)
sbROoF Riot 10
sbSak's Cannon
tflSatan's Guide to Creating New Myth Units
sbSeas Maps and Plugins
sbSenseless Violence
tflShade Lord Mazzarin
Shades : The ressurected corpses of long-dead sorcerors bound to the Fallen Lords and use...
sbSiege Warfare (plug)
sbSilly Sounds
twaSio Myth 3 Decals Pack
sbSisters of the Blade - units
sbSiTH (Somewhere In The Heavens)
Skrael : Amphibious allies of the Light, resident to the Deep Mire and the Drowned Kingdo...
sbSkrael - Beta
sbSkrael beta1
sbSkrael Conversion Pack
sbSOD (Sculptors of Death)
Soulless (Hollow Men) : Once-human souls, stolen by sorcery. ...
Spider Queen : Very large and very fast dark unit, it's bite causes paralysis. Normally found ...
Spiders : Giant spiders, often found inside the Tain. ...
Squirrels : Small,tree-dwelling rodents with bushy tails. ...
sbStandard Myth 2 Units
sbStar Trek: Sovereign Class Starship
tflStar Wars to Myth Conversion
sbStar Wars: Episode I : Battle Droid
Starship Archers
sbStarship Troopers
sbStB Beachball
tflStep by Step Unit Creation
tflStygian Knight
sbStygian Knights
Stygian Knights : Magically animated suits of armor. They were the favored escorts of the Baron. ...
Suicide : There are two kinds of suicide in Myth. One is a tactic, the other is lame beha...
sbSuper BOOM Mega Pack
sbSuper Character Pack (v1.0) (plug)
sbSuper Units Tagset
sbSwineherd Stampede
allTactica Cantrip - Missle Weapons
allTactica Cantrip: Use of Soulless
Target Dummies : Simple constructs in basic hominid form, used for combat practice. ...
tflTFL : Editing Unit Attack Characteristics
tflTFL : Pieces needed to create a new unit
sbTFL Conversion Pack
tflTFL Editing PROJ tags - weapon effects
sbTFL Pathfinder Deluxe
sbTFL Physics Plugin v2
tflTFL Structure : UNITs
tflTFL Unit Guide
sbTFL Units (Physics)
sbTFL Villager
tflThe Art of Hit and Run
sbThe Bre-Unor Attack
The Complete Myth Dictionary (2008) : [This is from the old Mythgraveyard site. A newer, more complete version of the...
allThe Dwarf and Wight Sneak
sbThe Ents (plug)
The Gjol - Achmen's Myth Website
allThe Horrors of Wight Indigestion
allThe Myrgard Times - Trow Iron Warriors and Ghol Priests and Dwarven Rangers, oh my! (aka Designing New Units)
tflThe ONLY way to kill dwarves...
allThe Trow Owner's Manual
sbThe Wild West - Unitset
Thrall (Children of Bahl'al) : Undead humans, ressurected with dark magics. ...
tflThrall : A Unit Guide
sbThrall Elite
sbThrall Test of Strength!
Top Ten Game Monsters
tflTopless Female Zerk
sbTotal Visibility
sbTough Men and a Lady
tro : trow...
Troops : i.e. "units", the creatures in Myth, good and bad. For a brief illustrated g...
Trow : Ancient, giant homonids, created by the god Nyx from stone and clay. While not i...
sbTSG Disciple
sbUBacon (aka Unstable Bacon) (outdated)
sbUber Ghol Riot Anywhere (UGR)
sbUltimate Pack (units)
sbUltra Dwarves
tflUndead Unit Tips
tflUnit Descriptions - Part II
sbUnit Guide
tflUnit Handling Tips/Tactics
tflUnit Immunity to Attacks
sbUnit Tips and Strategies
unit(s) : Another name for troops, a great quick reference for Myth 2 units is Baak's Unit...
sbUnreal Gladiator (aka Unreal Myth)
allUsing Archers Effectively
sbUsing Fire Arrows
twaVengeance (PC)
allVeteran Units
sbVietnam Units : review
sbWall Models (mapmaking)
sbWarg Rider
sbWarhammer 40K : Heretic Units
sbWarlock (Cloudkill)
Warlocks (of the Scholomance) : Powerful wizards, and ancient allies of the Deceiver. In game, Warlocks can ...
Warriors (of the Province) : The staple/backbone of the Human armies, donning armor and brandishing swords an...
sbWasp (Chimera)
tflWater Spider
sbWeirdobodomons (v1.2) (plug)
sbWeirdobodomons 12
sbWeirdobodomons II
tflWhat's in a Name? (Myth TFL Unit Names)
sbWhy Warlocks Ruin Myth II
allWight Hunting
Wights (Messengers of Culwyeh) : Bloated, explosive corpse-men, filled with the Death Fever and harvested for the...
sbWild West Anywhere
Wolves : Carnivorous dogs, long enemies of civilized man, but still used by the fir'Bolg ...
sbWorld's Collide Anywhere
sbWWII : Anywhere
sbWWII Palm Tree
sbWWII: Titans
sbWWII: Units v1.1
sbWWII: Zolo Fix (Solo Fix maybe?)
tflZerk Cheer replacement
Zerks : Berzerkers...
tflZero Gravity
sbZombie Hand final
sbZombie Hand review
sbZys Trio Plugin Pack

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