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3rd Party Map : A map made by someone other than Bungie. [a reader informed me that a 1st party ...
A whole world of lost myth
Amber 2.0 (1999-04-18)
sbAmber Color Problems (transparency)
sbAmber Unit & Scenery making tutorial
tfl sbtfl sbAmber v2.0b6
Apathy Revisited
B.P.A. Program Pack
twaBallistic Colormap Basics
twaBallistic Media Tools Basics
sbBasic Mapmaking Tips
tflBrimstone (Mac Classic) Dev v.0.8
Bungie to Release Myth Tools (1998-09-17)
tflBungies Fear and Loathing for TFL
tflCamera Boundaries
sbCan I index my colormap to 255 colors?
sbClem's Colormap Indexing Tiptutorial
sbClem's Colormapping Walkthrough
tflCLUT Edit
tflCLUT Utility
sbColormapping and Mapmaking the Qui-Gon Way
allColormapping Grass Tutorial I
allColormapping Grass Tutorial II
sbColormapping Tutorial - Desert Rock Hills
tflCORE Edit
tflCore Edit w/Source (Mac Classic)
sbCreating Displacement Maps (Contour Maps)
Creating snow textures
sbCreating Textures (for Colormaps)
Cutscene Viewer
sbCydonian's Myth II Mapmaking Tutorials
DE : appreviation for "Drowned Empire", a multiplayer map on Myth II...
tflDespair tutorial
tflDespair w/Source (Mac Classic)
Dialogue Editor
Dire Marsh : "Death in the Dire Marsh", a multiplayer map for Myth: TFL...
DK : Abbreviation for Drowned Kingdom, a multiplayer map on Myth II ...
FCAW : abbreviation for 'For Carnage, Apply Within'; a classic Myth:TFL multiplayer map...
Fear : An application for editing 'tags' (parameters) in Myth 2 maps and plugins. Fea...
Fear & Loathing : The Editors (1998-09-28)
sbFear and Loathing : Error Type 12 (v 1.3)
sbFear and Loathing : How true are these titles?
sbFear and Loathing : Type 12 Errors
sbFear Documentation
Fear for TFL
tflForgotten Lands
sbGangrene's Mapmaking Tutorial
tflGeneral TFL Mapmaking tips
tflGraphics : Texture Maps
GZ : Ground Zero, a multiplayer map for Myth: TFL....
twaHaxor Loathing (Windows)
Head Edit X (OS X)
tflHeadEdit (Mac OS 9)
tflHeader Editor
allHex Edit
History of Mapmaking Tools
sbHow can I edit map objects that I can't see in Fear?
twaHow can I extract texture stacks from Myth III maps/plugins?
tflHow Despair Works
tflHow to extract color maps from a TFL map
tflHow to make a TFL map cross-platform
sbHow to Make Cobblestones
sbHow to Make Grass
sbHow to make maps using Bryce
tflHow to use new maps
tfl sbtfl sbIchor
sbIgo Ghatla
sbLoathing Documentation
tflLoathing for TFL
Loathing Menu Info
Loathing Terrain Types & Terrain Table
allMac Jade
sbMagellan's Quick and Dirty Guide to Myth 2 Mapmaking
sbMaking Different 'map' types
sbMaking Multiplayer Maps
sbMaking Pre-Game Collections - Myth II
twaMaking Pregame images and Overhead maps for Myth3
sbMaking TFL-like Snow
twaMalek's Myth 3 Mapmaking Tutorial
Malice 2 (beta)
Map : Map is the name given to a particular location in the myth world. It usually ref...
tflMapmaking : Setting Height and Water Depth
sbMapmaking for Newbies
sbMapmaking Mesh template
sbMapmaking the Joyeuse Way
sbMapmaking the Joyeuse Way
sbMapmaking: A High Level Overview
tflMesh App
tflMesh Inspector Gold
sbMetacreation's Painter
multiplayer game/map : A type of game/map where players compete against each other. Also called "free-f...
twaMumboJumbo Trip (Vengeance Report)
sbMy Myth II Mapmaking Journey
sbMyth 2 Dialog Editor
twaMyth 3 High Res World Map
Myth Data Extractor
tflMyth Extractor
sbMyth II Handbook - CD
sbMyth II Handbook - CD
sbMyth II Mapmaking Mesh Template
sbMyth II Mapmaking Tools
sbMyth II Solo Campaign Tips
sbMyth II v1.4 Mapmaker's Notes
Myth III - Ballistic editor released!! (2004-06-13)
twaMyth III Mapmaking Tutorial 01
tflMyth Inspector PPC
tflMyth Maker
allMyth MapMaking and Photoshop Tutorial: Component Maps (Part One)
allMyth MapMaking and Photoshop Tutorial: Water!
tflMyth Packer
tflMyth View
sbOfficial Guide to Making Hax0red Maps
sbOn the State of Myth Mapmaking
tflPC Header Editor
twaPhish's Myth 3 Mapmaking Guide
twaPhish's Myth 3 Mapmaking Guide v2.0
tflPlugin Builder
PRASP : "Post Release Attention Span Product". A term used to describe a set of maps rel...
tfl sbtfl sbSapphire
sbSoulBlighter Standard Bungie Maps
tflSpite & Malice
sbStampede Tutorial
tflStarter's Guide to Myth Map Making
tflSTLIedit - readme
sbStrangelet's Myth II Unit Making Tutorial
tflTag Edit (aka TFL Fear)
sbTag Extractor
tflTextura - readme
tflTexture Pro
tflTFL : PC Map Compatibility
sbTFL Mapmaking
tflTFL Mapmaking Tools
tflThe Fallen Sounds
The Fallen's Vengeance : Level to Level Units
Twisted Mytal
tflUltra Edit
tflUnit Making
Vegas (OS X version)
twaVengeance for Macintosh
twaVengeance Mac - beta
Vengeance Tips and How-to's
sbVista Cartel Mapmaking FAQ
sbVista Mapmaking Tutorials
tflWeather Edit (wJRE)
sbWhat dimensions do my colormap, overhead and preview images need to be?
sbWhat is "Global Tint"?
allWhat Makes a Good Map?
sbWhere can I find free texture sets for making myth texturemaps?
sbWhy can't I get Apathy to work on my machine?
allWhy on earth would you read this? (What makes a good map?)
sb twasb twaWinJade

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