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100,000th game of Myth 2 played on Mariusnet! (2007-12-01)
sbA Rank Rant
A review for the ages #2
Admin : Admins, or administrators, were found on bungie.net with an admin "tag" in the b...
Adrenaline's Guide to Myth 2 for Newbs
AFAIK : "As far as I know"...
AFK : "Away from keyboard" (usage example: A game on bungie.net might be called "M...
Blunder of the Week (circa MWC11)
Breaking Point
Bungie.net : The place where Myth players could always find other people to play games with o...
allBungie.net Wishlist
Chat : "Chat" is a feature that allows players to communicate in-game. Like other non-M...
check : Check up (hit your "ready button") : When you are in the pregame lobby waiting f...
Commonly Used Bungie.net terms and phrases : Commonly used bungie.net terms and...
Comp (aka Competitive Games) : short for "Competitive". Other names for this kind of game are: "multiplayer" (b...
Coop : short for "Cooperative". Used to describe the type of game in which people in th...
crown : 3 highest bungie.net ranks after celestes (emp, king and then prince)....
drop : (also 'Dropping') To 'drop' is to leave a multiplayer game before it has ended. ...
dropper : a player who disconnects from a ranked multiplayer game in an attempt to avoid c...
Dummy, Dummying : A "dummy" account is an account that is used to either hide a player's identity ...
emp : emperor, first rank under celestes in bungie net ranked play...
Final Good-Bye to B.net
Firewall Setting Info BlackIce + XP
floyn : (verb) This word has two similar though slightly different shades. 1) To "floyn"...
fodder (or "Cannon Fodder") : this term refers to troops, usually thrall or warriors, that engage an enemy for...
Friendly Fire : A euphemism for getting shot in the back by your own archers, or having an explo...
game chat : The mini-room where 2 to 16 people wait before stating a game....
GKG's School of Myth Strategy - The Captain Factor
GKG's School of Myth Strategy - The Push Factor
Grab and Defend Bacon
Grim's chat articles
Grim's E-fame rankings
Grim's youtube channel
h00r : n. One who is obsesssively fixated on a certain aspect of M33f. Examples: Rank h...
hax0r hax0r : mocks the people who hexed their name, films, and films in Myth: TFL....
Hide and Seek : Backyard style
host : The host of a multiplayer game is the person who initiated the game and who gets...
host drop : When the host of a game drops the game. Most often occurs when someone is cheati...
allHosting Myth Games with Windows XP and BlackIce
allHow does the Mariusnet ranking system work?
How does the mariusnet ranking system work? (details)
How mariusnet ranking works
tflHow to get big points
sbHow to play a tournament match
allHow to Play Myth Online
sbHow to play networked Myth games
sbHow to use extra maps I
sbHow to use extra maps II
tflHow to use extra Myth : TFL maps
lag : Interuptions in the flow of a network game caused by modem or network difficulti...
Leader Board : A leader board is the place where players can look up their rank and statistics ...
leech : A player who teams with higher ranks only to gain points. Usually controls very ...
Let's Start a Support Group
lobby : the place that players find themselves in when they first log into a myth game s...
loose cannons : These bloodthirsty players ignore all game objectives and attack the first army ...
allMariusnet lobby chat commands
Medieval Threat Assessment - where do you fit in?
Men of Rohan's Code of Conduct
allMixed Units (aka Doling out units when captaining)
ms : Milliseconds, the unit of measurement that describes the lag between pressing a ...
sbMy map doesn't show in Myth or it is red on Bungie.net. What's going on?
twaMyth 3 - Gamespy Multiplayer
Myth code of conduct
Myth Economics
allMyth Emoticons - Use More!
sbMyth Etiquette
sbMyth Etiquette
sbMyth II Game Server FAQ (usage)
sbMyth II Game Server FAQ - technical
Myth III Multiplayer Rooms Collection PSD
Myth: TFL Gets PlayMyth Support (2003-08-04)
Myther's MS paint art circa 2011
Myther's MS paint art circa 2012
Mything online - PC modem instructions
sbObservations from a Caved In Soapbox
allObservations on netplay
sbObservations on netplay: part II
Old MWC Websites
OMGWTF?! #38
OMGWTF?! Collection
allOnline (Myth) Player Types
sbOnline Etiquette
oos : out of sync. a condition that causes weird things to happen between various play...
ping : In myth term, ping is a measure of the host's connection speed, in milliseconds,...
point chasers : These players are looking for any easy game, they don't want to play you. They'r...
Port Forward
posers : people who hang out in the chatrooms, waiting to join the perfect game (which is...
posturing : What posers do instead of playing Myth. Posturing in the chat is only cool if yo...
Pretenders to the crown
Rant: This too will Pass
tflRavings of a Myth Player part 2
Rover, come home
allSetting up a router/firewall to play Myth & Myth II
allSorchas Civil Traits
TCP/IP : a network protocol that lets you (among other things) play Myth without the need...
TEN signs Bungie's Myth
The 1 Baller's Dilemma and Myth Boot Camp's Five General Orders
The 3 Baller's Dilemma and The Myth Bible's Ten Commandments
The art of myth cool
The Day in the Life Of Koomooloobooka: A Picture Journal
sbThe Frumius WightBlast Maneuver
The future is bright
The Heavenly Host
The Heroes and Villains of Myth
allThe Hostess with the Mostest
allThe Myrgard Times - Language Filters are Cool! And other crazy things.
The Myth Codex Presents... (code of conduct)
The Personalities of Myth
allThump to head to jog the memory
trading value : the number of points a particular unit "costs" in net games. During the planning...
Treasure island
unimapper : A player who only plays on one map. (usually only one game type). ex. Body Count...
Unranked : The "other" game type in Myth 2. In unranked rooms, no score is kept or earned a...
tflUnranked Only, Please
Voice Chat : Myth does not have any voice chat features so some players and tournament teams ...
wanker : Someone who acts lame, commonly seen on the myth game servers. The mariusnet...
allWhat playing myth online is like 10 years after it's release
What's in a name?
allWhere to Play Myth online
Why Play Unranked?
Why The Gjol is a Failure:
You were not better 10 years ago

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