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sbA Calm Yet Dissolutioned Rant
sbAnatomy of a Battle Plan
Assassin : A competitive game where the goal is to protect a defined unit from harm and tar...
Bumrush : When you bumrush your troops, you give them very vague orders to attack. After t...
Camping : This describes the inactivity of a player who is just sitting around, trying to ...
sbCivil Order's Strategy Guide
tflConverting Single Player Maps to Multiplayer maps
tflCreep on the Borderlands : Capture the Flag
tflCreep Terries
sbCreepy Sh*t
sbCroaker's TFL Coop Guide
dance/dancing : Working a unit toward attacking souless or archers by weaving it forward between...
sbDeath of Strategy
allDesert Tips
tflDire Marsh Strategy
allDo  you hear what I hear?
allDorf Game Variants
sbDrowned Empire
tflDwarf Game Strategies
flank : "Flank" can be used as a noun or a verb. As a verb it means to attack the side o...
Flank : The side of an object or thing, in Myth context it's used to describe the side o...
flank steak : The unprotected, helpless and soon-to-be-devoured side or rear of an opponent's ...
Flanking, Flanked, Outflanked : A "Flanking" maneuver is an attack on the sides (flank) or rear of an enemy forc...
tflFor Carnage Apply Within
force : A force is the entirety of a player's units, massed for attack or attacking. Sub...
sbGame Variants
hang high : Remember those annoying Souless that pincushioned your helpless infantry while t...
tflHosting Variant Games
tflHow to Survive Dark Maps
allHunting Tips
sbIntro to Calamity's Strategies
allJuggers in FFA
kingmaker : this is a decision of the heart. It's late in the game, and your force has been ...
sbLast Man on the Hill
tflLast Man on The Hill For Carnage Apply Within, Two Teams
sbLeggomania Strategy
sbLight vs. Dark Net Games
micro-manage : When you micro-manage your troops, you control each very closely and give them s...
tflMudpit Light : Body Count
allMultiplayer Tips
Myth Economics
sbMyth II Net Map Strategies
sbMyth II: GameGuide: Part IV: Multiplayer and Team Maps
sbMyth II: GameGuide: Unit Trading
allNet Game Types
sbNet Game Types II
allNet Game Variants
newbie rush : Attacking the first enemy seen, and usually without any sort of plan, set up, or...
sbNewbie's Guide to Playing Multiplayer Myth
piggyback : When a player joins with another player as a team, but takes no units or is issu...
Pinch, Pinching : "Pinching" is using two or more flanks of a formation/team to surround or 'pinch...
tflPlaying 'other' games
punt : To send a net ball far away from one's troops, usually with the assistance of ex...
tflRest in Pieces (Light) : Last Man on the Hill
Rogues - Order Strategy
Rush, Rushing : A "rush" or "rushing" is just what it sounds like, a mad rush into battle or to ...
allScavenger Hunt and Flag Rally
scouts : in order to plan assaults and avoid traps, you must know where your opponents ar...
sbSeperation and Movement of Forces
sbShuffle off this Mortal Coil
sink : References the tactic of stealthily submerging thrall or wights in deep water, f...
Slugfest : This option can be used in Body Count and Last Man on the Hill. It consists of u...
spring : the act of cannily snatching a flag in the final moments of a game from an unsus...
Squatters are from Mars, Campers are from Venus
sbStampede : Cracks on the Cloudspine
suiciding : Attacking in such way that one's units will likely all be killed. Usually this i...
tactic : a tactic is a specific method for achieving a specific goal. Positioning a group...
Teaming : "Teaming up" with another player in a FFA game after it has already started. Th...
allTerritories - Tips
tflTFL Map Game Types chart
tflTFL Net Map reference
allThe Fine Art of Punting
allThe Importance of Communication
sbThe Myth II Handbook (Digital version)
sbThe Newcomer's Guide to Strategy Games
allTips for Big Maps
tflTrow Dorf Wrap
sbTrow, Souless & Fetch Tips
tflUnofficial Strategy Guide for Myth: The Fallen Lords
sbWhy and When to Retreat and When not to Retreat
wrap : the easy-to-type term for "enveloping" your opponent's force with a blanket of y...

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