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tflA Classification of Nicknames, Part II
Alex Seropian
Ancrik Forums
sbAncrik Member List
sbAnictolyte Map Makers Guild : Site Archive
Antman's Game Name Hall of Fame
Ar-Isildur of *WP* Dies (2003-02-15)
sbAsylum Game Night Map Standard
Badlands Games
allBastians Bylaws
Beef Stroganoff - Order History
Beef Stroganoff - Roster
tflBeef Stroganoff : News Page circa 1999
BNA (extinct) : Bungie Net Administrator(s). Administrators of Bungie net...
allBungie Employees Who Played Myth
Bungie sells out!
Buried Bones: A History of the Underdogs (uDogs)
twachat with Bungie - 2000-06-21
Chewing the Phat with Total Audio
Clan : a group of Myth players that band together to form a team or a cadre of players ...
Clan Plaid Creed
Clan ~PoOp~
Creation Games
Dwarves on Parade
eBay Mariusnet User ID sale
sbEvil Inc
sbGeezers From Hell Membership - circa 2004
sbHow to Create a Dummy Order
twaInterview with Andrew Meggs
Interview with Bastian (Map Editor coder)
tflInterview with Bob Dole
twaInterview with Iggy Popped
allInterview with Mariusnet
tfl sbtfl sbInterview with Marty (Soundtrack Composer/Musician)
tflInterview with Myth Platform Wars winner
Interview with Playmyth.net
twaInterview with Scott Cambell of Mumbo Jumbo (Myth 3)
twaInterview with Scott Campbell
sbInterview with Sorcha Payne
tflInterview with Sorcha Payne, winner of the first Myth tournament
twaInterview with Zak Belica (soundtrack composer and sound designer for Myth 3)
twaInterview: Myth III (Mumbo Jumbo/Scott Campbell)
Jason Jones Interviewed by You
Mapmaking Orders
Men of Rohan - Membership list (2001-06-14)
Mumbo Jumbo closes Irvine office (2001-11-16)
sbMyth Brasil
Myth Developers
tflMyth Development Team (Fallen Lords - Credits)
sbMyth II Development Team
sbMyth II Pre-release Interview with Bungie
twaMyth III Credits
twaMyth III Development History
twaMyth III Development Team
Myth orders
Myth people
allMyth2.org farewell notice
sbNew Myth II Mapmaking group: The Plains
Nico Interviews Marty O'Donnell
Obsidian Fists
Order of H'Pak (OoH)
sbOriginal PlayMyth Server Development Team
PDGA Community Links (1999)
sbPDGA Members
Rogues - Order Roster
Take Two grabs Myth; Sells 20% to Microsoft (2000-06-19)
Take Two Interactive
The MythMaps Team (2002-06-21)
The Package
sbValor Tournament Team: Boys in da Hood
sbValor Tournament Team: Freaks
sbValor Tournament Team: Jews for Jihad
sbValor Tournament Team: No Limit
YAR: Film Collection
YAR: Heroes
YAR: Inactive Memberlist
YAR: Member List
YAR: Myth Links
YAR: Order History
allYou know you play too much Myth when...

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