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"BC Everywhere" tourney announced (1999-05-10)
"hangover special" has been resheduled (2006-01-03)
'Bloody Mud' and 'Aegis' Merge (2002-10-09)
'Frenzy of the Damned' Released (2002-09-28)
1st Annual GeezerStock West (1999-05-25)
2000 MacWorld Bungie Fanfest (2001-01-12)
sb2001 April Fewlz Tournament
tfl3rd Party Projects for Myth TFL
tflA Classification of Nicknames, Part II
Absolute Demo Map Archive
Alex Seropian
Ancrik Birthday Bash Tournament Announced (2001-09-23)
Ancrik Birthday Bash tournament opens (1999-10-10)
Ancrik Forums
sbAncrik Member List
Ancrik.com goes missing (2002-08-21)
Angry Zen Master (blog)
sbAnictolyte Map Makers Guild : Site Archive
Antman's Game Name Hall of Fame
Ar's Smorgasborg
Ar-Isildur of *WP* Dies (2003-02-15)
Archer's Quiver
Asian Cops presents Trow 3v3 Tourney (2002-09-20)
sbAsylum Game Night Map Standard
Asylum Night - News (2000-04-26)
Avon's Grove Dub
allB.net's Final Game?
Baak releases Myth Server Swapper (2002-07-11)
Badlands Games
Badlands releases new Myth II mapmaking tools (1999-09-15)
Badlands [archive]
Bastards Clan
allBastians Bylaws
Beef Stroganoff - Order History
Beef Stroganoff - Roster
tflBeef Stroganoff : News Page circa 1999
Behind the Times (1998-11-17)
BIAUIHYAC Wins Myth World Cup 2003 (2003-08-21)
BNA (extinct) : Bungie Net Administrator(s). Administrators of Bungie net...
Borderland Odyssey released (1999-10-21)
Bungie - Tru7h
Bungie announces bungienet shutdown (2002-02-08)
Bungie Employee Profile: Doug Zartman (interview)
allBungie Employees Who Played Myth
Bungie in Incs Top 100 Company List of 1998 (1998-10-07)
Bungie Pulls the Lid Off...MYTH! (1996-12-05)
Bungie releases Myth II solo-campaign "Chimera" (1999-09-15)
Bungie sells out!
Bungie Sightings
Bungie Studios
Bungie, GT Team up for Global Carnage (1998-09-00)
bungie.net back up (2000-07-21)
Bungie.net goes down in preparation for the move to Redmond (2000-07-12)
Bungie.net TFL Server down (2001-05-04)
Bungie.net's Myth II server back online (2000-05-22)
Bungie.net's Myth II Servers dissapear (2000-05-07)
Bungie.org and Bungie.net back on line. (2001-01-25)
Bungie.org opens new archive site "The Mill" (1999-05-03)
Buried Bones: A History of the Underdogs (uDogs)
Bushido Solo Campaign is released (2000-12-15)
Cam deGray's Maps
Carch's Myth II Ladder (1999-11-05)
Carlinho's Backyard
Cartographers of Myth is formed. (2000-06-07)
Charlie's Point II released (2001-04-13)
Charlie's Point Tagset released (2001-02-03)
twachat with Bungie - 2000-06-21
Chewing the Phat with Total Audio
Civil Reigns Over The Companions in Forge League (1999-04-19)
Clan : a group of Myth players that band together to form a team or a cadre of players ...
Clan Mac Gaming
Clan Mac Gaming
Clan MacGaming Presents: A Myth II Tournament (1999-12-15)
Clan McCoolness
Clan Morituri
Clan Morituri
Clan Plaid
Clan Plaid
Clan Plaid - Old News 04/18/2001 (2001-04-18)
Clan Plaid Creed
Clan Plaid ftp folder
Clan Plaid Goes Down (2002-10-17)
Clan Plaid Maps
Clan Plaid SB Hotline Server
Clan Plaid TFL Hotline Server
Clan Plaid TFL standard
Clan ~PoOp~
ClanPlaid (Hotline)
Clever Name Here Tournament
Close encounter of the marius kind (2002-05-06)
Clue Comes To Myth (2001-08-14)
CMG's Millennial Madness Myth II Tournament Results (2000-01-18)
Coming of the Dark available (1999-10-18)
Cooperative Myth II Tourney (2006-02-23)
CPHL goes offline (2000-05-20)
Creation announces Creation2 Hotline (2000-01-07)
Creation Games
Creation Games
Creation Games releases final Myth project (2001-12-12)
Creation releases "A Seperation of Ages" (2000-06-25)
Creation releases "The Camp" for WWII (2001-01-04)
Creation Releases A Cold Winter's Night (2001-08-20)
Creation Releases Banks of the Ire (2001-03-14)
Creation Releases Bushido (2000-06-07)
Creation releases Hvelgimir (2001-05-02)
Creation releases TFL Physics Plugin (2000-07-23)
Creation releases The Legend of Gor ash (2000-05-25)
Creation releases two new WWII maps (2000-11-17)
Croaker's Legends
Culloden Hill Tourney underway (1999-05-10)
D.O.R.F. Maps
Damaged Goods
sbDante (player profile)
Day of the Beast project cancelled (1999-11-05)
DE1 Mini Tournament (2007-07-10)
sbDead Like a Fox
allDead Myth Websites
Dead Reckoning Studios
Death and Destruction Tournament (1999-04-19)
DrunkBob Releases Hax0r Guide (1999-09-19)
Drunken's Take on Myth's Situation
Dwarf Games
Dwarves on Parade
eBay Mariusnet User ID sale
Ectoplasm Myth
El Coupa Grande 1v1 Fetchball Tournament (2008-01-01)
Electrofryer's Battlefield Homestead
Electrofryer's maps
allEverything Must End
sbEvil Inc
EvilMyth.com Offers Free Services (2001-09-15)
allFarewell to Myth
file planet
FILEBALL Launches, Mill Returns (2001-11-20)
Finally, Play Myth TFL Online (2001-08-12)
First 3rd Party Myth III Map (2001-11-29)
First 3rd Party Myth III Map Released (2001-11-29)
First TFL to Solo Port released! (2001-12-29)
Flying Flip Studios
For Carnage Apply Within
Forerunners.org opens (2002-08-03)
Fort Nonsense
Freedom II released (2005-03-01)
Freewill's Myth III at E3 2001 Report
Frenzy Released! (2006-07-26)
Galleria Mythica - v2 (2006-02-07)
Gameranger adds support for Bungie's Myth II: Soulblighter (2000-01-23)
GameRanger supports TFL (2002-06-27)
sbGate of Storms (Game Metaserver)
Gates Of Covenant Returns (2001-10-17)
Gates of Leveller
Geezers From Hell : Map Resources
sbGeezers From Hell Membership - circa 2004
GFX Artist
Giza: Valley of the Kings Released (2001-01-30)
Glue the Moose
Grounds for Assault
Grounds for Assault 2 (2002-01-16)
Haravikk's Maps
Heal's House of Pain 01 (NML Predictions)
hotline.clanmacgaming.com (need HOTLINE client software)
sbHow to Create a Dummy Order
I'll S'pht On Your Grave is released (1999-04-18)
Ichor released (2000-03-31)
Idiot Mapmaking Collective
Idiot Mapmaking Collective (Hotline Server)
iGames Holds National Myth II Tournament (1999-01-13)
Inside Mac Games
twaInterview with Andrew Meggs
Interview with Bastian (Map Editor coder)
tflInterview with Bob Dole
twaInterview with Iggy Popped
allInterview with Mariusnet
tfl sbtfl sbInterview with Marty (Soundtrack Composer/Musician)
Interview with Max, bungie's webmaster
tflInterview with Myth Platform Wars winner
Interview with Playmyth.net
twaInterview with Scott Cambell of Mumbo Jumbo (Myth 3)
twaInterview with Scott Campbell
sbInterview with Sorcha Payne
tflInterview with Sorcha Payne, winner of the first Myth tournament
twaInterview with Zak Belica (soundtrack composer and sound designer for Myth 3)
twaInterview: Myth III (Mumbo Jumbo/Scott Campbell)
Japanese Mazz 5 Guide
Japanese Mazz 6 guide
Jason Jones Interviewed by You
Joyeuse releases Madxkillz (2002-06-18)
Keep Across the River for Myth II released (1999-06-23)
Kill's Technorama
Klea Andron
Knights of Myth Forums
tflKung Fu Gecko's Myth Strategy Guide
kvltv's myth creations
Latest Myth Updates Spark Controversy (2002-08-12)
Legends of Coop
Liberty Tournament Opens (2000-06-03)
Limbs, Heads and Smoking Craters Tournament (2001-08-21)
Llancarfan.net co-op tourney registration opens! (2006-02-19)
sbLothar's Farewell To Myth
Lothar's Myth II page
Mac Gamer
MacGaming File Repository
Madrigal Chamber of Commerce
Magellan's Walkthrough
Magma releases first Myth SB maps ported to Myth TFL (2000-05-31)
Magma releases four new TFL coop maps and one from SB (2001-02-10)
Magma Releases Ghol Rugby! (2002-04-28)
Magma releases slew of new TFL maps (2001-02-09)
Magma releases The Fallen Levels (2003-09-09)
Magma releases three new Myth plugins/maps (2003-10-18)
Magma Releases Ultimate Team Battles Expansion Pack (2006-01-16)
Magma Releases Units, TFL Docs (2002-11-08)
Magma releases Unity2 for SB (2001-02-10)
Major League Myth Season 2 (1999-11-08)
Malkavian's Maps
Mapmaking Orders
Marine Recon Takes Offense This Summer (2002-08-24)
Marine Recon WW2 Tourney Launches (2002-02-20)
Marius Net Now Supports Myth II: Soulblighter (2001-11-18)
mariusnet (and mythforums)
MariusNet Maintainers Retire, (2002-02-28)
Mariusnet Supports Encrypted Myth Play (2003-10-31)
MariusNet Throws 4th Anniversary Party (2001-11-03)
Mariusnet v2.0 Opens it's Doors (2007-09-23)
Marty O'Donnell After Bungie
Mazzarin's Demise IV Released (2004-01-06)
Mazzarin's Demise V released (2006-07-26)
Mazzarin's Demise Version 2 Released (2002-09-03)
Mazzarin's Demise VI Released (2006-09-16)
allMedieval Soccer Hooligans - An Order's farewell
Men of Rohan - Membership list (2001-06-14)
Mercenaries of Light
Mill Asks Those With 'Issues' To Leave Archive (2003-08-21)
Mill back online (2000-06-30)
Mill Staff : Credits
Ministry of Security
Mint Condition tourney announced (2002-08-07)
Monte IV's Myth II Maps
Mr. Crypants spunktakular FFA tournament (2006-02-13)
Mumbo Jumbo closes Irvine office (2001-11-16)
MumboJumbo site launches (2001-04-19)
MWC '99 Ready for Registration (1999-05-24)
MWC (Myth World Cup) : The longest running and largest 2-team tournament in the Myth community. Held on...
MWC 2001 Site Launches (2001-05-10)
MWC TO/Winners/Team-Count Summary
MWC2006 Registration opens (2006-05-08)
My Test Site
Myth - Prawdziwa strategia
Myth 2 : SoulBlighter is released (1998-12-28)
Myth 2 : The Essential Strategy Guide
Myth 2 Brasil
Myth 2 Brasil
Myth 2 diviision of the Myth Map Master's Challenge is closed (2000-05-06)
sbMyth 2 patches
Myth 2 SoulBlighter Coop Challenge
Myth 2 SoulBlighter Tourneys
Myth 3 Mac Demo & Vengeance released (2001-12-21)
Myth 3 Patch Available (Mac) (2002-08-20)
Myth 3 Wargamer
Myth : The Fallen Lords - Story
Myth Academy "School" opens for business (1999-12-18)
Myth Addicts
Myth Alice - Myth chatbot project starts up (2003-08-14)
Myth Bag of Tags
sbMyth Brasil
Myth Chat Extractor 3.0b3 Released (2001-12-06)
Myth Chronicles
Myth Clips
Myth Codex shuts down for the final time (1999-04-19)
Myth Developer Hotline server opens (2001-12-17)
Myth Developer Site Developers (2002-08-29)
Myth Developers
Myth Development History
tflMyth Development Team (Fallen Lords - Credits)
Myth Done Quick
Myth Done Quick - Map download collection
Myth Done Quick Contest (2002-08-14)
Myth Editing Resource Site
Myth Forums
allMyth game servers
Myth Graveyard
Myth II 1.4 is released!!! (2003-06-04)
sbMyth II : 3rd Party Projects
Myth II Bungie.net Back Online (2001-12-05)
Myth II bungie.net server closes (2002-02-15)
Myth II Crazy Halloweenn Costume Contest (1999-10-18)
sbMyth II Development Team
Myth II Downloads
Myth II finally Voodoo3-compliant (2000-01-13)
sbMyth II Handbook
Myth II Handbook released (1999-07-02)
sbMyth II Humor Contest Results
Myth II Leaderboard is up (1999-01-21)
Myth II Panther compatible (2003-10-25)
sbMyth II Pre-release Interview with Bungie
Myth II Server Returns (2001-05-10)
Myth II Tournament (1999-01-13)
Myth II Tournament Announced (Seven Phoenix Rising) (1999-03-01)
Myth II Tournament Eras
Myth II Tournament History
Myth II Tournament: April Fewlz (2001-03-18)
Myth II Tournaments
Myth II Training Hall
Myth II v 1.6 is released (2007-02-08)
Myth II v1.5 released! (2005-03-28)
Myth II Wins Best RTS in MW '99 (1999-11-05)
Myth II: Green Berets Now Shipping (2001-07-30)
Myth II: Worlds Now Available (2001-10-04)
Myth II: WWII: Fantasy League (2002-08-27)
twaMyth III : The Wolf Age (official site archive)
twaMyth III Credits
twaMyth III Development History
twaMyth III Development Team
Myth III Development Team dissolved (2001-11-16)
Myth III In Stores! (2001-10-30)
Myth III Team Closes Up Shop (2001-11-16)
Myth III Update? Yep It's a Myth (2010-10-30)
Myth III v 1.1. released by MythDevelopers (2003-04-13)
Myth Journals
Myth Master Central Challenge (1999-10-07)
Myth MetaServer Wars - Truce in Sight? (2003-10-25)
Myth mini-Movie "Avon's Hope" Released (2004-01-07)
Myth movie "Avon's Hope" released (2004-01-05)
Myth on Wikipedia
Myth orders
Myth people
tflMyth pre-release FAQ
Myth Regulators
Myth related wallpapers / desktop backgrounds
Myth Strategy and Info
Myth Tales
Myth TFL bungie.net server back online (2000-11-27)
Myth TFL Nights
Myth TFL Press Release
Myth TFL Story
Myth The Fallen Lords Story
Myth Tournament 2005 (2005-09-15)
Myth Tournaments (1998-2008)
Myth Tournies site dissapears (2002-08-23)
Myth TownHall opens (1998-12-11)
Myth Vault opens (2007-01-18)
Myth Vault opens it's doors (2002-02-07)
Myth Wiki
Myth Workshop needs cash (2002-08-10)
Myth World Cup - History
Myth World Cup 1999
Myth World Cup 2000
Myth World Cup 2001
Myth World Cup 2003
Myth World Cup 2004
Myth World Cup 2004 (2004-05-10)
Myth World Cup 2005
Myth World Cup 2006
Myth World Cup 2007
Myth World Cup 2007 (2007-06-01)
Myth World Cup 2011
Myth World Cup 2011 Forums (MWC11)
sbMyth World Cup 2012 Forums (MWC12)
sbMyth World Cup History
Myth-related Soundtracks
allMyth2.org farewell notice
Myth3 Patch Final Released (2003-10-13)
Myth: TFL Conversion Toolkit (1999-01-23)
Myth: The Wolf Age (Macintosh) for sale (2002-01-06)
Myth@Bungie.org Is Back Online! (1999-08-11)
MythAds Closes (2002-09-20)
MythAds site goes live (2002-06-13)
MythBrowser released (2002-10-30)
MythCHESS is released (2001-02-25)
MythDev (Hotline)
Mythmaps.com file archive site opens (2001-12-21)
Mythmaster Films
Mythology (aka Myth News) shuts down. (2000-05-07)
Mythology Returns (1999-08-12)
Mythology site terminated (2000-05-10)
MythTales opens (2006-04-28)
MythVillage site launches (2001-01-12)
MythWA Seeks Programmers (2002-08-07)
MythWarrior Released (2001-03-24)
MythWiz Quiz back in business (2001-01-09)
MythWolfAge.Com Goes Live (2001-02-12)
National Myth League - Week2
National Myth League 2 (2000-03-02)
New map released (2001-12-16)
New Myth 2 Server Project Announced (2002-02-26)
sbNew Myth II Mapmaking group: The Plains
New Myth Tournaments (2002-06-03)
New Myth Tournies announced (2001-11-12)
New Plugin Database arriving Soon (1999-01-19)
New Renaissance site opens (2002-05-07)
New TFL maps ported to SB! (2000-06-01)
New Unit for Map Makers (pig riding peasants) (1999-06-07)
New WWII Maps released (2000-12-13)
Nico Interviews Marty O'Donnell
Nimda virus found on Myth distribution? (2003-08-21)
Non-Tournament Competitions/Contests
Notio Mortus Mapmaking Cartel announced (2000-01-25)
Obsidian Fists
Official Myth 3 page goes live (2001-01-16)
Official Myth III Website Launches (2001-07-17)
Omac's Maps
allOnline Community Hubs
OoH Battle Plan 3rd-party Maps
Orange: A Myth 2 International Tourney (1999-09-16)
Order of H'Pak (OoH)
Order of Toilet Paper
sbOriginal PlayMyth Server Development Team
Oroboros Myth Music
PC Gamer Lists Myth in Top 50 Games of all time (1999-10-11)
PC Myth III Demo Released (2001-10-31)
PC Myth III Demo Released (2001-10-31)
PDGA Community Links (1999)
sbPDGA Members
PDGA News (1999-08-28)
Pepper Heights Map Available For Download (2001-11-08)
Phex's Myth Files
Player completes all 25 Myth TFL levels with NO DAMAGE (2000-05-08)
PlayMyth bans cops order (2002-07-12)
Playmyth closes. (2007-10-01)
PlayMyth reduces max# of players per room (2002-09-23)
PlayMyth Release Countdown (2002-04-25)
Point's Myth II Site
Polish language Myth site
poofy's file shack
sbPost Release Solo Maps for Myth2
Proelium Standards: A Myth2 vTFL Tournament (2007-02-07)
Project Magma
Project Magma
Project Magma - Past Projects
Project Magma - TFL projects
Project Magma completes projects, welcomes new members (2003-09-09)
Proving Grounds For Myth TFL (2001-07-28)
Pyro's Myth Starter Guide
Raid Tournament 2002 (2002-07-17)
Registration open for Bungie Myth tournament "Platform Wars" (1998-05-22)
Registration opens for MDL Tourney (2002-04-20)
Regular Order of Fries
Renaissance Opens Doors (2001-09-15)
Renaissance Releases DolBaran (2002-09-12)
Requiem of the Dead released (2006-07-27)
Results of Bungie's Platform Wars (1998-08-00)
Return of the Fallen Lords (2000-01-17)
Rocket Dorf Fest 5 released! (2004-11-22)
Rogues - Order Roster
Rudnir announces Millenium Tourney (1999-11-07)
Rugby Returns for Myth II (1999-09-29)
Schwan Songs
Scoring changes at Bungie.net (1999-08-02)
Show N Play Returns (2002-08-03)
Siege of Madrigal : Sheet Music
Silent Scope WWII Tournament (2002-05-01)
Sir Mauriac's Tale released for Myth:TFL (2002-04-25)
Slew of new Magma Releases (2005-09-16)
Soma's Mapmaker's Food
sbSome notable Myth II maps/plugins
SOMM Releases 2 new maps (2002-09-23)
Sons Of Myrgard TFL site returns (2001-11-28)
Soon(tm) Closes Its Doors (2002-02-18)
Sosua Beach released (2001-07-04)
Soulblaster's Myth 2 Source
Spond!Max Bids A Fond Farewell (2003-09-13)
Sprite Splicer is released (1999-07-03)
Successfull MWC Teams
Swamp of the Damned released (2001-07-11)
Tahoe released for PC (1999-06-12)
Take Two accused of misrepresenting profits (2001-12-27)
Take Two grabs Myth; Sells 20% to Microsoft (2000-06-19)
Take Two Interactive
Tank Clan
TFC Tourney Site Up (2002-11-11)
TFL 5th birthday bash (2002-11-02)
TFL Leaderboard Is Now Up (2002-06-11)
tflTFL Pre-Release game description by Eidos
TFL Tourney Announced (2004-02-22)
Tharis Developments
the 37
The Cadre
The Fall Classic 2
The Fallen's Vengeance / Onyx Warlords / The Power of 10
The Final Night Of Bungie.net (2002-02-15)
The Forgotten Shadows
The Forgotten Shadows site goes live (2005-08-25)
The Galleria Mythica - Mark II
The Great War released (sort of) (2002-08-22)
The Iconoclasts
The Mariusnet Revival Tournament accounced (2007-10-10)
The Mill
The Mill : List of files (2003-06-01)
The Mill goes offline (2002-03-29)
The Mill is Back (2000-06-22)
The Mill Returns (2002-08-10)
The Mill Returns (2000-03-03)
The Mill returns with major changes (2001-02-24)
The Mill Shuts Down (Bungie bought by MS) (2000-06-18)
The Mill Shuts Down (Frigidman's secret message) (2000-06-18)
The Mill Shuts down in protest of Microsoft's takeover of Bungie (2000-06-18)
The MS Buyout Rumor
sbThe Myrgard Times - H00r7, Zombie Jesus, Clan Plaid, and everything in between
The Myrgard Times : News (2002)
The Myrgard Times Launches (2001-08-07)
The Myth 2 Training Hall
The Myth Community
The Myth Community
The Myth Jumpers
The Myth Vault
The MythMaps Team (2002-06-21)
The National Myth League Returns (2000-08-22)
The Onyx Warlords Mapmakers present: Grave Tidings! (2006-10-24)
The Package
The package reopens (2002-05-27)
The Seventh God Is Released (2001-09-19)
The Tain
The Tain
The Tain is open! (2007-02-08)
The Tavern announces an Art and story contest (2001-01-27)
The Tharsis Times
The Turret
The Vale
the Ventcore
The Winter Series 2
The Winter Series Tournament is announced (2008-01-02)
sbThird-party projects for Myth II
This news is not Mythical (2004-09-03)
Tides Of Rhianon Map available for Download (2001-11-18)
TMBM releases Dreamseedz (2000-12-21)
TMBM releases Stinkies Graveyard (2001-08-13)
TMBM releases Weathertop (2000-10-03)
To Kill A Mockingbird released (2000-02-29)
Toe's Maps
Tournament Logos
Tournament of Heroes Registration Opens (1999-12-06)
Tournament of Kings tournaments (2) (2002-06-02)
Trial by Combat & iGames All-Star Tournaments (1999-01-01)
Trial By Combat : Final Results (1999-01-01)
Trial by Combat : Round 1 (1999-01-01)
Trial by Combat : Round 2 (1999-01-01)
Trial by Combat : Round 3 (1999-01-01)
Trial by Combat : Round 4 (1999-01-01)
Two New Myth TFL Maps (2001-10-22)
Tyr's Creature Corner Contest (1999-11-26)
uDogs hotline server
Udogs opens Mill alternative download site (2003-10-25)
UK Myth II Weekend at Exeter (1999-10-02)
sbValor Tournament Team: Boys in da Hood
sbValor Tournament Team: Freaks
sbValor Tournament Team: Jews for Jihad
sbValor Tournament Team: No Limit
Valor: Myth II Team Tournament (2006-08-22)
Vista releases 3 new Myth mapmaking tools (2001-06-09)
Vista releases Classic Map Packs for Myth III (2001-12-28)
sbVoracious Rabbits - Humor Contest
sbVoracious Rabbits  : Thanatopsis
What is Myth?
Wight Amongst Top Ten Best Monsters (1999-10-05)
Wismuth's Myth 2 page
Wolfie's Den
WW2: Red River released (1999-09-21)
WWII : Urban Warfare is released (1999-04-25)
WWII Champions Cup (2006-07-16)
WWII Tournament: The Berserk Mercenaries (1999-04-23)
WWII Tourney's galore (1999-04-23)
WWII: Titans released (1999-10-08)
WWII: War is Hell is released (2000-06-28)
X-mas Eve Ass Bash '98! (1998-12-24)
YAR: Film Collection
YAR: Heroes
YAR: Inactive Memberlist
YAR: Member List
YAR: Myth Links
YAR: Order History
Yet Another Third Party Myth III Map (2001-12-01)
allYou know you play too much Myth when...

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