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sbA brief Myth Primer
sbA VRy Drunken Slugfest
ADT (Alien Dark Tide) : Alien Dark Tide, a total conversion for Myth II based on the Alien movie(s)....
allAll you ever wanted to know about Thrall but were afraid to ask
sbAztechno Dance Party
BattlePlan Reporter (beta)
Bungie releases Myth II solo-campaign "Chimera" (1999-09-15)
sbCivil War : review
Contact Info
Creation Games
drop : (also 'Dropping') To 'drop' is to leave a multiplayer game before it has ended. ...
Hide and Seek : Backyard style
sbHow to use extra maps I
sbI wish I had Mahir vs. Wights (aka "Baak wishes he had Mahir vs. Wights")
sbI wish I had more...
sbI wish I had more/all Trow
sbJinn : a review
sbMultiplayer maps by # of starts
sbMyth II : 3rd Party Projects
sbMyth II : Worlds
sbMyth II Handbook : CD Contents
sbMyth II Unit Speed
Myth people
Myth World Cup 2007 (2007-06-01)
sbNo Ceiling Maps
Playmyth closes. (2007-10-01)
sbRDF Internal Formations
sbSmythurf : The Total Conversion
suiciding : Attacking in such way that one's units will likely all be killed. Usually this i...
Take Two Interactive
Teaming : "Teaming up" with another player in a FFA game after it has already started. Th...
The Complete Myth Dictionary (2008) : [This is from the old Mythgraveyard site. A newer, more complete version of the...
The Myth Community
sbThe Quad - Readme
sbThe Quad, Too (v 2.1)
Tournament Logos
sbUBacon (aka Unstable Bacon) (outdated)
Vaporware : Projects that were announced but never released. Like most volunteer endeavors,...
twaWhere can I download a demo of Myth III?
allWhere can I find fonts that look 'Mythish'?
allWhere to Play Myth online

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