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A brief Myth Primer


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Q: What is Myth?

Myth is a series of "real-time" strategy games created by Bungie and Take2.

To borrow from the freedictionary project, who put it rather well:

Myth is a series of real-time strategy computer games, specifically, Myth: The Fallen Lords (TFL), Myth II: Soulblighter (SB), and Myth III: The Wolf Age (TWA). The latter was developed by Mumbo Jumbo Software and published by Take 2 Interactive, the former developed and self-published by Bungie Software, now a division of Microsoft under the name Bungie Studios. Upon Bungie's sale to Microsoft in 2000, Bungie sold the rights to the Myth franchise to Take 2 Interactive.

These games represented a departure from old standards such as Warcraft in that resource retrieval and unit construction were de-emphasized in favor of squad-level and single-creature-level tactics. They were also remarkable for depth of free multigamer internet-play support, intense and continuing fan activity on the web (including a wide range of fan-created mods), and simultaneous Macintosh and Windows PC development.

One of it's biggest innovations for a strategy game was to make the 'camera' complete fluid in 3 dimensions, so that instead of having a fixed view like in a first person shooter or an overheard or 3/4 overhead view seen in other stategy games like Starcraft, the camera can be zoomed in or out to see more or less of a battle, and can be rotated 360 degrees so you can view a battle or scene from almost any possible angle.

So what kind of game IS myth?

It's a "real time strategy game" - which means it is a combat/warfare game with strategic and tactical thinking needed, but there are no "turns" you have to think on the fly, in "real-time".

Do I play myth by myself against the computer, or with other people?

Tricky question. The answer is: 'Yes'.

Yes, you can play myth by yourself against the computer.

Yes, you can play myth against other people.

Yes, you can play myth WITH other people against another person or other groups of people.

Yes, you can play myth WITH other people AGAINST the computer.

Myth has single and multi player types of games.

"Solo" (or 'Coop") games are (often complicated and long) missions that you play against the computer. You can play these "solo" missions one-on-one against the computer, or you can play on a team with other people where everyone is - hopefully - cooperating ("Coop") together to beat the computer. Solo/Coop games usually have a backstory to provide a rationale for the mission's goals.

"Multi" player game types (also called 'net games') are games where you play competitively against other players. Multiplayer games can involve individuals playing against other individuals, teams playing against teams, or a mix of the two. Multiplayer game types include capture the flag, steal the bacon, and king of the hill, and many other games where you play against other individuals or teams.

Myth II was later ported to the Linux operating system by Loki Games

Release dates

* Myth: The Fallen Lords - approx. November 5, 1997

* Myth II: Soulblighter - December 31, 1998

* Myth: III: The Wolf Age - December 2001


The Myth series is set in a richly storied Tolkienesque world, beset by an undead enemy bent on destruction. The leaders of the Undead are known as The Fallen Lords.

Q: What are all the acronyms I see? TFL, SB, TWA, what do they stand for?

A: For a complete list of acronyms and terms see the dictionary link in the Articles menu at the top of the page.

The 3 Myth games are:

TFL - The Fallen Lords
SB - Soulblighter (Myth 2)
TWA - The Wolf Age (Myth 3)

In addition to these three games, there were several repackagings and add-ons that were released by either Bungie, Take2, or dedicated fans.

Notable Add-ons (total conversions) :

note: There are many more world conversions or unit sets that were released for Myth games (most for Myth 2), these are just a few of the most ambitious, or which had high profiles in the community.

Chimera: The first 3rd party (mini) campaign, Chimera was released shortly after Myth II by the Badlands mapmaking group. Taking a different approach it focused more on single or very small groups of units rather than Myth's more typical larger squad based approach. While Chimera was a free add-on, it's creators were given resources and distribution & support assistance from Bungie, who released it as an official Myth add-on. It is the only official Bungie-approved add-on for any of the Myth games.

WWII: World War II. This is a unit set that converts standard Myth units to WWII units. A huge number of multiplayer and solo maps have been created to use these units. World War II even has it's own add-ons. The Titans unit tagset adds tanks and heavy artillery into the WWII mix.

Bushido: This is a multilevel campaign set in medieval/fuedal Japan. Innovative scripting allowed unit actions that had never been seen in Myth before (like a riding unit that could dismount and move on foot).

The 7th God: This is a conversion of the Myth world into a more tolkienesque world, complete with Goblins, Elves, Wargs, Orcs, Trolls etc. It contains new units, scenery, buildings, magic, and a large set of solo missions all wrapped up into a coherent multilevel/mission campaign.

Jinn: A very ambitious conversion of the Myth world into a new futuristic/sci-fi-fantasy world complete with new units, scenery, buildings, maps, etc.

The Wild West: New units (Gunfighters, Sheriffs, etc) and maps set in the US 1800's wild west.

Sisters of the Blade: A multilevel campaign featuring new scenery,models and units (mostly female characters).


The Total Codex - A 3CD boxed set released by Bungie after Myth II was released. This product contains Myth I & Myth II, as well as dozens of 3rd party maps and the standalone solo adventure; Chimera.

Myth Worlds: A 3CD boxed set released by Take2 which contains Myth II, and two CDs of netmaps and solo missions (including the 7th god, Bushido, Jinn, WWII, etc).

GB: Green Berets. This commercial game is Myth II but with vietnam era troops and weapons and maps. This was created by some of the top fan mapmakers in the Myth community and is similar to the WWII plugins but much larger in scope.

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