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0000-00-00Bungie gives gamers a bigger view of the action
0000-00-00Bungie Newsletter #1
0000-00-00Bungie Newsletter #2
0000-00-00Bungie Newsletter #3
0000-00-00Bungie ships 350,000 of Myth
0000-00-00Bungie to recruit 1,000 testers
0000-00-00Freewill's Myth III at E3 2001 Report
0000-00-00TEN signs Bungie's Myth
1996-12-05Bungie Pulls the Lid Off...MYTH!
1997-03-05Myth: The Fallen Lords release history
1998-00-00European Pre-release : Reviews
1998-00-00Myth 2 Technology Improvements
1998-05-22Bungie Announces Myth II: Soulblighter!
1998-05-22Myth: The Fallen Lords v1.3 in beta
1998-05-22Registration open for Bungie Myth tournament "Platform Wars"
1998-06-01Myth 2 Press Release
1998-08-00Results of Bungie's Platform Wars
1998-09-00Bungie, GT Team up for Global Carnage
1998-09-16Gonzo Tools For Gamers
1998-09-17Bungie to Release Myth Tools
1998-09-21Bungie Baits Competitors
1998-09-28Bungie's Version of Resource Management
1998-09-28Fear & Loathing : The Editors
1998-10-07Bungie in Incs Top 100 Company List of 1998
1998-10-21Myth II Adds Direct 3D Support
1998-12-11Myth TownHall opens
1998-12-24X-mas Eve Ass Bash '98!
1998-12-28Myth 2 : SoulBlighter is released
1998-12-30Myth II: Soulblighter Recalled
1999-01-01Trial by Combat & iGames All-Star Tournaments
1999-01-01Trial By Combat : Final Results
1999-01-01Trial by Combat : Round 1
1999-01-01Trial by Combat : Round 2
1999-01-01Trial by Combat : Round 3
1999-01-01Trial by Combat : Round 4
1999-01-13iGames Holds National Myth II Tournament
1999-01-13Myth II Tournament
1999-01-19New Plugin Database arriving Soon
1999-01-21Myth II Leaderboard is up
1999-01-23Myth: TFL Conversion Toolkit
1999-03-01Myth II Tournament Announced (Seven Phoenix Rising)
1999-04-16Myth II Goes World War II
1999-04-18Amber 2.0
1999-04-18I'll S'pht On Your Grave is released
1999-04-19Civil Reigns Over The Companions in Forge League
1999-04-19Death and Destruction Tournament
1999-04-19Myth Codex shuts down for the final time
1999-04-23WWII Tournament: The Berserk Mercenaries
1999-04-23WWII Tourney's galore
1999-04-25WWII : Urban Warfare is released
1999-05-03Bungie.org opens new archive site "The Mill"
1999-05-10"BC Everywhere" tourney announced
1999-05-10Culloden Hill Tourney underway
1999-05-24MWC '99 Ready for Registration
1999-05-251st Annual GeezerStock West
1999-06-03Myth to Hit the RPG World
1999-06-07New Unit for Map Makers (pig riding peasants)
1999-06-12Tahoe released for PC
1999-06-23Keep Across the River for Myth II released
1999-07-01Myth Community news Nov 1997-July 1999
1999-07-02Myth II Handbook released
1999-07-03Sprite Splicer is released
1999-08-02Scoring changes at Bungie.net
1999-08-11Myth@Bungie.org Is Back Online!
1999-08-12Mythology Returns
1999-08-28PDGA News
1999-09-15Badlands releases new Myth II mapmaking tools
1999-09-15Bungie releases Myth II solo-campaign "Chimera"
1999-09-16Orange: A Myth 2 International Tourney
1999-09-19DrunkBob Releases Hax0r Guide
1999-09-21WW2: Red River released
1999-09-29Rugby Returns for Myth II
1999-10-02UK Myth II Weekend at Exeter
1999-10-05Wight Amongst Top Ten Best Monsters
1999-10-07Myth Master Central Challenge
1999-10-08WWII: Titans released
1999-10-10Ancrik Birthday Bash tournament opens
1999-10-11PC Gamer Lists Myth in Top 50 Games of all time
1999-10-18Coming of the Dark available
1999-10-18Myth II Crazy Halloweenn Costume Contest
1999-10-21Borderland Odyssey released
1999-11-05Carch's Myth II Ladder
1999-11-05Day of the Beast project cancelled
1999-11-05Myth II Wins Best RTS in MW '99
1999-11-07Rudnir announces Millenium Tourney
1999-11-08Major League Myth Season 2
1999-11-09Free Myth Scenario (Campaign)
1999-11-26Tyr's Creature Corner Contest
1999-12-06Tournament of Heroes Registration Opens
1999-12-15Clan MacGaming Presents: A Myth II Tournament
1999-12-18Myth Academy "School" opens for business
2000-01-07Creation announces Creation2 Hotline
2000-01-13Acts of Piety Released
2000-01-13Myth II finally Voodoo3-compliant
2000-01-17Return of the Fallen Lords
2000-01-18CMG's Millennial Madness Myth II Tournament Results
2000-01-23Gameranger adds support for Bungie's Myth II: Soulblighter
2000-01-25Notio Mortus Mapmaking Cartel announced
2000-02-29To Kill A Mockingbird released
2000-03-02National Myth League 2
2000-03-03The Mill Returns
2000-03-31Ichor released
2000-04-22Myth III Development Progress as of 2001-10-18
2000-04-26Asylum Night - News
2000-05-06Myth 2 diviision of the Myth Map Master's Challenge is closed
2000-05-07Bungie.net's Myth II Servers dissapear
2000-05-07Mythology (aka Myth News) shuts down.
2000-05-08Player completes all 25 Myth TFL levels with NO DAMAGE
2000-05-10Mythology site terminated
2000-05-181861: Civil War Released
2000-05-20CPHL goes offline
2000-05-22Bungie.net's Myth II server back online
2000-05-25Creation releases The Legend of Gor ash
2000-05-31Magma releases first Myth SB maps ported to Myth TFL
2000-06-01New TFL maps ported to SB!
2000-06-03Liberty Tournament Opens
2000-06-07Cartographers of Myth is formed.
2000-06-07Creation Releases Bushido
2000-06-18The Mill Shuts Down (Bungie bought by MS)
2000-06-18The Mill Shuts Down (Frigidman's secret message)
2000-06-18The Mill Shuts down in protest of Microsoft's takeover of Bungie
2000-06-19Microsoft Acquires Bungie
2000-06-19Take Two grabs Myth; Sells 20% to Microsoft
2000-06-22The Mill is Back
2000-06-25Creation releases "A Seperation of Ages"
2000-06-28A New Myth In The Works?
2000-06-28WWII: War is Hell is released
2000-06-30Mill back online
2000-07-12Bungie.net goes down in preparation for the move to Redmond
2000-07-21bungie.net back up
2000-07-23Creation releases TFL Physics Plugin
2000-08-22The National Myth League Returns
2000-10-03TMBM releases Weathertop
2000-11-17Creation releases two new WWII maps
2000-11-27Myth TFL bungie.net server back online
2000-12-13New WWII Maps released
2000-12-15Bushido Solo Campaign is released
2000-12-21TMBM releases Dreamseedz
2001-00-00Mumbo Jumbo Visit
2001-01-04Creation releases "The Camp" for WWII
2001-01-04Myth III Unveiled
2001-01-09Myth III Officially Announced
2001-01-09MythWiz Quiz back in business
2001-01-122000 MacWorld Bungie Fanfest
2001-01-12MythVillage site launches
2001-01-16Official Myth 3 page goes live
2001-01-17GOD Unveils Myth III
2001-01-24Men of Rohan - News (circa 2001-01-24)
2001-01-25Bungie.org and Bungie.net back on line.
2001-01-27The Tavern announces an Art and story contest
2001-01-30Giza: Valley of the Kings Released
2001-02-03Charlie's Point Tagset released
2001-02-09Magma releases slew of new TFL maps
2001-02-10Magma releases four new TFL coop maps and one from SB
2001-02-10Magma releases Unity2 for SB
2001-02-12MythWolfAge.Com Goes Live
2001-02-24The Mill returns with major changes
2001-02-25MythCHESS is released
2001-03-14Creation Releases Banks of the Ire
2001-03-15Myth III: The Wolf Age: Preview/Interview
2001-03-18Myth II Tournament: April Fewlz
2001-03-24MythWarrior Released
2001-04-13Charlie's Point II released
2001-04-18Clan Plaid - Old News 04/18/2001
2001-04-19MumboJumbo site launches
2001-05-02Creation releases Hvelgimir
2001-05-04Bungie.net TFL Server down
2001-05-10MWC 2001 Site Launches
2001-05-10Myth II Server Returns
2001-06-09Vista releases 3 new Myth mapmaking tools
2001-06-29Alien Dark Tide released
2001-07-04Sosua Beach released
2001-07-11Swamp of the Damned released
2001-07-17Official Myth III Website Launches
2001-07-28Proving Grounds For Myth TFL
2001-07-30Myth II: Green Berets Now Shipping
2001-07-31Green Berets Ships
2001-08-07The Myrgard Times Launches
2001-08-12Finally, Play Myth TFL Online
2001-08-13TMBM releases Stinkies Graveyard
2001-08-14Clue Comes To Myth
2001-08-20Creation Releases A Cold Winter's Night
2001-08-21Limbs, Heads and Smoking Craters Tournament
2001-09-15EvilMyth.com Offers Free Services
2001-09-15Renaissance Opens Doors
2001-09-19The Seventh God Is Released
2001-09-23Ancrik Birthday Bash Tournament Announced
2001-09-26Myth III: The Wolf Age: Beta update
2001-09-28Myth II: Worlds shipping
2001-10-01A Box o' Myth II
2001-10-04Myth II: Worlds Now Available
2001-10-17Gates Of Covenant Returns
2001-10-22Two New Myth TFL Maps
2001-10-30Myth III In Stores!
2001-10-31Myth III released, multiplayer demo available
2001-10-31PC Myth III Demo Released
2001-10-31PC Myth III Demo Released
2001-11-03MariusNet Throws 4th Anniversary Party
2001-11-08Pepper Heights Map Available For Download
2001-11-10Myth 3 - Developer Update
2001-11-12New Myth Tournies announced
2001-11-16Mumbo Jumbo closes Irvine office
2001-11-16Myth III Development Team dissolved
2001-11-16Myth III Team Closes Up Shop
2001-11-18Marius Net Now Supports Myth II: Soulblighter
2001-11-18Tides Of Rhianon Map available for Download
2001-11-19Myth III patch, demo coming
2001-11-20FILEBALL Launches, Mill Returns
2001-11-28Sons Of Myrgard TFL site returns
2001-11-29First 3rd Party Myth III Map
2001-11-29First 3rd Party Myth III Map Released
2001-12-01Yet Another Third Party Myth III Map
2001-12-05Myth II Bungie.net Back Online
2001-12-06Myth Chat Extractor 3.0b3 Released
2001-12-12Creation Games releases final Myth project
2001-12-16New map released
2001-12-17Myth Developer Hotline server opens
2001-12-19Myth III patch on the way
2001-12-21Myth 3 Mac Demo & Vengeance released
2001-12-21Mythmaps.com file archive site opens
2001-12-27Take Two accused of misrepresenting profits
2001-12-28Vista releases Classic Map Packs for Myth III
2001-12-29First TFL to Solo Port released!
2002-01-06Myth: The Wolf Age (Macintosh) for sale
2002-01-16Grounds for Assault 2
2002-02-07Myth Vault opens it's doors
2002-02-08Bungie announces bungienet shutdown
2002-02-15Myth II bungie.net server closes
2002-02-15The Final Night Of Bungie.net
2002-02-18Soon(tm) Closes Its Doors
2002-02-20Marine Recon WW2 Tourney Launches
2002-02-26New Myth 2 Server Project Announced
2002-02-28MariusNet Maintainers Retire,
2002-03-29The Mill goes offline
2002-04-20Registration opens for MDL Tourney
2002-04-25PlayMyth Release Countdown
2002-04-25Sir Mauriac's Tale released for Myth:TFL
2002-04-28Magma Releases Ghol Rugby!
2002-05-01Silent Scope WWII Tournament
2002-05-06Close encounter of the marius kind
2002-05-07New Renaissance site opens
2002-05-27The package reopens
2002-06-02Tournament of Kings tournaments (2)
2002-06-03New Myth Tournaments
2002-06-11TFL Leaderboard Is Now Up
2002-06-13MythAds site goes live
2002-06-18Joyeuse releases Madxkillz
2002-06-27GameRanger supports TFL
2002-07-11Baak releases Myth Server Swapper
2002-07-12PlayMyth bans cops order
2002-07-17Raid Tournament 2002
2002-08-03Forerunners.org opens
2002-08-03Show N Play Returns
2002-08-07Mint Condition tourney announced
2002-08-07MythWA Seeks Programmers
2002-08-10Myth Workshop needs cash
2002-08-10The Mill Returns
2002-08-12Latest Myth Updates Spark Controversy
2002-08-14Myth Done Quick Contest
2002-08-20Myth 3 Patch Available (Mac)
2002-08-21Ancrik.com goes missing
2002-08-22The Great War released (sort of)
2002-08-23Myth Tournies site dissapears
2002-08-24Marine Recon Takes Offense This Summer
2002-08-27Myth II: WWII: Fantasy League
2002-08-29Myth Developer Site Developers
2002-09-03Mazzarin's Demise Version 2 Released
2002-09-12Renaissance Releases DolBaran
2002-09-20Asian Cops presents Trow 3v3 Tourney
2002-09-20MythAds Closes
2002-09-23PlayMyth reduces max# of players per room
2002-09-23SOMM Releases 2 new maps
2002-09-28'Frenzy of the Damned' Released
2002-10-09'Bloody Mud' and 'Aegis' Merge
2002-10-17Clan Plaid Goes Down
2002-10-30MythBrowser released
2002-11-02TFL 5th birthday bash
2002-11-08Magma Releases Units, TFL Docs
2002-11-11TFC Tourney Site Up
2003-02-15Ar-Isildur of *WP* Dies
2003-03-17Myth II: Soulblighter returns for OS X
2003-04-11Myth III Unofficial Patch
2003-04-13Myth III v 1.1. released by MythDevelopers
2003-06-04Myth II 1.4 is released!!!
2003-08-04Myth: TFL Gets PlayMyth Support
2003-08-14Myth Alice - Myth chatbot project starts up
2003-08-21BIAUIHYAC Wins Myth World Cup 2003
2003-08-21Mill Asks Those With 'Issues' To Leave Archive
2003-08-21Nimda virus found on Myth distribution?
2003-09-09Magma releases The Fallen Levels
2003-09-09Project Magma completes projects, welcomes new members
2003-09-12The Fallen Lords
2003-09-13Spond!Max Bids A Fond Farewell
2003-10-13Myth3 Patch Final Released
2003-10-18Magma releases three new Myth plugins/maps
2003-10-25Myth II Panther compatible
2003-10-25Myth MetaServer Wars - Truce in Sight?
2003-10-25Udogs opens Mill alternative download site
2003-10-27Myth Updated
2003-10-27Myth Updated: The mythical patches! (Myth updated for OS X 10.3 compatibil...
2003-10-31Mariusnet Supports Encrypted Myth Play
2003-12-01Myth III Patched
2004-01-05Myth movie "Avon's Hope" released
2004-01-06Mazzarin's Demise IV Released
2004-01-07Myth mini-Movie "Avon's Hope" Released
2004-01-28Myth III - Beta update now available.
2004-02-22TFL Tourney Announced
2004-04-09Myth II 1.5 public beta released
2004-04-09Myth II v1.5 public beta released!!
2004-05-10Myth World Cup 2004
2004-06-13Myth III - Ballistic editor released!!
2004-08-20A Shattered Visage is released
2004-09-03This news is not Mythical
2004-11-22Rocket Dorf Fest 5 released!
2005-03-01Freedom II released
2005-03-28Myth II v1.5 released!
2005-08-25The Forgotten Shadows site goes live
2005-09-15Myth Tournament 2005
2005-09-16Slew of new Magma Releases
2006-01-03"hangover special" has been resheduled
2006-01-16Magma Releases Ultimate Team Battles Expansion Pack
2006-02-07Galleria Mythica - v2
2006-02-13Mr. Crypants spunktakular FFA tournament
2006-02-19Llancarfan.net co-op tourney registration opens!
2006-02-23Cooperative Myth II Tourney
2006-04-28MythTales opens
2006-05-08MWC2006 Registration opens
2006-07-16WWII Champions Cup
2006-07-26Frenzy Released!
2006-07-26Mazzarin's Demise V released
2006-07-27Requiem of the Dead released
2006-08-22Valor: Myth II Team Tournament
2006-08-31Bungie's Myth II game resurrected for Intel Macs
2006-09-16Mazzarin's Demise VI Released
2006-10-24The Onyx Warlords Mapmakers present: Grave Tidings!
2007-01-18Myth Vault opens
2007-02-07Proelium Standards: A Myth2 vTFL Tournament
2007-02-08Myth II v 1.6 is released
2007-02-08The Tain is open!
2007-06-01Myth World Cup 2007
2007-07-10DE1 Mini Tournament
2007-09-23Mariusnet v2.0 Opens it's Doors
2007-10-01Playmyth closes.
2007-10-10The Mariusnet Revival Tournament accounced
2007-12-01100,000th game of Myth 2 played on Mariusnet!
2008-01-01El Coupa Grande 1v1 Fetchball Tournament
2008-01-02The Winter Series Tournament is announced
2010-10-30Myth III Update? Yep It's a Myth

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