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Welcome to Mythgraveyard's Dead Site Archive

These are some Myth-related websites and pages I've saved, dug up or had given to me by fellow Myth archaeologists. Only dead sites and pages are in this archive unless the site owner has given permission for the site/pages to be mirrored here.

5 Kingdoms
6 Feet Under
Anictolyte Mapmaking Q and A
Antmans Game Name Hall of Fame
April Fewlz Tournament
Ares Scripting Guides
Banned from Bungie.net.2001
BigBlueFrog Chimera Model Gallery
BigBlueFrog Chimera Scenery Gallery
BigBlueFrog SoulBlighter Model Gallery
BigBlueFrog SoulBlighter Scenery Gallery
Cartographers of Myth
Clever Name Here
Colormapping by Clem
Creating Textures for Myth Maps by Soma[mg]
Dark Angels of the Burning Sword
Dark Angels Sucky Tfl Tourney
Geezers From Hell
Green Berets
Idiot Mapmaking Collective
Igo Ghatla
LRSW Myth Editors For Mac.html
Legends Of Coop 20131105
MCC Invitational 3
MCC Invitational
Malkavians Maps
Marty ODonnell After Bungie
Myth 3 The Wolf Age
Myth III Walkthroughs
Myth III V1.3 Update
Myth Starter Guide
Myth the Awakening(role Playing Game)
Mything Under The Influence Mua
Porting TFL Models to SB
Scenic Myth Desktops
Scripting by Ares
Society of Carpet Bombers
Sons of Myrgard
TFL Header Tag Structure
TFL Humbles Hex Editing Compilation
TFL Mesh Tag
TFL Soun Tag Structure
TFL The Gjol
TFL The Mything Link
TFL Wind Tag
The 7th God
The Tharsis Times
The Tharsis Times Warposters
The Wargamer Green Berets Review
TripleNipple Dup with Bad Javascript
Tron Total Conversion
Tutorial Importing Units Using Amber
Unit Guide (by FHOTA)
Vaporware Day of the Ghols
Vaporware TheWindAge
Vaporware Day of the Ghols
Versions Map Foundation
Vietnam by MaraJade
Vista Older

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