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(Image from Bungie's Myth II Soulblighter)

Welcome to Mythgraveyard's Manual Library

Here are some manuals and readmes for Myth-related Applications, both for the Myth games themselves and for 3rd party mapmaking applications and utilities.

Amber 2.0 README.txt
Amber 2.0 Beta5 README.txt
Amber V2.0b6 Readme.txt
Ambience V0.5.1 Readme.rtfd
AnatasCM Read Me.txt
Antero V0.4.1 Readme.txt
Apathy V1.0 Docs
ArtiX B5 Readme.txt
AutoTyper V1.3 Readme.txt
BaaksMythServerSwapper Readme.txt
Ballistic V1.1 Readme.pdf
Bartok Support
Bartok V1.1 Read Me.txt
Bartok V1.2b1 Readme.txt
Bartok V2.0a1 Readme.txt
Battle Plan Reporter V0.1.3
Brimstone Vdr8 Readme.txt
Bungie Fear Manual
Bungie Loathing Manual
CORE Edit 1.0
Chaos V1.0 Folder.zip
Chaos V1.0 ReadMe.txt
Chisel V1.0 ReadMe.rtf
Codex Plugins Manual.pdf
Despair V1.1b6
Fear and Loathing and MII Manuals.sit
Film Fixer V2 Readme.txt
FilmFixer V2 ReadMe.txt
Film Cat V0.3 Readme Translated.txt
Film Difficulty Level ReadMe.txt
Film Fixer V2 Readme.txt
FixMythFilm Aka FilmFixerUpperer V1.0 ReadMe.txt
Formation Editor V1.0 Readme Translated.txt
GeomView V0.03b Readme.txt
HeadEditX V0.6 Readme.txt
HeadEdit X
HeadEdit V1.0 Readme.txt
Header Editor V1.0b4 Readme
HexEdit V1.0
Ichor V1.0 Readme.txt
JFIF Stripper Readme.rtf
LPGR V1.0.1 Readme.html
Loathing MenuInfo.txt
Loathing Info.txt
Loathing Tools.txt
Loathing V1.7.1
M2 FileType Droplet V2.0.2 Readme.txt
M2 First Aid V1.0b1 Readme.txt
MEEF V1.0 Readme.html
MONSEdit V2.0b9 Readme.txt
MacJade Readme.html
Make MythII Maps Films ReadMe.txt
Malice2 Read Me.rtf
Malice V1.0b Readme.txt
Malice V2.0 Readme.rtf
Mesh Converter Readme.txt
Mesh Inspector Gold V2.1.2 Readme .txt
Meshwork V2.0.1 Documentation.html
Mons Inventory V1.1 ReadMe.txt
Mons Morale V1.1 ReadMe.txt
MoveSelectionToPlugins Read Me.txt
Myth2 Manual.pdf
Myth2 Readme 1.6.0.pdf
Myth2 Strategy Guide.pdf
Myth2 Strategy Guide .pdf
Myth2 V1.0 Loathing Manual
Myth2 V1.0 Manual
Myth2 V1.3.2 Readme.pdf
Myth2 V1.4.0
Myth2 V1.4.1 Readme.pdf
Myth2 V1.4.4 Readme.pdf
Myth2 V1.4 Mapmaker Notes.pdf
Myth2 V1.5.1.htm
Myth2 V1.5.1 Readme.pdf
Myth2 V1.5.2 Readme.pdf
Myth2 V1.5 Readme.pdf
Myth2 V1.6 Readme.pdf
Myth2 V1.7.2 ReadMe.pdf
Myth2 V1.7.2 Readme.pdf
Myth2 V1.8.0 Readme.pdf
Myth3 Demo Readme.rtf
Myth3 Readme.pdf
Myth3 V1.1 README.pdf
Myth3 V1.3.1 Read Me.pdf.duplicate
Myth3 V1.3.1 Readme.pdf
Myth3 V1.3 Readme.pdf
MythBrowser V1.8.1 Readme.txt
MythChat V1.1 Users Guide to Myth Chat.pdf
MythChat V1.1 Readme.txt
MythMaker V0.1 Readme.txt
MythTech V0.9a40 Readme.txt
Myth 2 1.4.1 ReadMe
Myth 2 AutoTyper Aka File M2SB Readme.txt
Myth 2 Dialog Editor Readme.txt
Myth 2 Electronic Manual V1.0
Myth 2 File Place V1.0 Readme.txt
Myth 2 PTG Name Editor V0.1 Readme Translated.txt
Myth 2 QuickConvert ReadMe .txt
Myth 2 Strategy Guide Polish Translation
Myth 2 TypeFixer Readme.txt
Myth 2 V1.0 Fear Manual
Myth 2 V1.4.1 Readme
Myth 2 V1.5 Fear Manual
Myth 2 V1.5 Loathing Manual
Myth 2 V1.5 Readme
Myth 2 V1.5.1 Readme
Myth 2 V1.5.1 Homepage
Myth 2 V1.5.2 Readme
Myth 2 V1.5 Files
Myth 2 V1.6 Readme
Myth 2 V1.7 Readme
Myth 2 V1.7.1 Readme
Myth 2 V1.8.0 Update Notes
Myth Chat Extractor V2.1 Read Me.txt
Myth Chat Extractor V3
Myth Chat Extractor V3 Readme
Myth Dark V1.2 Readme.txt
Myth Data Extractor Readme.txt
Myth Dentaku V1.0 Readme Translated.txt
Myth Difficulty ReadMe.txt
Myth Extractor V1.0.1 Readme.txt
Myth Film Cataloger
Myth Film Cataloguer V1.0.9b4 ReadMe.txt
Myth Inspector Readme.txt
Myth Keyboard Localizer V1.1 Readme
Myth Plugin Typer Readme.txt
Myth Sound Browser README.txt
Myth TFL Loathing
Myth TFL Manual.pdf
Myth TFL Strategy Guide.pdf
Myth TFL V1.0 Manual
Myth TFL V1.5 Readme.pdf
Myth TFL V1.5 Readme Install.rtf
Myth Type Changer V1.txt
Myth Film Cataloger.HTM
Mythed V1.0a2 Readme.txt
Mythsmith Read Me.txt
OmniPatch V1.0 Readme.txt
PK Font Plugin V1.1 Readme.txt
PK Font Plugin V1.1 Readme Translated.txt
PRGR V1.0 Readme.txt
PROJ Edit 1.0
PROJ Edit V1.0 Readme.txt
Patchwork V0.03b About.txt
PlugOv11 ReadMe.txt
PlugToText V1.0 Readme
Plugin File Type Fixer Readme.txt
Plugin Lister App V6 Readme.txt
Plugin Mac File Type Fixer V1.0 Readme.txt
Plugin Patcher V0.8.0 Readme.txt
Plugin Placer Pro V3.1.6 Readme.txt
Points Myth2AmberHints.txt
ReDirector V1.0 Readme
ReNamer V0.8b Readme Translated.txt
Renamer V0.8b Readme
STLI Edit Read Me.txt
Shade Read Me.txt
Shade Vb8 Readme.txt
Singtonet Readme.txt
Smacker Cutscene Viewer V4.0 Readme.txt
SoundBlighter V0.01a About.txt
Spite V1.0b Readme
Sprite Slicer V1.0 Documentation
Stamp Aka Idiot Decal Readme and EULA.rtf
TFL Editors How To Use.rtf
TFL Editors Readme.txt
TFL Tag Editor.jpg
TFL Bungie Map Details.doc
TagExtractor V1.0 Readme.html
Tarz Tools Beta (Mac).htm
Tarz Tools Beta (Mac).htm
TextToPlug V1.0 Readme
Textura V1.0d3 Readme.txt
The Fallen Sounds V1.01 Readme
Tools Docs
Tree Pro V4 Readme.txt
Twisted Mytal Beta2 Readme
Tychos Mapmaking Patch File Guide.htm
Ultra Film Fixer V1.02 Readme.txt
UnTag V0.51 About.txt
Vegas V1.5a1 Notes.txt
Vengeance.exe Readme.txt
Vengeance Mac Beta Readme.txt
VistaTFLTools PC Readme.txt
VistaTools Mac Readme.txt
VistaTools PC Readme.txt
WRATH V1.3 Readme.txt
Weather Edit V1.0b1 Readme
WinStamp Readme and EULA.rtf
XMEF Template V1.0 Readme

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