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These are some Myth-related guides to making things for all 3 Myth games, ranging from helpful tip/charts to full-fledged instructional mapmaking walkthoughs.

Amas Myth III Tutorial
Amber Tutorial.zip
Apathy Revisited
Bushido Mapmaking
Clems Colormap Walkthru.zip
Clems Colormap Walkthru.pdf
Colormap Walkthru.zip
Gangrene Mapmaking Tutorial
Gangrene Mapmaking Tutorial.zip
HPC Tutorial.zip
HPC Tutorial Complete.zip
HPC Tutorial Only.pdf
Howtosin(How to Make Single Player Maps).zip
Howtosin How to Make Single Player Maps.txt
Iron's Model Guide.htm
Magellans Mapmaking Guide.sit
Magellans QAD Mapmaking Guide
Magellans QAD Mapmaking Guide.zip
Making Myth3 Decals.zip
Maleks M3 Mapmaking Tutorial.htm
Map Actions List.DOC
Map Actions Reference.zip
Map Actions Tutorial.zip
Myth 2 Handbook
Myth II 1.4 Mapmaker Notes.pdf
Myth Map Making TFL.pdf
Myth Map Making.pdf
Netgame Scripting.txt
PRGR Plugins & What You Need to Know.htm
QA Amber and Color Tables
Script Sample 500Poisons.html
Script Sample Acts of Piety.html
Script Sample COD9.html
Script Sample Homeland2.html
Script Sample Homeland.html
Sonorks Myth2 Scripting Tutorial.html
Sonorks Scripting Tutorial.txt
Strangelets Unit Making Tut.zip
Strangelets Unit Making Tutorial
TFL Editing Myth Units Files
TFL Header Tag Structure
TFL Hexing Preferences
TFL Humbles Hex Compilation(Editing Guide)
TFL Mesh Tag
TFL Soun Tag Structure
TFL Wind Tag
Troll's Scripting Tutorial
Troll's Scripting Tutorial.txt
Units the Strange Way.doc
Vista Cartel Mapmaking Tutorials.zip

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