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About the MythGraveyard

The Myth Graveyard contains lots of different kinds of Myth related content. Thousands of articles about all aspects of the games, descriptions and reviews of maps for all 3 games, readmes, mapmaking guides, strategy guides, tips, image galleries of myth related art, desktop wallpaper, original game art, and much much more more. The graveyard also contains a large repository of webpages from dead sites - or some entire sites - salvaged as best they could be.

All content in the mythgraveyard whether written, visual, auditory or other media remains the intellectual property of it's creators, and the MythGraveyard does not claim ownership of any content in the MythGraveyard unless explicitly stated. Content in the MythGraveyard is archived here for educational/historical purposes only.

Some of the content in the Myth Graveyard comes from official Myth documentation/promotional material/sites - the rest was either donated to the graveyard by it's creators, donated by other Myth collectors, or collected by the graveyard staff from public websites and public archives.

Special thanks to Baak'lor, Godzfire, JonGod, Pyro, Welly and others who've shared some of their own personal archives of ancient Myth related material with me or pointed me in the direction of interesting finds. If your name isn't in this list it's not because I don't appreciate your contribution, it's either because I wrote this before your contribution and I forgot to edit it, or I just forgot - which you shouldn't take personally, there are over 5000 files/pages/articles in the graveyard, I don't remember where huge chunks of them came from.

Thanks to Clem for giving permission to rehost both the Creation Games site and the Creation archive of maps.

Also, the Mythgraveyard as it is would not be possible without the amazing archival resources provided by the Internet Archive Project.

The design/theme of the MythGraveyard is a custom design overlaid on top of Twitter's amazingly flexible and mostly easy-to-use Bootstrap css framework. Before that it was based on a really nice responsive wordpress theme called Halftone by luis zuno. Before that it was based on the "Holy Grail 3 Column Liquid Layout" by Matthew James Taylor. Thanks to all these theme creators for freely sharing their knowledge and design skills.

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The antique looking document icons used on this site are either "used with permission © 2011 the IconFactory" or are from free icon sets or are (as best I was able to ascertain) free for individual use. Thanks to graphicConverter's sepia filter they all at least have the same color palette.

The Operating System icons are by tatice @ http://tatice.deviantart.com/.

Images that appear in articles or webpages are from the article or site where the content was first published, all other images in the mythgraveyard are from either the Myth games and documentation themselves, of one of the thousands of community created Myth sites, maps, plugins, or free image sites.

Despite a strong desire to not re-invent the wheel and build an entire Content Management System from scratch, and more proof-of-concept Mythgraveyard beta-sites created with canned content management systems, the Mythgraveyard is powered by hand-coded scripts and databases written/created by vinylrake. If something is broken it's his fault.

If anything in the Mythgraveyard belongs to you and you aren't credited properly, or you see something you created which you don't want archived in the myth graveyard please contact me. (see the contact page under the 'Home' menu. sorry for the obfuscation, too many spambots scraping websites to just list a simple email address)

Tip: If an 'originally published at' link is not active it's because the page is no longer available.