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Registration open for Bungie Myth tournament "Platform Wars"


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Registration is open for the Platform Wars Tournament

The place: the GenCon Game Fair in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The date: August
6, 1998. The event, Platform Wars. Of all games, only Myth: The Fallen
Lords allows PC and Mac gamers to compete on a truly level playing field,
at a game that demands from the winner both ruthless action and brilliant

On June 15th, 500 randomly-selected entrants, PC and Mac, will begin
battling on bungie.net for the honor of defending their chosen platform.
Two semifinalists will win CPUs and come to GenCon for an intense series
of finals matches. The finals will take place in Bungie's GenCon booth
and will be broadcast over Imagine Radio. A PC winner will help crush the
gaming pretensions of Mac users, while a Mac winner will have struck a
decisive blow for the legitimacy of the Mac as a hardcore gaming

Of course, you can enter even if you don't have a chip on your shoulder
the size of Montana about what platform you use. Sponsors of the
tournament include Cyberian Outpost, Apple Computer, PC Gamer,
MacAddict, TechWorks, and EarthLink.

Mac users go to http://www.macaddictnetwork.com to register and look for
the red Platform Wars logo.

PC users go to http://www.pcgamer.com and look for the red Platform Wars

More info can be found at http://www.bungie.com or http://www.bungie.net.

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