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iGames Holds National Myth II Tournament


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Bungie dropped us a note to let us know about the iGames Myth II All-Star Tournament being held the weekend of the 22nd through the 24th of January. The tournament is being produced to help bring a different light on gaming. According to iGames:

"The iGames All-Star Tournament Series is structured specifically to use modern technology to connect people together in socializing events. The emphasis is on face-to-face competition and teamwork in an atmosphere that can't be matched playing games online from home.

iGames is coordinating the events with dukeMedia.com producers Frank Cabanski and Peter Duke. Frank has been organizing live tournaments for three years, most notably the Red Annihilation tournament that resulted in the awarding of a Ferrari to Dennis "Thresh" Fong. Peter Duke is a producer who has been working to develop games as media-experiences for Sega GameWorks and, most recently, as dukeMedia.com. dukeMedia's goal is computer games as spectator events."

This tournament differs from most in that the event will be held in-store at 22 locations throughout the country as part of the iGame goal

Creative Labs and Logitech are sponsors of the tournament which is boasting over US$20,000 in prizes (spread out among the 22 sites), though most of those prizes are PC products.

We spoke to the host site in College Station, Tx. called Floppy Joe's. They told The Mac Observer that their host games are PC's, but that people were allowed to bring their own machines and Macs were welcome. We recommend anyone interested in the tournament check with their local host to find out what to expect.

The Mac Observer: If you enjoy Myth or Myth II or you just want to go watch a bunch of folks battle it out for prizes, go check out the tournament. As we have said in the past, Bungie is one of the most important assets to the Mac community. Go to the tournament to show your support for both Bungie and the Mac (without being obnoxious to the PCers). Show them how great a game platform the Mac is!

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