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The Mill Shuts Down (Frigidman's secret message)


Author name : Frigidman

[The following text was hidden as a comment in the html of the Mill's front page page which appeared shortly after MS purchased Bungie]

goodbye cruel world! .... hey... you. Yeah you, stop looking at my code! Well,

I guess since you are in here, I might as well say something. I am not acting rash, I am not acting childish, and I am not clueless to whats going on. I just have very strong morals about the software and hardware industry, and my morals go against everything that microsoft stands for. So, therefore... anything I can do to hur those that support microsoft, then I will do it.

Times change too... its just a game, and its just a game company. I used to like them, but now I dont. I dont think I could ever like them again. I dont care if this allows bungie to make stuff now without the fear of trying to publish... it just goes to show how stupid bungie has become. To goto something like microsluts is pitiful at best.

Oh well, I wont lose any sleep over this decision. My only thoughts go out to the many dedicated Mac people who loved myth and mythii, and want to get files to play.

To you, I am deeply sorry about this action I have taken, but I hope you understand that I just cant bring myself to do this anymore. Long live Mac, and long live Apple!

To you PC pricks... go fuck a brick, or your pc, they are about equal in quality and usefullness. Windows is the worst thing that has happened to the world. The constant lack of quality, and constant lack of dedication from Microshits to fix their piece of shit software, has hurt the world over with aweful operating systems and slow software. The technology age slowed down because of microsoft... if Apple was on top we would be visiting mars by now, and have neural interfaces and who the hell knows what other major technological advances. We could even have had a cure for cancer by now because doctors and scientists would have had a decent machine and operating system to use.

Well anyhow... that there was a bit of a rant, and could not possibly have happened.

However the fact remains, that Bill Gates is a crook, and has based his whole company on stealing others ideas and making them crappy and cheap and pawning them off as the right thing to use to the mass-stupid public.

I don't know whats worse... a sick company like microsoft, or a sick human race that buys into microsofts pitiful products?

PS: all emails sent to me are being ignored. If you want to say something nice, just think it in your heart, and keep the goodness alive. If you wanted to say something that just further strengthens my hatred for PC users and Microshit, then take your words and shovem where the sun don't shine :-)

God, I love being a Mac person.

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