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The Mill Shuts Down (Bungie bought by MS)


Author name : Frigidman

Everything Must End

The Mill has been shut off in regards to news about Bungie, Microsoft and Take2. I know that Myth is not owned by Microsoft, but Bungie are. Bungie created Myth, which created my original interest in making/running the Mill. I ran this site because I used to have a loving dedication to Bungie. However, their siding with the enemy has shot that down to a basic loathing of them.

I have my principles and I stand by them, and nothing anyone can say will make me abondon my personal beliefs. Microsoft is a representation of all things bad in the software industry, and supporting them in any way turns my stomach.

Take2 now owns the Myth World. With that gleam of light in the distance, it could be possible the Mill will live again in some form or another, because I have no qualms about them. However, the Mill won't live on by my own hand.

It was great running this site for the Mac Myth community and for Bungie. However, I cannot bring myself to ever really take care of the site with the sort of passion I used to have. I have absolutly no more feelings towards Bungie, or their games. My interest in it all is shot.

I will not entertain the idea of someone else just maintaining the Mill. I don't trust anyone else on this server to handle it. I also can't just give someone the code and databases to run it on their server. Reason is:
The Mill is propriatary unique code, requires at least a $20k setup of machines/server/db software (unless you already have all the components), and is not some simple perlcode/textfile site (I won't have the ambition to give technical support either). I would entertain the idea of someone buying the Mill to run it (hint hint Take2)... but the pricetag is too high for a "non-profiting" website, so it would have to be converted to make money.

So in short, what I am saying is; unless [If? --mg] someone else out there is seriously dedicated about it, The Mill could come back in some shape or form. I am just sorry that I will not.

Go buy a real computer

and finally get a clue:

Total Files Submitted:1,948
Total Files Posted:1,359
Total Mill Archive Size:2,107,982 KB
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Second Highest Rated:Morte Della Luna
Most Downloaded Plugin Overall:WW2:Recon
Second Most Downloaded:The Wild West
Date of Operation:5/1/1999 to 6/19/2000

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