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MWC TO/Winners/Team-Count Summary


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MWC title/year
Top three placing Teams
Head Tournament Organizer
Number of Teams
TFL98: Myth World Cup 1.Rabble Forces (RF) 2.Clan Plaid Dwarves (#CP#D) 3.Civil Order (Civil) Butcher 80
Myth World Cup 19991.Civil Order (Civil) 2.BMF (BMF) 3.Alliance (=A=)Butcher (with Cap'n Carnage, Carnage, Imperator)96
Myth World Cup 20001.Street Fighters (SF) 2.Ginslingers (gin) 3.The Spanish Inquisition (Spin)Stinger (with Moridin, Ned Hamfist, Balefire)94
Myth World Cup 20011.Northern Paladins (Np) 2.TeAm AnGrY FaCe (12inch) 3.Monkey Island (mi)Wight Slayer (with Sam Stone)67
Myth World Cup 2002 (never played)N/ARaukoN/A
The Fall Classic 2003/041. Northern Paladins (Np) 2. Bloodpact (BP) 3 Thundercox (TCox)PMA Lone
Myth World Cup 20031. BIAUIHYAC (BIA) 2.Northern Paladins (Np) 3.Swedish Meatballs (Sm)Grim32
Myth World Cup 20041.Brill Meets Evil (BME) 2.Northern Paladins (Np) 3.Martial Arts Gurus (guru)Grim (with Cave, Nitro, Wight Slayer)36
[http://mwc05.m2sbtourney.com Myth World Cup 2005]"Finals unplayed" 2.Thundercox (TCox) 2.BIAUIHYAC2 (BIA2) 3.Hand of Allah (HoA)Mad Dog (with Cheezefist)30
[[http://mwc06.com | Myth World Cup 2006]]1. Northern Pallywankers (np) 2. Thundercox (TCox) 3. Brills Meets Evil (BME)Grim (with Wight Slayer, Nitro)32
Myth World Cup 20071. Thundercox (TCox) 2. The 12 Tasks (12)Nitro, Ducky, t o x y n, Butcher24

The number of teams is based on teams who registered before the beginning of QR. At least one MWC had an additional team register on the site (registration script was kept active) that was not an official team. This includes, however, teams who did not play after registering (forefit teams).

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