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Successful MWC teams

! Civil Order (Civil) (MWC99/MWC00 winners)
"Other Names:" Street Fighters (SF)

Civil was originally known for containing 3 Bungie employees, well-mannered players, and a good deal of talent. The team even managed third place in TFL98. However, when Myth 2 was released, they quickly became a dominant force. The team won every tournament they entered under these two names, including two Myth World Cups. They did enter a tenth tournament, NML2, as 'Tribal Council', but they were missing a key player and were defeated. Note that the Civil Order that appears on the MWC06 site was a fraudulent entry, not entered by the real Civil Order.

The Street Fighters were a renamed but unchanged Civil team. There was a great deal of controversy because they kept their identities secret and acted out a lot, in parody of lame and egotistical players, as well as to upset the so-called Myth Moral Majority. The community had figured out the general make-up of the team before MWC 2000 started, but later they revealed their individual identities once and for all.

Over the span of 10 tournaments, 4 teams managed to beat Civil in a Myth 2 match:
  • BMF - MWC99, Civil won a rematch in the finals.
  • Spin - MWC00, Civil won a rematch in the bottom bracket finals.
  • WP - NML, regular season play, rematched in playoffs and won.
  • 9coh - eliminated the Tribal team from NML2. 9coh is the only team to eliminate them from a tournament, the only team not beaten in a later rematch, and the only team to beat them that isn't also on this list of successful teams. Much of the 9coh team played as Ira Dei in MWC99, but other than a big upset over GtM, they don't have much of an MWC history.

    ! Northern Paladins (Np) (MWC01/06 winners)
    "Other Names:" Northern Pallywankers (Np)

    Np was completely unknown until their surprise 5th place finish in MWC00. Before then, the Swedish Meatballs were the only significant European force in the community. They went on to win MWC01, and won a total of 5 team tournaments in a row. They finished second in TfC2 and MWC03, purportedly due to players being involved in the army or becoming apathetic. The team gained strength in MWC04, but was overpowered by BME and placed second once again. Though they did not participate in MWC05 (the Np team that was signed up never showed up for a game), many Np players participated - at least one Np player was on each of the top four teams.

    The team won MWC06, becoming the only team other than Civil/
  • SF
  • to win two MWCs. Though they were predicted as a team that would probably reach the finals, but BME was the clear favourite due to Np's inactivity up until the tournament. Np's Gekko and Trixta have been on more teams to reach the MWC finals than any other players - MWC01, 03, 04 and 06 for Np and in MWC05 for BIA2/tcox. Key players from MWC05 finalists Thundercox joined Np for MWC06 - Grim and Arzenic, when Drizzt of Np decided to return to Np after playing with tcox in the previous two tournaments (SSP and MWC05 had not had an Np team).

    ! Brills Meets Evil (BME) (MWC04 winners)
    This team first entered The Fall Classic 2 as a combination of Legions of the Avatara and their MWC03 rivals Order of Aurelius. This team became notable for having overwhelming individual talent in Chohan, dWARf, Magne, and Loial, organized by the captaining ability of Bullet Tooth Tony (aka Conan). They managed to win both TfC2, and later MWC04. Most of BME was retired from Myth for MWC05, though Chohan and Bullet Tooth Tony led a team (Unholy Alliance) to fourth place as the only team with core BME players in it.

    UA's roster included Cannibal Ox and Magne of BME but reportedly they played little. UA's 2005 entry also included Chron1's first play before MWC06 with the BME team and became their only new player in MWC06 (other than the mysterious 'acceZ' who many plyers belive to be BME's Acheron though it has yet to be confirmed). Unfortunately their MWC06 team, despite being predicted most likely to win MWC06 claimed only 3rd place - a fine victory but perhaps not up to standard. This was largely due to inactivity as real life crept up on the players and stopped them shedding all of their rust from mass inactivity.

    ! BIAUIHYAC (BIA) (MWC03 winners)
    "Other names:" The F
  • ing Sorcerers, ICBMNATH, BIAUIHYAC2, BIA3

    The name is short for "Bitch Is All Up In Here Yelling And Crying". Organized essentially by LimpBizquick and Hitlow, and later by Raziel, this team started with a core of friends from the SSHL hotline server. They won MWC03 with a victory over Northern Paladins, breaking their streak of 5 tournament wins. The roster evolved a bit each year and attracted many skilled players. By MWC06 the active core bore little resemblance to the 03 squad, but was formidable nonetheless.

    In MWC04, the team was known as ICBMNATH (ICBM), and after a demoralizing defeat by Np in the top bracket, they fell apart, didn't practice, and lost immediately in the bottom bracket for an 11th place finish. In the less competitive MWC05 tournament, the team changed its name back to BIA and reached the finals. Unfortunately the finals were never completed due to scheduling issues. In MWC06, probably the most competitive tournament since 01, "The F
  • ing Sorcerers" was created, organized mainly by Raziel and Death Bastard. The old MWC03 crew almost never showed up, and the newer players didn't quite gel, but the team was only beaten by the two eventual finalists, Thundercox and the Northern Paladins.

    ! Rabble Forces (RF) (MWC98 winners)
    Won the original TFL98 tournament. A team formed for the sake of the tournament - first famous rabble team, and the reason coiners term 'rabble' for non-order-based teams. No major later history, team disbanded after their victory and most of its players faded from view after failing to achieve similar levels of skill on Myth II.

    ! Thundercox (TCox)
    "Other Names:" Greek Gods (GG)

    These players began playing together in NML2 (after MWC 2000 concluded), and entered MWC01 with dummy accounts as the Greek Gods. They did well in that tournament, placing 10th of 67 with a relatively small roster. The team did similarly well in MWC03 as Thundercox, placing 4th. In MWC04 they played as Greek Gods again and achieved 5th place. From inception they were a powerful team that played well but never got lucky enough to make it to the top. They had a shot at the finals in MWC05 but with all the scheduling shenanigans the finals were never played and they missed out again. Officially given joint-second-place by the TOs. In MWC06 Thundercox reached the finals once again, but were beaten by Np and played poorly.

    With key players from their MWC01/03/04/05 team Arzenic and Grim joining Np, and MWC05 team's guest player Drizzt returning to Np the team was short-handed and predicted to die long before then, but surpassed all expectations.

    ! Spanish Inquisition (Spin)
    This team only played in two tournaments (NML and MWC00), but they were one of only 4 teams that managed to beat Civil Order in a tournament match. Not only that, but the round they played in included Drowned Empire Territories as a map (a map famous for its difficulty, and Civil Order's 'home game' in NML). They finished MWC00 in 3rd place after rematching Civil Order and losing.

    They merged with The Cagey Ghols for NML2 and MWC01 and that combined team placed 5th in NML2 and 6th in MWC01. Its main captain, Hitlow, moved on to captain other teams like BIA and ICBM.

    ! Swedish Meatballs (Sm)
    "Other names:" Lucifer's Knights (LK), Legion of Angels

    Achieved 51st place in MWC99 (almost within the top 50%25 of teams in the huge tournament), but then a huge improvement with 6th place in MWC00, and 3rd in MWC03. Always an under-recognised underdog team lacking in M2SBR, still known for their skills. The majority of MWC04's Martial Arts Guru's team were also Sm, so in a way the team achieved back-to-back 3rd place MWC finishes. The main Sm team returned for MWC05, achieving a respectable 10th place but notably weaker than before.. The team is also known for having eliminated BMF, CP, gtm and TCox - all teams held in high renown - during their MWC history. Previously known in MWC98 as Lucifer's Knights (Legion of Angels) placing 8th. The team did not enter MWC06, though several key players were in 6th place-team Elephfriends (Ele).

    ! Bad Mo' Fo's (BMF)
    A legendary team that achieved second place in MWC99. They defeated Civil Order early in the tournament, but lost in sudden death during the finals in a ridiculously intense 14 game series. The team had more individual skill than team skills, but their abilities could not be denied. By MWC00, the team had started to fade away, achieving 8th place, which of course was excellent, but disappointing.

    ! Fellowship of Stoneheim (FS)
    "Other names:" Ginslingers (Gin), Cirque du Soulblighter (Cirque)

    One of the longest standing orders full of nice guys who knew how to play. They made 10th place in 99, played in the finals of MWC00, and finished 4th in MWC01. One of the most solidly performing groups in the first 3 years of myth, they stopped playing together after bungie.net went down. Most famous for their performance as Gin in MWC00, the team was made up of a 'best of' from the main FS order. Very hard tournament history to track because they were constantly playing under aliases.

    ! Iron Chef (IC)
    "Other names:" Martial Arts Gurus (guru), The Elephriends (Ele)

    This team formed for MWC01 from the remnants of several previous teams including Kamppur, the Swedish Meatballs, and a couple others. They took 12th place in MWC01, but during the course of their run managed to make a lot of waves. They stole a QR win from the eventual 3rd place Monkey Island team, and defeated the eventual 4th place Cirque du Soulblighter team in the top bracket. In MWC04 they gathered a few more players and entered as the Martial Arts Gurus, taking 3rd place. They attracted a few more powerful players in MWC06 and entered as The Elephriends, and achieved 5th place. Their roster to begin with looked like a convincing strong 5-trow team, but throughout the entire tournament the team looked weaker and weaker, losing key players - bringing many players to question if Ele deserved a 5-trow rating.

    ! Clan Plaid: Dwarves (CP)
    "Other names:" Sabre Rummers (sabre)

    Clan Plaid was a huge clan that played a big role in the Myth TFL community, and a somewhat smaller role in the Myth 2 community. As such a large clan, they had several bungie.net orders and multiple MWC98 teams. The most successful one was the Dwarf Division, CP#D. They played in the finals of MWC98 (Second place). The core of the CP#D team played as the Sabre Rummers in MWC99, and took 5th place. Another CP team entered and did not perform outstandingly, but placed 10th the next year (MWC00), when the Rummers did not return. CP was primarily a TFL clan, but they definitely had plenty of players with skills that carried over into Myth 2 during the Cup.

    ! Glue the Moose (gtm)
    The team with the most successful long-term MWC history. The team stuck together and achieved 4th, 11th, 5th and 5th from MWC99 - 03. Some gtm players were involved in MWC04, but no further teams were founded. For MWC05, Super Flame Throwers was a gtm team, but a 'forfeit team' with no intention of playing. gtm also returned for MWC06 with full plans for playing but the team rapidly fell apart and did not show up for games.

    ! Legion of the Avatara (LoA)
    This team got a really tough break in MWC00, beaten by WP in the first round and eliminated by BMF in the second (those teams eventually achieved 13th and 8th place, respectively). They took the losses in stride, and seemingly came out of nowhere in MWC01 to steal 9th place.. Following up on their surprise success, they achieved 7th in MWC03. By MWC04, the most powerful players on the team (Acheron, Loial, Lumber and dwarf) had joined BME - and won the contest. Though not during MWC season, Magne of BME had also been in LoA.

    ! Men of Rohan (MoR)
    An old myth order (The second order ever officially created) that lasted a long time together, this team dominated Myth tournaments when Civil faded away. However, NP stole their short-lived fame as tournament-dominating players. Compared to other tournaments, their MWC performance lacked consistency. Achieved 12th, then 7th twice in a row MWC99 - 01.

    ! Evil Incorporated (e.i.)
    e.i. had a lot of success early in Myth's lifespan, eventually winning the first serious Myth 2 team tournament. However, they never came very close to an MWC trophy, despite decent performances. From TFL98 - MWC01 they achieved 10th, 7th, 13th and 17th place in MWCs.

    ! Wolfpack (WP)
    Wolfpack had a successful MWC99 entry, ranking at 16th out of 96. Later, during NML, they dominated the regular season and even defeated the Street Fighters, but eventually were beaten in a rematch for a 3rd place finish. They fell apart a bit after that, lost a couple players, and got a disappointing 19th place in MWC00. However, they rebuilt a little and stepped it up to 13th and 8th in MWC01 - 03. The more competitive MWC04 put them down to 10th place, but the team's honor remained intact. Rebounding from MWC04 WP core played under The Living End and placed 5th in MWC05. Key players from WP were in MWC06's team GC and got a respectable 10th place.

    ! NFD feat. f.comm (NFDF)
    A combination of two previous Japanese teams (Nowhere Final Destination and F. Communications), who each did decently but not too well in MWC01. In MWC04 their joint team surprised everyone and claimed 4th place in a pretty competitive MWC. For MWC05, they divided up again ending in a 9th place finish for NFD and 11th for Fcomm. The teams should really be considered separate with just a merge for MWC04, but they alternated in representing Japan for MWC01/03 (AGEHA was another Japanese team in MWC04+ but a far weaker one). They rejoined for MWC06 and achieved 5th place out of 32 - a very similar performance to MWC04, perhaps a little weaker due to less player activity.

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