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Non-Tournament Competitions/Contests


Non-Tournament Competitions/Contests

There have been several competitions that are not really tournaments. These competitions/contests are Myth II themed and some require skilled gameplay, but none of these are primarily about competing directly against other Myth players or teams. Many more of this type have been forgotten by players than the other tournament types since these ones were not very as competitive by comparison or as large in time or scope so this list is known to be far from complete.

The Myth II Handbook Humor contest (UNKNOWN DATE - October 1999)

  • "Type:" 'Myth Humour Competition'
  • "Tournament Organiser:" Unknown
  • "Winners:" 1st place: 'Dud Wight' (QT Movie) by Rust Dragon, 2nd place: 'The Official Hax0r Guide' (Website) by DrunkBob, 3rd place: 'Total Comix' (website) by Et'he Visionary, 4th place: 'Myth II meets Halo' (Graphic) by Kelstek, 5th place: 'Cotal Todex' (website) by KillerK. Most Iliturit Entry: 'THERE FAT' (graphic) by Warlock. Runners up: 'Where's Waldo?' by ragnarok, 'Dat Tro U Do' (Sound) by Hungry Ghol, 'If I Had a Car' (Graphic) by Avery, 'Dreaming of Burt' (text) by Nightcrawler, 'The Myth II Drinking Game' (text) by Tsao, 'Dwarf Money' (graphic) by Sobo, 'Best RTS Game of the Year' (graphic) by Matt Burns
  • "Comments:" Run by the creator of the well known Myth II Handbook (J. Charles Holt, aka DeathWhore), it had big prizes, particularly for such an odd competition with quite a lot of imaginitive submissions - hence the long list of runners up.

    The Mill Contest (January - June 2000)
  • "Type:" Map-Making Tournament
  • "Tournament Organiser:" Frigidman
  • "Winners:" 1st place: 'Under Myrkridian Standards' by Soma, Kuba and Bubba et al. Best Individual Level: 'Senex Silvae'. Honourable Mention: 'Legend of Gor-Ash' by Creation Games, 'CAGES', 'The Havre River' by The Idiot Map-Making Collective
  • "Comments:" Run by The Mill, the centre of Myth II's map-making community with a major prize driving it.
  • [[http://idiotcollective.com The Idiots Map-Making Collective]]

    RMA Map-Making Contest 2003 (April - September 2003)
  • "Type:" Map-Making Tournament
  • "Tournament Organiser:" Mad Dog and Ascot, help from Real Men and Alliance Myth II Orders
  • "Winners:" 1st place: '1944 - Normandy' by Carlinho, 2nd place: 'WW3: Revolutions' by Zephirus, 3rd place: 'Edges of the Empire' by Dash_Ripcock
  • "Comments:" Organised by the RMA, a combination of two orders who often played together for Myth tournaments with work led by Mad Dog and Ascot the tournament aimed to revive map-making by offering prizes for good quality work. Lack of motivation by the rest of the team, too long of a time frame and very few map-makers caring (other than for a minor prize) meant the tournament was ultimately a failure - only 7 maps were submitted finally, and one almost finished beta.
  • [[http://www.mythforums.com/RMAMapContest/ | RMA Map-Making Contest 2003 Finished Map List]]

    The Power of 10 Map-Making Contest 2007 (Jan - April 2007)
  • "Type:" Map-Making Tournament
  • "Tournament Organiser:" The Onyx Warlords
  • "Winner:" 1st place: "DorfíUnor Drug Task Force" by Khadrelt
  • "Comments:" Organised by the Onyx Warlords, this was an individual/small team (max 2 people) solo mapmaking competition. The contest was called the "Power of 10" because of the primary restriction for the competition: "Each map may use no more than ten monster tags; this includes Light, Dark, ambient life, uncontrollable characters, inventory/artifact switching, and invisible monsters for effects or scripting purposes.".

  • [[http://onyxwarlords.com/thepoweroften | The Power of 10 Map-Making Contest 2007 ]]

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