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Ancient, giant homonids, created by the god Nyx from stone and clay. While not inherantly evil, they have commited many atrocious acts. In their early days, they came into conflict with a new race every thousand years or so, and always destroyed them. The Callieach were one such race. After an aeon of peace, the younger races appeared, and one of them, the Oghres, instigated a war against the Trow. The Trow, with their iron weapons, slaughtered the entire race of Oghres. Then, in shame, they abandoned their weaponry and returned to an age of peace. Connacht then appeared, and imprisoned them in the vaults beneath Rhi'Anon. Later, when he returned as Balor, he freed the Trow, who - owing him their lives - decided to fight for him. After Balor's defeat, the Trow refused to fight for Soulblighter, but instead were won to the side of the Light by the Deceiver.

In-game Trow are difficult to unmatched in melee combat, they can kill many units with a single kick. Because of their strong health they are good for stopping fireballs, pus or dorf attacks from reaching other units. They are susceptible to arrows or souless but it takes a lot of arrows/spears to kill one. When a trow's health is reduced low enough it turns to stone and is unusable, though it can be healed back to life with 2 or more heals.

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