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An exclamation of agreement and/or happiness. Usually used by a younger crowd, [script kiddies]? and people who play EverQuest? [and other online games, e.g. Myth - ed]. Sometimes used to denote victory. This word originates from a mangling of the interjective Woo (which itself came from Whew). Its popularity began to rise with the prominence of online multiplayer games--in particular, online role-playing games such as EverQuest?. This is probably as a result of the phenomenon of online communication morphing words to create strong statements that are easy to type. See also -- grok?, blorf. W00t is the lamer? version of woot. In the language of the lamers, certain letters are replaced with numerals or mathematical symbols to create an elitist alphabet. W00+ is also a lamer variation of woot."

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