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(verb) This word has two similar though slightly different shades. 1) To "floyn" someone is to steal their color e.g., if Queso joins a game before I do, then because Queso is green like I am (if I'm using my JunglePickle persona), then I'll end up red, or turqoise, or pink, or anything but green. Queso, in this case, has floyned me. This can be adapted into the adjective "floynulent"; (easily or likely to be floyned) e.g., "JunglePickle, your color is very floynulent," or, "I'm going by Desert Pickle because tan isn't as floynulent.". 2) ".floyn" is a command you can use on the mariusnet myth game server to intentionally change your color to another random color. You can not intentionally take someone elses color, but you might decide to use .floyn to change your own color if you (your color) got floyned when you logged onto the server. This is convenient because it lets you change your color without logging off and back on to the server.

[Most of the text for this definition and the examples were provided by JunglePickle]

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