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Bungie, GT Team up for Global Carnage


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GT Interactive to distribute Myth II: Soulblighter in Europe

CHICAGO--September XX, 1998--Bungie Software, creators of 1997s Game of the Year, Myth: The Fallen Lords, have turned to powerhouse publisher GT Interactive to publish and distribute its sequel, Myth II: Soulblighter, in Europe. Sharing a common goal of getting this superlative game onto every hard drive in the world, each has high hopes for this partnership.

Myth II: Soulblighter is the highly anticipated sequel to last years seminal game Myth: The Fallen Lords. As the first real-time strategy game to take place in a tangibly 3D world and to refocus gameplay on battle instead of resource management, Myth was a revolutionary experience for gamers and won every major award for strategy games in the industry. Now Myth II: Soulblighter, boasting extensive new features and improvements to gameplay, is poised to swamp even Myths impressive success when it ships later this year.

As before, Bungie will publish and distribute the game throughout North America. It is in the many countries and languages of Europe that the long arm and marketing muscle of GT Interactive is welcome.

Alexander Seropian, CEO of Bungie Software, elaborated. "Myth II is twice the game that Myth was, and should have twice the presence. Myth II has numerous new features to support international players, like the no-blood option that some countries require, and full multiplayer compatibility across languages. Weve long been impressed with GTs mastery of the complex business of software publishing, and eagerly anticipate a vast influx of foreign players on bungie.net."

Headquartered in New York with offices in London, Paris, Hamburg and Sydney, GT Interactive Software Corp. is a leading global publisher of interactive entertainment and edutainment. A wide range of titles for personal computers and game consoles are published under several GT Interactive brands. GT is also a leader in value-priced software with the One Stop Company publishing brands. With a web presence at http://www.gtinteractive.com, GT Interactive is publicly traded on the NASDAQ market under the symbol GTIS.

Based in Chicago, Bungie is a rarity in the electronic entertainment industry, a private corporation dedicated to both developing and publishing outstanding, immersive electronic games that surpass the boundaries of conventional technology and provide compelling and highly repeatable play. Since 1991, Bungies games have helped customers avoid work, put their personal lives in stasis and tested their self-esteem--then brought them back for more. For more information, surf to http://www. bungie.com.


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