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Results of Bungie's Platform Wars


Author name : The Computer Show
Author order : Tournament

Subject: Results of Bungie's Platform Wars

The clash of arms is stilled, flags lie in tatters, the wounded twitch on the field - PLATFORM WARS is ended. As the only multiplayer action-strategy game that allows gamers on both the MacOS and Win95 platforms to compete on a truly level playing field, Bungie Software's game Myth: The Fallen Lords was the setting for this tournament of fast-paced and bloody strategy gaming.

At the GenCon Game Fair last week in Milwaukee, two Champions met in glorious combat to win honor for their computing platform and a 1/10 scale statue of a Trow. Each was a master of multiplayer Myth, each had aleady come out ahead of 498 other contenders and already won a high-end machine of their chosen platform.

Mundred, representing the Win95 platform and Panamon, representing the MacOS, fought four battles. In the end, Panamon held the Trow aloft in victory.

Game: Territories
Map: I'll Dance on your Grave
Winner: Panamon, 5 flags to 2

Game: Scavenger Hunt
Map: Mudpit Massacre
Winner: Mundred, 45% survivors to 14%

Game: Flag Rally
Map: For Carnage Apply Within
Winner: Panamon, 4 flags to 3

Game: Steal the Bacon
Map: Mudpit Massacre
Winner: Panamon, by elimination

Saved films of these games, in both Win95 and MacOS formats, are available for download from http://www.bungie.net. Simply extract them and drop them in the "reco" folder of your copy of Myth: The Fallen Lords, then hit the "Saved Films" button to replay them. Pictures from the tourney are also available on that page.

Bungie is grateful to our generous sponsors for helping make this tourney possible:

Apple Computer, http://www.apple.com
Cyberian Outpost, http://www.cybout.com
Falcon Northwest, http://www.falcon-nw.com
MacAddict Network, http://www.macaddictnetwork.com
PC Gamer, http://www.pcgamer.com
TechWorks, http://www.techworks.com

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