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National Myth League - Week2


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Are they Civil? Some think yes, some think no. They say yes, they say no. Just as the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop, the world may never know. One thing we do know is that they are indeed a force to contend with, they REPRESENTZ. If you don’t watch your back, they REPRESENTZ ON YAZ AZZ.

A decided victory in NML last year didn’t quite drive home to everyone just how solid of a team they have. Many people were looking for them to have the smak laid down on their collective AZZ in MWC. When they got Spun in late rounds many people thought their
reign of terror had finally come to an end. I’m sure when Spin faced them again in the bottom bracket they were feeling pretty good about themselves. After all, they are the only team to take a win off SF, the mighty David that slew Goliath. They might have won a battle, but in the end they lost the war as SF seemed undaunted by the blemish in their near perfect record. After popping back a few slow gin fizzes they earned the title of MWC2K champions and the respect of the entire community.

So if SF chooses to defend their NML title, is there any point in the rest of us even trying? I think so. Spin proved SF isn’t omnivorous, their wall of secret Street Fighter Combo moves can be scaled. I suspect that monster we all know as real life might rear its ugly head in the Street Fighter clan very soon as well. They have battled continuously for nearly a year now. While most of us only play the first half of a tournament before we take our seats on the sidelines, SF plays every week ‘til the end. Can they possibly keep up this regiment of continuous Mything for another tournament? I don’t think so.

With their overnight success and sudden rise to stardom, new found fame and fortune is sure to takes its toll on the Street Fighter Clan. Sources close to SF report that Sagat, the foundation of the Street Fighters, has already taken to week long binges of drunken debauchery. The head bouncer at Studio 54 was quoted as saying, “This is the 3rd time this week I tossed him out on his azz.” Apparently Sagat gets really drunk and starts to strip down in the middle of the dance floor yelling, “Lina, gekommen zu mir meine Liebe!!” Rumor has it that Sagat was so turned on by Lina’s merciless SF bootings last year that he has stalked her ever since. “When [Lina] left the Myth community and went into hiding it was more than he could bear.”, stated a close personal friend of Sagat’s. I know personally that M. Bison has been in a mood ever since he learned Bloody Souls is a guy, could he be next?

Although it’s doubtful that SF is entering their fat Elvis Vegas years so early in their careers, with 2 consecutive tournament championships under their belts they are far from those hungry young upstarts we came to know and love last year. If the title of NML2 Champions comes down to who wants it more, it may very well go to the challengers. I recommend that anyone wanting to be that challenger get on Ebay and search for a Sony Playstation and a copy of Street Fighters. Only by learning the counter moves to the secret combos does one stand a chance at vanquishing the Street Fighters.

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