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First I must apologize. I didn't watch all the films from week one. There are some matches that I didn't even see a single film. Therefore, I might have missed out on some great play, player, ownage, or suckage that might have been a better choice. Because there are 16 matches of 3 games with an average of 5 players per team, I'd have to watch the 48 films 10 times each to see every player's perspective for every game. That's 480 in game perspectives!!! If the average game is 10 minutes, that's 4800 minutes (80 hours) of watching films. At normal speed that is two 40 hour work weeks for every week on NML2.

Nobody wants to watch that much Myth. However, I think most of us would like to see some of the best play of each week, or at least hear about it. That's why I decided my weekly column is going to be a highlights reel of the better plays of the week. I need your help though, I can't watch all the films. I need you to let me know about any good play that you witnessed either first hand or as a spectator after your thrall died. Just tell me which match, which game, beginning/middle/end of the film, and who to watch, I'll take it from there. I can't promise it will make the cut for play of the week, but I can promise I will watch it. Also, if you have enough self confidence to let others have a good laugh at your own expense, send in submissions for blunder of the week as well.

One more yadda yadda then I'll get on with it. For Play of the Week I'm looking for a play that won the game, although it doesn't have to be as grand, this week's play of the week is a prime example. Game of the week I'm looking for pure excitement, stunning play from both teams, complete dominance by one team, or a down to the wire photo finish. For Ownage of the Week I'm looking for a play where a player got completely owned by another player. A play where two forces similar in strength meet and one force decimates the other sustaining little or no injuries. Blunder of the Week is more than just sloppy play, it's a play so hideous that it cost your team the game. Just so there are no hard feelings in the weeks to come, I have dedicated the first blunder of the week to myself. Now, let's get on with the show!

Play of the Week

Northern Paladins had Pallor's Vicious Cutthroats hog tied face down in the sand on PVC's home map of Trow/Cap from early on in the game. Np was well up in % plus they had 4 of the 6 balls on their hill. This game could very easily been in the blunder of the week category as PVC committed the cardinal sin of Trow, they hung their 3 locks out to dry with virtually no defense. Np's trow made quick work of the locks that might as well have been tethered to a tree stump as some sort of ritual sacrifice to the Trow gods. However, despite saying ‘gg' early on in the match, Pallor held out a glimmer of hope in the back of her ever so devious mind. She figured if she could get her handful of souls to the enemies hill she could take their 4 balls and win the match. All she would have to do to pull this off is guide her 7 of souls past 5 trow and 5 myrks then uphill against the 4 souls of Np. Not an easy task but she did have 4 trow on her side.

She hovered her soulless over the deep water just a few Trow paces from the enemy hill, instructed her Trow buddies to run interference and proceeded to float right to the hill and up to the top. She then beat the enemy souls with sticks as they tried to scurry away with her new found bounty. As the last Np soul went up in a puff of smoke, so too did their comfortable lead and the game. They got balled by a balless soul who showed a great deal of balls with her soulless.

Looking back on the film you might think Np could have easily stopped her. That might be true, however, hindsight is as we all know 20/20. Watching a film and saying what should have been done is a far sight different than playing in a game and actually doing it. Np was obviously thinking they had the game in the bag and did not even suspect the treachery that was waiting in the wings. Obviously with such a large melee advantage they should have pulled the balls off the hill and kicked them to a corner with their Trow where PVC wouldn't have had a prayer to get them back. However, Pallor noted their error in judgment and perfectly executed a plan to monopolize on it. That is why she is awarded with Play of the Week.

Game of the Week

This may seem like a cop out, and it kinda is, but I haven't watched all the films, it's Friday, and of all the games I have seen so far, this is the one I would recommend if you were only going to watch one. Np vs. PVC on Trow/Cap. This match is very entertaining from start to finish. There is a little something for everyone. There's good play from each side as well as major mistakes from both sides. It's fun to watch PVC bitch and whine at each other about who lost the game for them, “But you only ever give me one unit”. I don't know who said it, or what unit it was, but when I read it I was rolling on the floor in stitches. I never knew what the hell Np was saying, it was like they were speaking a different language or something, but I sure would love to know what they were saying at the end. Did they see it coming?

Ownage of the Week

MoR is more than a bunch of pansy artists who make killer logos and fun maps. They have some real talent on their team. This week's ownage award goes out to two MoR players, Zephyr and Tuko. They double handedly owned HWS's 10 arcs with 10 of their own. I was hesitant at first to give the award out to a 2 on 1 match up, but even taking that into vonsideration, it was total ownage. 4 of Tuko's arcs and 6 of Zephyr's arcs squared off against 10 of Heal w/ Steel's arcs completely decimating HWS's arcs while only losing one of their own. That is what ownage is all about. Everyone involved realized the ownage as well. TuKo, “we owned mid Z[ephyr]” HWS, “GJ, Zeph and TuKo” Nice ownage guys.

Blunder of the Week

There is much debate in the NML2 forum as to who sucks the most. .tDC has long held that they are the suckiest of them all, I tend to agree, but then again I have never seen them play. However, of all the games I watched from week one there is one move that sticks out in my head as total suckage. Two minutes left in the smells game hpd is up 60% to 57% over Tribal. We had a lock, 10 arcs w/ fire, 10 warriors, 7 herons, and 2 ghols and had just taken out their last lock leaving them with 19 warriors, 10 herons, 4 arcs, 3 ghasts, and 2 ghols. They obviously have a melee superiority that we must wear down with our arcs and lock. Instead I charge my 10 warriors into the meat grinder and lose all support for our range units and any chance at a win. It was one of those plays that you really don't know what's going on until you watch the film and ask yourself out loud, ~What the hell was he thinking?!~ Therefore I bestow the first week's Blunder of the Week award on yours truly.

Don't forget to email your submissions for Play, Game, Ownage, or Blunder of the Week to blacksmith@home.com and good
luck in week 2.

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