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Trial By Combat : Final Results


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Trial by Combat winners

The winners of Trial by Combat are: Ananab Tilps, Scorpio and My Modem is on fire. Great job guys and Congratulations! 3 winners in a ffa tournament, is that possible? Yep it is, these 3 players were tied, and with a lot of points each, clearly stating that they ruled ;). See the TBC website for more info about this, and also a good story by Butcher about the Commanders of the King's Champions.

A great tournament has come to an end. Kudos to Butcher for organizing this, great job! We're looking forward to your future tournaments and glad to have people like you in the Myth Community.

We're sorry but we won't be able to bring you a report from the battlefield, due to the fact that the final was re-schedueld to Sunday 6pm CST. I wasn't able to attend, so if you want to see how the games went, go get the films over at the TBC website.

Trial by Combat Final

The TBC final will be played on Sunday at 6pm CST. After many weeks we'll finally see a Champion, who has risen fom the 384 players.

And sorry, but no report from the semis either. A report from the Final? Of course!!

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