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Trial by Combat : Round 1


Author name : trinity
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Trial by Combat starts

Yesterday was the big tourney day. Trial by Combat finally started after several delays. Round one. And it was huge -tons of people on b.net had the number tags after their names (if anyone of you wondered what was up with those). That also showed that this is a very organized tournament.

But everything didn't work out as it was supposed to, Bungie didn't get the tournament rooms up and there was some confusion for a while. Everything worked out fine though, since Butcher (the organizer) and several other admins and bungie people was helping out in the rooms telling which of the unranked rooms was going to be the blue, yellow, green and red rooms. Then Bungie changed that little blue message that pops up in the chat, to which of the unranked rooms was equal to a TBC room and which color.

Another problem was that the people who wasn't playing not always left the tourney rooms (since the tourney rooms were regular unranked ones) so at times it was hard to get in. But this new find system makes it possible to get in into a full room, which the TBC organizers told the people.

Then at 4pm CST it was time for my match. It got a bit delayed to some host problems: our first host (all hosts were neutral) had lag and we got a new one. Very good to have substitute hosts.

The number tag you had after your name was very good when it came to finding your game, and also for the organizers. There were substitues there, and 2 guys were missing for our match, so it was quickly solved.

The games started. These were the round one games:

Steal the bacon on Gimble in the Wabe, 10 min

Territories on Drowned Kingdom, 10 min

King of the Hill on Dead man's chest, 10 min

Stampede on Gyre in the Wabe, 10 min

Flag rally on I'll Fall on your Grave, 10 min

Planning time was 1:30. A good set of games, which gave everyone a chance to show what they were good at. There were 6 people in every group and winner got 4 points, 2nd place 3 points, 3rd place 2 points, 4th place 1 point.

After the first 4 games the player with least points (if a tie occured the one with most 1st places won the tie) was left out and the 5 remaining played Flag rally on Grave. After that the 3 players with the best total score moved on to the second round. Same thing if a tie occured.

It was a fun night and I moved on to round , I got 3rd place, tie with another guy and I had more 1st places ;-)

I'm looking forward to round 2, in this very fun and well organized tournament.

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