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Trial by Combat : Round 2


Author name : trinity
Author order : Tournament

It was time for round 2. At 4pm CST my game started, this time no tournament rooms either. Why? I have no idea, but it was easier this time around to find the right room, since Bungie changed the little blue message right away, to which room was blue/red/substitutes. We had to wait a couple of minutes for a host, but there was not a long delay.

Some problems occured though with the picking of games....hunting. The hunting perm isn't correct, which meant problems. But none of those happened in our game, so it was a fair one. The other games were well picked and gave everyone a chance to show what they were good at, just like in round 1. The games can be found in a previous post.

Flag Rally on Float, this game was a bit of a camp fest at first....for about 2 mins. Then the fighting started, zerks all over the place! Almost everyone had 3 flags and there were 4 armies at one flag at the end, and no-one had tagged it. I was lucky and came a few secs later, when Sudden Death had started, and swept clean, tagged it and won ;)

Gimble hunting, althoug there are the hunting problem, this didn't affect our game. It was over pretty fast, with 2 people that had killed 4 animals each. The one who killed his first won. I guess hunting isn't really my game....got last place.

During that game Faded ~C~ lagged out and wasn't able to return, so we played the other games with only 5 people

Drowned Kingdom, lmoth. This map was also used in round 1 for terries. And this map really is GREAT. Both for lmoth and terries, I think it's best for terries, but still a _very_ good lmoth map. Huge battle at the end during sudden of course..which Renard won. I got 3rd place, I thik I moved in my stygs and warrs a bit too soon...heh

Chest, captures. This is also a game of skill, as the rest of them also were ;). Since we were 5 players one had a little advantage, since he got an extra free ball. It was a long game without much fighting, mostly just trying to get a quick steal and move ahead of people in the ranking, and still have the same number of balls. It was a long sudden death, I almost screwed up, but straightened out the situation, had some luck too. A ball was forgotten by another player and pushed pver to near my camp, and got stuck. So I could send a coupleof warrs and ghols to get it. I got 1st place.

Demise on the plains, koth. Er....King of the ball, this was a somewhat regular king of the ball game. Bowmen fireingform every direction and people running back and forth tagging the ball. There were no bigfights, so there was no chance of doing a sweeping up and take all the remaining time (as I did in round 1 on koth Chest). I finished 3rd, about 3 secs ahead of 4th place.

After about an hour we had played all the games, I advanced ;-). Myself (Trinity) and Renard got tied 1st place, 12 pts each. It was the same procedure as last time, the top 3 advanced. And scoring was also the same: 4pts for 1st, 3pts for second, 2pts for third and 1pt for 4th.

Films from all rounds and matches can be found at the TBC web site. Click here to get there.

I'm looking forward to round 3, and of course everything will be posted here!


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