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Trial by Combat : Round 3


Author name : trinity
Author order : Tournament

This report is 4 days delayed, I'm sorry about that....real life got in the way...heh. Well, let's dive right into the battlefiel. Round 3 of TBC, this are starting to heat up, only 72 players remaining.

One of the players was about 10 mins late, so the game was a bit delayed. Ananab Tilps was host, he also hosted my game in round 2. Game one, terries/gyre, The game was pretty intense, with a lot of fighting, which was good for those of us who didn't fight...but I was one of the ones who fighted and then you can't win a terries game...I forgot all about the keyword for terries: "presence". I got 5th place, no points for me, I should have practiced that map more than one time...

Game two, koth/float. A lot of dorf fighting and zerks running around in the middle. Since you get time for contesting that is a god tactic. Carnage was very good and always had a zerk in the middle contesting. Then moved in with his army when it was about 1:30 left, killed off everyone and won with over a minute. I played a very bad game myself and got last place..

Game three, time to get some points. We had reached the "middle" game, time for me to get some points. Drowned Kingdom/terries, one of the games that requires a lot of skill, planning and thinking. Not much fighting, it's all about presence. I had mad skillz on terries/carnage (accordin to myself ;) back in Myth TFL and I've also played some good games on this one, and was pretty sure to at least place on it (get among the top 3). After about 4 mins of the game the worst thing that could happen for me happens: I lag out ;-(. No chance of advancement..

I laggedout of the whole b.net, so I had to reconnect to it. I return to the tourney room (Muirthemne, a message on top of the chat window as usual, and tons of admins around), wait for the remaining 5 mins and chat a bit with Ramses II, a TBC official, while waiting.

Game four, flag rally/gimble, this is usually a camp fest. But the flags are so close so it's easy to make attacks. I was about to attack S, I started NE (middle), while fighting, a fight I was pretty sure to win, I get terrible lag, it was the worst lag I've ever had, something like 1fps, then I realize what have caused the lag....another person was downloading on the same connection (modem, 56K) and stole all the bandwidth. I have some units left though, that I retreated with, 3 stygs and a few warrs. I had some luck, many flags were open and I tagged 3 flags and placed 2nd (!). This gave me enough points to at least play all the games.

Game five, captures/spiderweb, this was more or less a regular captures game. Not much really happened...except that I didn't do good...heh. I got last or fourth ;-(.

Conclusion, it was a tough round. There were good players in my group and I had some bad luck with lag two times (one of them I lagged out, but I don't blame the host). I won't just blame lag, there were many good players, and some though games, and I played very badly ;-(. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted ;-).

The coverage from TBC will of course continue, even though I've been eliminated from the tournament, I'll find some way to watch the games ;-).

If you want films from the round then visit the TBC website, and if you want to view the films from this match, then look for the films for bracket 4R1.


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