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Trial by Combat : Round 4


Author name : trinity
Author order : Tournament

It was time for round 4, the final round of phase 1. This means that the guys who advanced from this round would be named "The Kings Champions". And after this round, they will fight amongst themselves to see who is the best.

Since I was eliminated last round I didn't play this one, but I spoke with Butcher and logged on as "TBC press", which gave me permission to watch the games. I thought the 4pm CST brackets would be a good time for me, so I bounced off to "Meander" at 3:50pm CST, just to find out that there was no 4pm CST bracket....next one was in 2 hours, at 6pm CST....my bad, should have checked it our before.

I bounced off to another room playing some with friends, 'til it was time again.

Most of the players were early, chatting while waiting for hosts and the rest of the players. And there were also those Myth players around who never visit any major myth sites, asking why everyone had numbers after their names, and what was Trial by Combat. A fun response to the numbers given by one player was: "We ate magic beans and then they just popped up".

I decided to watch and review bracket 6R4, consisting of the following players: Krunch, Greywolf (substitute), Phoibos, Tino and Crimson. We were waiting for a host. Ultrabob who was going to host the bracket had problems with getting red games when he tried to host. After a while the problem turned out to be that his plugins (2 3rd party maps were used) was named incorrectly..

Time for the first game, Leagues from Nowhere/territories. After the planning time was over Ultrabob asked if Tino was present, or if we had lost him during loading (happens at times). And since Ultrabob (the host) was teamed up with Tino, and no troop movement occured he asked again. Butcher, who also was watching, asked if Tino had traded, and here's the fun part.....he had, but Ultrabob didn't realize it, and the game was to be dropped..

Appearently Tino had to run afk for a few secs after the planning time, but was able to play the game. Then Ultrabob hosted up a new one, but everyone lagged out about 20 secs after planning time was over.

Now the big problems started, getting a host. Ultrabob had to leave, and no other host was present. Butcher said that he could host it himself, but 2 guys got very bad pings. Crimson, who lives in Finland, had a very bad ping, and refused to play. After a 50 min delay, and a lot of discussing, Butcher decided to host it anyway.

Finally, it was time for the games. It was now the sixth time we tried to get Terries/Leagues to run. Thsi time it all worked. A pretty regular game of ffa terries, according to me the terrain on Leagues isn't suitable for a terries game. No real advantages or anything in the outside desert, it looks teh same everywhere. Phoibos finished 1st, Tino 2nd, Krunch 3rd and Crimson 4th.

Demise on the plains/Flag rally. The beginning was what you'd expect, everyone rushing to tag their own flags, and then set up their archers on teh hill behind it to protect it. Greywolf got cheap steal of a flag with a ghol, the defending units were standing too long from the flag, so it was "taggable". That started the fighting, Crimson was quick enough at the end to get his attacking units back to his own flag and successfully defended it. Crimson took 1st place, Greywolf 2nd, Tino 3rd and Phoibos 4th.

Time for the next terries game, Grave terries. And old time favourite of mine, though I liked summer better than fall ;-). A pretty regular ffa terries game, no early fights, just "presence". It was a very long sudden at the end, and I think everyone was up in the lead at times. Krunch got 1st place, Crimson 2nd, Greywolf 3rd and Tino 4th.

Leagues of nowhere again, this time captures. It was about ball control, make sure the balls don't get stuck in the impassable mountains. Everyone tried to collect their own little nest in each corner, some more successful than others.. And the cannon balls (or mortar ammo..) were used, sometimes not only to the better. Tino was chasing Greywolf with a pack of ghols, a ghol a way back in the ghol pack threw his cannon ball, killing half of the ghols, but also causing serious damage on Greywolf's warriors. Tino got 1st, Phoibos 2nd, Krunch 3rd and Greywolf 4th.

Lichen Unto Death (TBC special)/Flag rally. The game loaded, I was sitting waiting for other players (my Yosemite 400 loads pretty fast...full install on an Ultra2 SCSI disk ;-), and then it appeared. It was the first time I played this map, I just downloaded it to be able to do TBC coverage. And all I could say was *WOW*. I was stunned, the texture was incredible, it was truly awesome! And then the fog accompaning it it...what a map! There's only one word for this map: PERFECTION!
I wasn't able to watch teh actual game...I didn't care. All I did for 10 mins was scrolling around admiring this map. Well, these are the results: Krunch 1st, Crimson 2nd, Phoibos 3rd and Greywolf 4th.

Last game, Venice. Greywolf was eliminated, but stayed to watch the last game. Krunch was superior, managing his thralls with very good precision. Always having one in there to steal time. Butcher even called him "master of thrall". Krunch won it, Crimson 2nd, Tino 3rd and Phoibos 4th.

Final standings: Krunch 16 pts, Crimson 14 pts, Tino 12 pts, Phoibos 11 pts and Greywolf 7 pts.

Top three advaced and were named "King's Champions". That was round 4. Round 5 begins in one week.

I'll be there to watch it.


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