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CMG's Millennial Madness Myth II Tournament Results


Author name : C O N A N R E X (Raphael Lib

The RESULTS are in and a winner has been declared! And the Winner is... Team Spanky (Agent Orange, SteelClasher, and iKev) with a whopping 136.6 points! Each of them wins either a brand new 3Dfx Vodoo 3 graphics card or $50 game of choice. Second Place goes to The Hitmen (Jeff the Meek and Warpish) with a close 123.7 points! These guys get to choose either Caesar III or Rainbow Six. And Third Place went to The Simians (Lord of Apes and Lysander) with 65.7 points! They each will get the Total Codex or the new Warcraft B.net Edition.

The tourney was played using 4 of the very hardest single player maps -The Great Library - Landing at White Falls - With Friends Like These -&- Redemption. Check out the scoring system below for more information.

Many thanx go to Monasier who did the lion's share of tournament preperation for making this event a good one. As a result, I have promoted him 2nd Lieutenant in the ranks of our great Myth II order. Congrats Monas! Many thanx go to Bandit for dutifully assisting him, and mint and myself for keeping things in order and hosting the games. All around, it was a job well done. Thanx also go out to those who participated in this wonderful event. It looks like we may have another event planned for next month... so if you're interested in competing again, or wish to join our ranks and compete with the best, then this is the tournament to enter.

Tourney Teams and Rankings:

First Place - Team Spanky: Agent Orange, SteelClasher, and iKev
Score: 136.6 points

Second Place - The Hitmen: Jeff the Meek and Warpish
Score: 123.7 points

Third Place - The Simians: Lord Of Apes and Lysander
Score: 65.7 points

Fourth Place - Team Fresh Meat: RedFive85 and Dark Knight
Score: 58.5 points

Fifth Place - The Brat Pack: Crisco Kid, Merlin, and PyrusDios
Score: 56.6 points

Sixth Place - The Latecomers: iDan, Neo, and Red Hornet
Score: 42.0 points

Seventh Place - The Lucases: Dvor and Rampnat ai
Score: 0.0 points (they were unavailable to compete)

On each level, 0.1 points were given out for each enemy unit killed.
Special units (fetch, trow, Myrk giants) are worth more than other units - Fetch 1.5 points, Trow and Giants 1 point.
For victory, players received 10 extra points.

Bonus Scoring: There were bonus/penalty points in each level (only given in case of victory):
-The Great Library - 15 point penalty if you take more than 20 minutes to finish the level
-Landing at White Falls - 10 point bonus if you finish the level in under 8 minutes
-With Friends Like These - 4 point bonus for each flag held
-Redemption - 10 bonus for each unbreached section of the wall

Misc notes: Out of sync problems between 1.3.1 and 1.3 users seemed very pronounced on the Redemption level. In closing, I hope you CMGers (and potential CMGers) are looking forward to next month's tourney. It'll be a good one...

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