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Newbie's Bungie.net Chat Dictionary


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Newbie's Bungie.net Chat Dictionary

gg=good game

lol=lots of laughs, or loads of laughs
rofl=rolling on floor laughing (sort of like double "lol")
wtf=what the f*ck... usually seen in games with wights, when one makes it in unnoticed
brb=be right back (also used as a good way to leave a game without getting scolded, though)

afk=away from keyboard
irl=in real life
ur=your (one of my least favorites)
game types: lmoth, koth, fr, bc, terries, caps, ctf... these are pretty self explanatory acronyms/abbreviations... especially since there are only 12 game types or so.

celest=celestial, or 1 of the top 8 players.
emp=emporer (isn't always a compliment, unfortunately)
admin=administrator. usually a good source for answers, just don't whisper to them.
camper=someone who doesn't engage until the very end of an lmoth game, then runs all of his fresh units at the mostly dead surviving army.
trower=someone who only plays Body Count on If I Had a Trow, usually with teammates he knows.

np=no problem
leecher=someone who plays only one type of game, usually because they found a cute/clever loophole.
lag cheater=someone who doesn't have a particularly good host, yet uses it on games which require critical timing, so they win usually be default. Happens a lot on Raid on the Plains, many celests' favorite map.
lag=ok, this is one of the most talked about concepts of bungie.net. Basically, your information goes to the host, and often it is stuck in the transfer process for a while. Thus, even though you give orders, you won't receive or give information to the host, and you sit there while the game progresses without you... Very bad...
ping=in the chatroom, each game should have a ping. This is a somewhat sketchy view of how much lag a game will produce. The ping is the time it takes one packet of information to bounce to the host and back.

T3, T1, cable, 57.6, 28.8, etc.=these are, in decreasing order, connection speeds. If you see a "T3 host", it will probably have a low ping, and little lag.
feature=what bungie calls the new regular click-to-attack... where you click on the enemy, and you attack everything nearby (including soulless on top of a rock), and thus lose...
ai=artificial intelligence. Myth II has much more aggressive units than myth I, but letting the ai attack for you is the most reliable option.

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