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It's amazing what people (ppl) have come up with in terms of language on the 'net. We have horrible things, like, IMNSHO (in my not so humble opinion), IMNSHO. And then we have the great things, like :^D (majorly happy). What I have made here is supposed to be a guide to those terms. Of course, I'm missing a lot, but, IMHO (in my humble opinion), this list will do.

These are those little faces you see in email and on bungie.net. They are all composed of symbols like these:

: ; ) ( ^ D I / \ O * - = o p d

You get the idea. Some of the more common ones are:

:-) or without a nose, :)(note that all of them can be done without noses). Happy.

;) or ;^). Wink.

:^D. Very happy.
=) (the = sign is two eyes). Happy also.

:-/. Not so happy.

:-p. Eeeeww.

:-d. Mmmm…tasty!

The way to create them is to use the following parts (Mr. PotatoHead, here I go!):

Eyes: : ; = 8 (colon, semicolon, equals sign, number eight)

Nose (optional): - ^ (minus sign, accent on 6)

Mouth: O 0 ( ) \ / p d * | (capital letter O, zero, bracket, bracket, slash, backslash, p, d, asterisk (kiss) and bar)

Add anything else, such as a goatee (>) but be sure it's not too complicated. These little faces are for use after jokes or to convey emotions you don't want to type. Include the :-) after any jokes, as a general rule, to ensure that people don't take you seriously.
These are the more obvious ones. They are acronyms for words or phrases that are used often enough or are long enough to merit an abbreviation.

gg (on bungie.net)- good game. Used after a game to show respect for your competitors. Use it even if you won or have no respect for them anyway.

lol- laughing out loud. Use it when you read a joke that you like or have made a sarcastic comment (but make sure you don't offend people by using it).

imho- in my humble opinion. Use it when making a statement that could be provocative.

imnsho- in my not so humble opinion. Use it instead of imho, but only as a joke. Don't use it when your statement could offend.

gl (on bungie.net)- good luck. Use before a game. Add 'all' if you want.

y (on bungie.net especially)- yes. Used often when host asks if you are ready to play. Useful in games when you don't want to type for very long. When followed by ?, means why.

brb- be right back. Use when you must leave the computer for a moment, or are leaving a game on bungie.net for a second. Be sure to follow with 'back', or something similar.

cl (on bungie.net)- chain lightning. See Myth strategy page for more information.

afk- away from keyboard. Means you won't be back for a while.
Bungie.net Games
These are just acronyms/abbreviations for games on bungie.net.

bc- body count trow- If I had a Trow… map
ctf- capture the flag desert- Desert Between Your Ears map
terries- territories creep- creep on the borderlands map
bop- balls on parade rip- Rest In Pieces map
fr- flag rally gz- Ground Zero map
stb- steal the bacon carnage- For Carnage Apply Within map

Other map names follow the same basic rules for abbreviations.
These are just abbreviations for common words.
ppl- people gud- good
enuf- enough atak- attack
zerk(s)- Myth unit berserks sl- soulless (Myth)
wars- warriors (Myth) j-men- Journeymen (Myth)
pus- pus packets (Myth) hehe- heh heh (laugh, sardonic)
Try reading any weird abbreviation phonetically. Usually it will make sense then.

Also, don't be surprised if people start abbreviating your bungie.net name. It's faster to do that, and should not be offensive (but anyone who calls me 'end' will be punished severely! :^))

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