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How to play a tournament match


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How to play a match - Will n

This is not intended to be witty or amusing, but informative. This is not actally how to "play" during a game, but how to play during between and pregame periods. You do this to avoid games like lrcg v smurfs and TFS vs BMW where it takes an hour and a half to play three games that would normally take like 20-25 minutes if played in random.

Lots of teams suck at playing in a match. They play it as though its a completely different thing from random games because you all have the same tag on. Thus you'll get lots of talking when its not time to talk, about random dumb shit, everybody feels they have to voice their opinon on everything.

So: heres what to do in order to make a match not suck.

1. Use Perma Check! You can turn this on in prefrences, or by pressing shift when you click ready. This reduces lag time of telling the one person to check repeatidly as they sit their oblivious to the chat waiting for the game to start.

2. Dont chime in on everything. Say you have a 7v7. There are 15 players in the game because Team A has 8 players and is deciding who to bench. Team A consists of players 1-8. Player 1 is the captain, Player 2 is the leader, and player 8 is the person they're going to bench. This does NOT mean that Players 3-7 should all join in the discussion. This is entirely between players 1 , 2, and 8. Further, if 8 has no reasonable objection, do not sit there and keep talking. Just leave.

3. If you're sitting out a game, do not periodically rejoin it to see if its going to start soon. Just wait until the game starts and ends before rejoining. If they want you back, somebody will leave the game and tell you to come back.

4. Understand the reason that games take a long time to start is because theres multiple things that have to be perfect before the game can be played. In a rdm game, host can randomlly assign whatever the hell they want. If players dont check the host can facilitate the game by booting them. In tournies, everything must be according to the rules and all the players must be present. This means that its already a big enough pain in the ass to get everything going with players games and all, and so joining the game to chime in and tell people to hurry up, rather than encouraging them to do so, makes one more thing to do for them (STFU AND GET OUT, to be specific)

5. The things you should be able to do in under 10 seconds based on practice in regular rdm games. Join a game, join your captain, and check in. The thing that should be done in less than 20 seconds including the first 10 seconds of joining: deciding who is going to sit if necessary and having them leave.

If you're stalling, than doing all of these things to make the game take longer is a good idea. Read qwertys thread in the forums. However, most teams aren't doing this, and just want to play and then get on with whatever they're doing. If this is the case, it leads to anger, unhappiness, frustration, and hatred on the part of both teams. Assuming games take the maximum amount of time possible (not including 30 minute sudden death ect), it comes out to 40 minutes. Thus, a match should not last longer than 45 minutes.

For those of you newer tourney teams, for whom this is your first tourney, or one of your first tourneys, or if you dont play alot, this is crucial to understand. For those of you who have played in lots of tourneys and still do it, try to make a change for the better.

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