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Mythisms A-Z
Mythisms - A Myth dictionary of Myth terms about Myth.

This page was recovered from the long-dead Tharsis Times web site which in turn pulled the material off of The Dagger of the Wight web site and which had its origins in a post found on the comp.sys.mac.games.strategic newsgroup.

Archer Deluxe
Ghols' favorite snack. - Anon

A group of ranged units are overcome by Ghols. - Anon

A Trow completely surrounded by Thrall. - Matt

Alternate name for a Wight. (Like a pickle, but smellier.)
- Halcyon

Alternate name for a Wight. (When someone kills your Wight prematurely, you cry, "Hey, they killed Kenny! You bastards!!"
- Norsemanski

Mad Trow Disease
A serious infection of the main body of your army that causes contusions, an outbreak of red spots, acute disorientation, a loss of strength and eventually death. It has no known cure. - Case

When a team captain takes all the warriors, and gives his teammate all the archers, and they head in seperate directions.
- HeghmoH

A team game where the team captain forgets to assign units or indicate strategy. - Matt Liebhold

Leaving a group of men illegally parked, and unattended, in a Wight zone. - Anon

Watching newcomers try to get their troops moving together in formation. - John Haywood

When you've almost started a game on bungie.net, only to be disconnected right before the battle begins. - The Vulch

Putting together a formation on a hill only to find they
don't make a nice hollow circle facing the enemy! - John Haywood

Mything Gholie
When the flag is wide open in a Capture the Flag game. -Unknown

Mything in Action
When you find one of your units, for example, an Archer, standing all by himself in some distant corner of the map because he was chased there by a Thrall, who's body you'll invariably find nearby, and whom you completely forgot about in the heat of battle. - The Vulch

When an enemy Wight is a wee bit closer than you thought.
- HeghmoH

Having a Wight in the middle of a pack of Thrall when charging the hill and having him get shot by enemy Archers. - Matt Liebhold

What a Dwarf's cocktail is when it lands in his own troops.
- HeghmoH

Forgetting to controll your Dwarves around your own troops.
- Matt Liebhold

When a subordinate heads the wrong way in a team game. - Bastian

Mythtery Fantasy Theater 300
The art of making sarcastic wisecracks during a net game, which of course show up while replaying a saved film, giving the whole thing a very similar feel to MST3K. - The Vulch

Stealth Bomber
Balin on the Sons of Myrgard level. - Tyr

Trying to command a rabid Trow in the throes of mayhem. -Lophan

Characteristic of a 3D feature in Myth that you won't be seeing in any Warcraft, C&C clone or the like game. - Lophan

Whight Christmas
When a unsepecting whight comes down the "chimney," blows up some archers, and it "snows" body parts for 5 minuntes. - SKA976SK8

Wight Out
What happens when you've successfully decimated an entire column of men with a well timed Wight attack. - The Vulch

Wight Wash
Clearing large spaces of beautifully rendered 3D landscape with a green explosive undead walking corpse. - Forrest Cameranesi

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