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Myth Terminology Glossary


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[This document was never actually published and is an unfinished document donated to the Myth Graveyard by the author; JJ/Lophan. -- vr]

Myth Terminology Glossary

Strangely enough, this does not exist. These are pulled from various resources (mostly, my faulty grey-matter) and once I get a more complete version, I may solicit entries from the b.org staff




-AFK - Away From Keyboard: means that the player is logged into the chat or game, but is away from their keyboard temporarily

-Artillery - A general term for ranged units, but more most commonly
refers to dwarves (cocktail-throwing and mortar)

-Ass - Abbreviation for Assassin, a multiplayer game type available in Myth II.


-BC - Abbreviation for Body Count, a multiplayer game type in both Myth: TFL and Myth II

-brb - short for 'be right back'

-BOP - Abbreviation for Balls on Parade, a multiplayer game type in both Myth:TFL and Myth II


-Camping - a tactic where in a FFA game, one player keeps his army away from the skrimishing in an attempt to move in at the end of the game to win. Usually employed on game types such as 'Last Man on the Hill' and 'Steal the Bacon'

-Captain - the player selcted (by design or randomly) who controls the dissemination of units to other team members and organizes battle orders during a multiplayer game.

-CL - Chain Lightning [see below]

-Chain Lightning - a bug which allowed players to shoot fetch lightning bolts with a longer range than originally intended. This caused a huge amount of unit balance issues and was (mostly) fixed in v1.3.

-Cheater - someone who cheats before, during, or after a game.

-Clan - a group of Myth players that band together to form a team or a cadre of players for tournaments (see also Order)

-CTF - Abbreviation for Capture the flag, a multiplayer game type in both Myth:TFL and Myth II


-DE - Abbreviation for Drowned Empire, multiplayer map on Myth II

-Dire Marsh - short for Death in the Dire Marsh, a multiplayer map for Myth: TFL

-DK - Abbreviation for Drowned Kingdom, a multiplayer map on Myth II

-Dropper - a player who disconnects from a ranked multiplayer game in an attempt to avoid coming in last place.


-FFA - short for 'Free For All', or every man for himself. Usually played on small multiplayer maps

-Flank - the art of attacking the side of an enemy force, usually by surprise

-FR - Abbreviation for Flag Rally, a game type on Myth II

-FCAW - Abbreviation for For Carnage, Apply Within: a classic Myth:TFL multiplayer map, available via 3rd party plugin for Myth II. Also a popular tagline for those steeped in Marathon lore.


-GZ - Abbreviation for Ground zero, a multiplayer map for Myth: TFL

-gg - short for 'good game'

-gga - short for 'good game all'

-gla - short for good luck all'

-gl - short for 'good luck'

-gtg - short for 'got to go'


-heh - indication of laughter, usually when someone pulls a particularly nice maneuver or when cracking a joke.


-jk - short for 'just kidding'

-js - short for 'jump starting', occurs when the host starts the game unexpectedly upon first entering the pre-game chat and usually to the disadvantage of the person joining (3-man team against one, etc...).


-KOTH - Abbreviation for 'King of the Hill': a game type in Myth II where the person or team who holds the 'hill' for the longest amount of time over the course of the game wins.


-Lag - also known as 'latency': the inevitable slow-down of the internet when the client computer communicates to the host computer or vice versa. Usually experienced by 56k or 28k modem players. Can sometimes be affected by the processor speed of the computers, but usually caused by network (internet) communication delays. (measured by 'ping' times which are measured in milliseconds ###ms).

-Lamer - a term used for people who cheat, accuse, annoy, or are generally unpleasant to others (see Cheater)

-LOL - short for 'Laugh Out Loud'

-LMAO - 'Laugh My A** Off'

-LMOTH - short for 'Last Man on the Hill', a game type in both Myth:TFL and MythII where the object is to be in control of the 'hill' when game time expires.


-Min - short for minute or minutes when determining the amount of time in a multiplayer game.


-Newbie - a term for a new or inexperienced Myth player.


-OMG - Abbreviation for 'Oh My God'

-Order - a group of Myth players that band together to form a team or a cadre of players for tournaments



-Rank - a point system used by the bungie.net server in both Myth:TFL and Myth II to indicate your standings when compared to other Myth Players. Rank is indicated by an icon next to your name during in-room chat.

-ROFL - short for 'Rolling On the Floor Laughing'


-STB - Abbreviation for 'Steal the Bacon', a game type in Myth:TFL and Myth II where the object is to be in possession of a moveable 'ball' when game time expires.

-SB - Abbreviation for 'Soulblighter'


-Terries - short for 'Territories' a game type in Myth:TFL and Myth II

-TFL - Abbreviation for "The Fallen Lords", referring to the original game 'Myth: The Fallen Lords'.


-Unranked - a group of rooms in both Myth:TFL and Myth II the outcomes of games have no effect on your point totals for the bungie.net ranking system, hence 'Unranked'

-Unit CL - a bug which allowed units to cause meele damage to other units while being out of range. A cheat usually employed with Trow. Bug fixed in patched versions of Myth: TFL and Myth: SB.


-Veteran - 1. a unit which carries over to the following level or multiplayer game while retaining it's experience (i.e. number of kills), 2. a term for an experienced Myth player


-WTF - short for 'what the f**k'




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